Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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Hillary Clinton: Cocaine Addict 
Dr. Bill Deagle and I interviewed Sally (Perdue) Miller today (Tuesday April 26) on-air.  Sally is a very nice lady who was Miss Arkansas years ago and became a mistress to Bill Clinton (42'nd President of the United States).  She was one of the most insider of 'insiders'.  

In her interview, she confirmed that Hillary Clinton was a cocaine addict.  Now many Americans have learned that 'Slick Willie'/Bill had a serious drug problem.  A problem that centered around cocaine.  What Americans have been prevented from learning, until now, is that the former First Lady, former US Senator from New York, former US Secretary of State, and current leading Democratic candidate for President herself, had (has?) a major drug addiction.  Even if she is now totally off the very addictive cocaine, she is apt to still be feeling its effects both physically and psychological.  

Dr. Deagle feels that at least some of her medical problems are likely early Parkinson's due to chronic hard drug abuse. 
Americans simply cannot take another former bi-sexual drug abuser in the White House.  Currently, THE AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS IS SOMEWHERE BETWEEN DEAD AND DYING.  Most of our nation's industrial might has been shipped overseas while OUR nation deteriorates before our very eyes.  If Donald Trump gets the Republican Presidential Nomination, and the hidden evil forces don't manage to kill him, he will absolutely "eat Hillary alive" in the General Election based on her record and her 'problems'.  I look forward to it.
Tim Alexander (Lord Stirling)

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