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 Syrian War About To Erupt Into General Middle East War?
The UN envoy to the Syrian Peace Talks has warned that the peace process and truce is "barely alive".  One Syrian is being killed every 25 minutes and one wounded every 13 minutes.  These figures are from the last two days but the pattern over the last couple of weeks is increasing broad based military clashes during the "truce".

Additionally, there is the Obama Administration announcement of 250 special forces going into Syria and the deployment of F-22s into the area as well as the USAF's heavy conventional/nuclear bombers, the B-52s, and now some medium range Army rockets for Turkey.  All "to fight ISIS".  Of course, what the lying MSM and the lying White House will NOT tell you is that ISIS is the creation of the US CIA and the Israeli Mossad, is funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and is based mainly in Turkey and somewhat in Jordan.
The recent significant military build-up in the Middle East is NOT ABOUT ISIS.  
Increasing the geo-strategic stakes is the fact that there are simultaneous buildups in Europe and Asia.  Further, the Global Banking Cartel/Khazarian Mafia Economic War with the BRICS nations continues to heat up with the battle over the Brazilian Presidency (with the battle over the South African Presidency just recently won by the BRICS).  Wars are usually preceded by economic struggles.  
The long-term goal of the satanists is to create a Third World War based on a war between the Christians and the Muslims ... or at least something that can be spun that way in part of the world.  That is another reason why events in the Syrian war theater are so important in the short run.  They are apt to be the trigger for a spread of a 'hot war' to the Ukraine, Central Europe, and the South China Sea - India/Pakistan - North/South Korea war theaters.
Maybe the evil super-elites are not really too worried about Trump winning the US Presidency because they know something that we don't about the timing of the coming next global war and the coming global economic crash!
Tim Earl of Stirling   

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