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Holy Shroud of Turin
  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Nutrimedical Report ~ link


NATO and Russia will meet to discuss the Ukraine ~ link
The Nato-Russia Council will convene in the next two weeks to discuss the peace process in eastern Ukraine, as well as the situation in Afghanistan. But Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned that it was not a "return to business as usual".

Ukrainian protesters urge halt to Coup Junta corruption ~ link

Ukrainians have held a protest in front of a presidential office in the capital, Kiev, against the law enforcement bodies whom they accuse of covering up corruption.

The Ukrainian activists, carrying a banner reading, "Poroshenko, come out," demonstrated outside the presidential administration building in Kiev on Friday, calling for a meeting with the President Petro Poroshenko. But the president ignored their demand. The protesters, who burned tires and clashed with police, called for holding police officials and prosecutors involved in corruption cases accountable.

UN Secretary-General: ISIS spreading like cancer ~ link
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has described the ongoing crisis in Syria as a greenhouse for Takfiri militant groups, urging greater cooperation to prevent extremism and terror outfits that are now spreading “like a cancer.

The militancy in Syria has “provided the perfect breeding ground for extremists and terrorists to take root in the society,” he told reporters on the sidelines of a high-level conference on preventing violent extremism in Geneva on Friday.

New Zealand First Party proposes army training for unemployed youth ~ link ~ War Clouds continue to slowly form for the Pacific War Theater to World War III.  Stirling 

The Australian government is preparing a huge increase in defence spending in order to assist its integration into the “pivot.” In New Zealand, Labour and National Party governments have strengthened military and intelligence ties with the US by sending troops to Afghanistan and Iraq. The spy agency, the GCSB, carries out espionage against China on behalf of the US National Security Agency. New Zealand has increased its participation in US-led military exercises, such as last month’s drills in South Korea, and has invited US troops to train in New Zealand.

NZ First’s YETE Bill fits in with the pro-war atmosphere being cultivated by the entire political establishment. The National government, supported by Labour, is spending more than $100 million on events and exhibitions commemorating the centenary of World War I, in which 18,000 New Zealand soldiers were killed and 41,000 wounded. The purpose is to glorify NZ’s involvement in order to prepare the population for future wars.

Why Hillary will likely be your next President - Electronic Election FRAUD ~ link ~ I have been saying for many years now that computer voting and compute vote counting CANNOT BE MADE SECURE and is FRAUDULENT!!!  Do take a minute to read this one at the link.  Stirling   

As an experiment, a group of individuals conducted a “mini election” using the Diebold voting machine to see whether it could be “hacked” using only the systems memory card which is inserted into the machine before votes are taken, thus making accusations of election fraud a reality.


The Delusional US Establishment ~ link

After winning only six delegates in Wisconsin, and with Ted Cruz poaching delegates in states he has won, like Louisiana, Donald Trump either wins on the first ballot at Cleveland, or Trump does not win.

Yet, as that huge, roaring reception he received in his first post-Wisconsin appearance in Bethpage, N.Y., testifies, the Donald remains not only the front-runner, but the most exciting figure in the race.

North American Law Center to Cruz - You have two weeks to admit that you are a fraud or we will  ~ link

“We’re talking about American citizens (who) think a guy who’s Canadian-born is eligible to be a U.S. president – without any documentation whatsoever. If Ted continues on – we are going to release the files we have, two weeks from tonight, and we will bury Ted Cruz forever in American politics… If we have to stop this guy from defrauding this nation, then we are going to do that.” – J.B. Williams, N.A.L.C.

Legitimate challenges to Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz’s Constitutional eligibility to hold the office of the presidency of the United States have been put forth, as lawsuits move forward in states across the nation, but some even contend that Cruz may also be in the senate illegally, due to questions about his status as an American citizen, and whether or not he is indeed a ‘natural-born citizen.

North American Law Center: “Ted Cruz Is Not a Legal U.S. Citizen At All  The debate over whether or not Senator Ted Cruz is eligible for the U.S. Presidency is about to end. It has now been confirmed that Senator Ted Cruz is neither a “U.S. natural born Citizen” or a “legal U.S. citizen.”

Panama Papers: UK: Demands that PM Cameron resign grow after admission of offshore funds ~ link

SENIOR MPs and have called for David Cameron's immediate resignation after being "less than honest" about profiting from his father's offshore fund.

Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson said the PM should pay all the profits he has made back to the Treasury immediately.
Mr Watson later told Sky News: "He may have to resign over this."

Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron said: “The Prime Minister has for days denied that he had offshore funds but has been dragged to the truth.

 Once Upon A Time - Facebook
America 1956 vs. America 2016 ~ link ~ I remember what America was like in 1956, barely, but I remember.  There was so little crime that our side door was unlocked, the milk man came into our kitchen two or three times a week about 5am and placed milk and/or ice cream in our refrigerator; once a month the electric/gas meter reader came in the kitchen and went down into the cellar to read the meter.  We went to the Catholic Church and there were no problems with gay priests or little boys being molested.  Most families had just one wage earner, like my dad, and he made enough for us all to have a good life.  Gays were not a topic for polite conversation and the inner cities were NOT dangerous to us or to their residents.  The Globalists and the Khazarian Mafia have done their best to destroy our nation, our society, our economy, our morality, our Christian faith, and our future!!! Do take the time to read this one in full at the link. Stirling    

Is America a better place today than it was back in 1956?  Of course many Americans living right now couldn’t even imagine a world without cell phones, Facebook or cable television, but was life really so bad back then?  60 years ago, families would actually spend time on their front porches and people would actually have dinner with their neighbors.  60 years ago, cars were still cars, football was still football and it still meant something to be an American.  In our country today, it is considered odd to greet someone as they are walking down the street, and if someone tries to be helpful it is usually because they want something from you.  But things were very different in the middle of the last century.  Men aspired to be gentlemen and women aspired to be ladies, and nobody had ever heard of  “bling”, “sexting” or “twerking”.  Of course life was far from perfect, but people actually had standards and they tried to live up to them.

So how did it all go so wrong?

Dark Future for America if we allow the Middle Class to Disappear ~ link

If we don't work to restore the American middle class to the vibrant, robust segment of our nation it once was, we may soon witness the end of small-d democracy as we know it. As history and nature both show us, working for the collective good is essential to a functioning democracy, and the natural outcome of that work is a strong and vibrant middle class. 

The most ancient form of democracy is found among virtually all indigenous peoples of the world. It's the way humans have lived for more than 150,000 years. There are no rich and no poor among most tribal people: everybody is "middle class." There is also little hierarchy. The concept of chief is one that Europeans brought with them to America, which in large part is what produced so much confusion in the 1600s and 1700s as most Native American tribes would never delegate absolute authority to any one person to sign a treaty. Instead decisions were made by consensus in these most ancient cauldrons of democracy.

What if OUR JOBS DON'T COME BACK ~ link ~ Great take the time to view it!!!  Stirling  

The Rise of the Jewish Policy Elite - Meritocracy, MYTH and Power ~ link ~  

To deal with the rise of Israel-First individuals to positions of power in the US, it is essential to analyze the all-pervasive claims of meritocracy, the argument that their influence is based on their ‘universally acclaimed’ achievements, intelligence and superiority far beyond their elite rivals. The argument of ‘unique merit’ blends smoothly with traditional Talmudic and contemporary Israeli-chauvinist belief that Jews are ‘the Chosen People of God’, destined to prevail over the inferior ‘others’.

The meritocratic argument is partly based on circular arguments contending that the disproportionate number of Jewish billionaires means they are more brilliant in business; that pro-Israel dominance within the US corporate mass media proves that Jewish media moguls are smarter and Israel is a righteous state . . . and the rise of Israel-Firsters in government, academia and finance reflects their higher intelligence, greater work ethic and accomplishments.

Rare Three-Star 'Hot Jupiter' Solar System Discovered ~ link

Crisp, clear images of a "hot Jupiter" system were vital in determining that a newly found planet inhabits a three-star system, a phenomenon documented only a few times before. The team that discovered KELT-4Ab, a so-called "hot Jupiter" because it is a gas giant that orbits extremely close to one of the stars in its solar system.  

Planet Nine - Its long evolution ~ link ~
How big and how bright is Planet 9 if it really exists? What is its temperature and which telescope could find it? These were the questions that Christoph Mordasini, professor at the University of Bern, and his PhD student Esther Linder wanted to answer when they heard about the possible additional planet in the solar system suggested by Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown of the California Institute of Technology.  

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