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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  

AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


Nutrimedical Report ~ link



Who is the Real Ted Cruz? ~ link ~

What else would you expect a scoundrel to say who had secretly secured big sweetheart loans from Goldman and Citibankby leveraging his retirement accounts –– to fund his 2012 U.S. Senate campaign. Loans which the Calgary Ted conveniently forgot to disclose to the Federal Election Commission. These are the very retirement accounts that he said he and his wife said he cashed in to fund his senate race. In other words, Ted lied.

At the same time Ted’s bulging 2016 campaign accounts and supporting Super-PACs are stuffed with big oil and gas money. He knows how to play the game.

And perhaps the ultimate hypocrisy of the native born Canadian is that his spouse, Heidi, by all accounts a lovely wife and mother, has been employed by Goldman Sachs since 2005. She is on leave as managing director and regional head of private wealth management. Heidi is a proud member of the lefty Council on Foreign Relations, advocates of one world government and the New World Order.

Sanders upsets Clinton in Michigan - Trump gets 3 out of 4 ~ link ~ If Hillary is the last hope for the Khazarian Mafia/Cabel they are toast as she cannot even beat that neo-communist clown in a working class state like Michigan!  Stirling  

"Flip It": How we got to Trump ~ link
Check it out.  Stirling   

Trump on latest primary wins: "It was an amazing evening" - video ~ link 

Clinton loses vote in Michigan but leaves with More Delegates ~ link ~  

The Democratic Party has “superdelegates” in each state, party elites and elected officials whose votes count the same as pledged delegates, but are unbound by primary results. These superdelegates are free to vote for whomever they wish, free to ignore the will of voters in their state.

Michigan has 17 such superdelegates, and of those who have publicly stated their intentions, Hillary Clinton has the support of 10 of them. The remaining 7 have not yet made their decision.

Will Trump be Denied the nomination - video ~ link 

Will Trump's attorneys go after Crus - Who is Clearly Ineligible under the US Constitution? ~ link ~ Good One ... do take a minute to read this one in full at the link! Stirling    
I believe Trump's legal people can stop this election fraud because that's exactly what it is:

The GOP and Ted Cruz have put his name on state ballots. Since he's ineligible it's fraud. I sent all the below to our Texas AG and a copy to our gov, Greg Abbott who has endorsed Cruz with my strong statement the GOP and Cruz are guilty of fraud for knowingly putting an ineligible candidate on the ballot and that there is strong doubt Teddy is even a U.S. citizen, never mind natural born.

I doubt I'll get a reply because it's all damn politics to them and their 'conservative' credentials. The truth doesn't matter and besides, I'm a nobody just like anyone else attempting to uphold the Constitution. However, Trump has top notch lawyers and it's time he goes after Cruz besides just pokes on the campaign trail like his great comment after Cruz allegedly won Maine, Trump said understandble since it's right next to Canada. But, this is serious and Cruz and Rubio, altho' his campaign is pretty much toast, should not get away with it. - See more at:

Trump caps a night of wins with victory in Hawaii caucuses ~ link 

Wind, rain and long lines didn't keep the state's passionate voters from the polls to decide how the Republican presidential candidates would split the state's 19 delegate votes.

"Our votes here might be a small vote, but nevertheless, we're here to do our duty," said Al Carvalho, 49, who co-owns a contracting business with his wife. "I'm voting for Donald Trump because I'm tired of the career politicians, and I'm willing to give somebody else a chance."

Why Electronic Voting is a BAD IDEA - video ~ link
Voting is centuries old, why can’t we move with the times and use our phones, tablets and computers? Tom Scott lays out why e-voting is such a bad idea.

Winning the Hillary Way ~ link

The corporate MSM pundits are ignoring the YUUGE upset yesterday in Michigan. Bernie Sanders pulled off an epic upset and it barely gets a mention by the in-the-bag-for-Clinton corporate media. If you ever needed more proof that polls conducted by these morons are as worthless as an Obama promise, see the polls below regarding Michigan. Clinton can’t beat a died in red socialist when she has more money than the Vatican supporting her

In a general election between Clinton and Trump, many disaffected, poor, jobless, and even union workers will vote for Trump. His anti-immigration and anti-NAFTA, anti-TPP stances will resonate with these people. Clinton is the establishment candidate.

At this point: 'It's Over' as the Establishment's last hope fades as Trump leads Rubio by 23 points in Florida ~ link

It just keeps getting worse for the GOP establishment.

The harder the Republican aristocracy tries to derail Trump, the more convincing his victories become, in a kind of self-fulfilling, status quo-destroying loop, and now that Michigan has proven just how divided the Democratic vote truly is, it seems even more likely that the brazen billionaire may indeed end up taking the oath of office.

A No-Good Very Bad Night for the Stop Trump Forces ~ link
It was a terrible night for the forces that have come collectively to be known as #NeverTrump, the diverse array of people, campaigns, and historically important institutions united only by a desire to deny Donald Trump the Republican presidential nomination. Going into Tuesday’s primaries, the last elections before the race enters its final and determinative phase when Ohio and Florida award 165 delegates on a winner-take-all basis next week, Trump’s enemies had hoped to stall his momentum. In particular, they hoped that Ted Cruz, whose campaign is based in large part on his appeal to Evangelical voters, could throw up a roadblock in Mississippi, and that John Kasich could arrest Trump’s momentum in Michigan.


Sanders beats Hillary in a stunning Michigan primary upset ~ link ~ It is simple: The masses are voting their pocketbooks! The American Middle Class is somewhere between Dead and Dying and they are NOT prepared to support the usual bought-and-paid-for Globalist Khazarian Mafia puppets!!!  Stirling  

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