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News Flash
New York Primary Results
Donald Trump has won a very large majority of 62% vs. Kasich at 24% and Cruz at 14%.  Hillary Clinton has won a substantial majority of 59% vs. Sanders at 41%.  
This places Trump much closer to the magic majority on the first ballot in July's Republican National Convention. It also sets him up for the remaining primary states. He will be even harder to stop now.
Clinton's showing against the Socialist Sanders has weakened him and makes it very difficult for him to obtain anything close to a majority at the Democratic National Convention, especially considering Clinton's close to 100% of the Super-Delegate party insider votes.
A Trump vs. Clinton race will see the heavy criminal baggage that Hillary Clinton carries, plus the negative feelings toward the Democrats from the last eight years of the Obama Administration, setting Trump up for a substantial landslide in November. However, he has to remain alive to win, and the hidden powers behind Hillary have killed many a person including JFK, RFK, JFK,Jr., MLK,Jr., and wounded Reagan and Wallace and attempted to kill Ford. Pray for Trump that he will be elected and turn America and the World around.  Stirling  

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