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I am sorry that there were no postings for Friday, 25 March 2016.  I have been fighting a sinus infection for a while and spent a fair amount of time in bed the last couple of days.
Tim Earl of Stirling   

Ted Cruz Sex Scandal: Eight Things You Need To Know ~ link ~ This dirt bag has been 'shot down in flames'.  His presidential campaign is now effectively over.  In any case, he was facing legal problems in every state due to his Canadian birth to two Canadian citizens  and therefor being unqualified for the office of President under the US Constitution!!!  CRUZ IS TOAST!!! The Globalists - Khazarian Mafia get these sickos, like Cruz and Rubio and Clinton, to run for office because they are total moral degenerates and they 'have the goods on them', however, in the day and age of the Internet and the Alternative News Media their shady and sick background information has a way of popping up...Too Bad!!!  Stirling  

8 things you need to know about Ted Cruz's sex scandal:

1. The National Enquirer Was Right About John Edwards, Tiger Woods and Jesse Jackson



Story details on the Cruz sex scandal did NOT come from Trump but from a Rubio ally ~ link ~ Time to flush Cruz down the same toilet that we flushed Foam Boy Rubio down last week!  Stirling  

  • The National Enquirer published a story that claims that Ted Cruz cheated with five women - which he denies
  • The story 'came from a Marco Rubio ally' and not Donald Trump's camp, according to Breitbart News, who turned down the lead 
  • It said Cruz was unfaithful with a 'hot babe', a 'sexy schoolteacher',  a 'foxy political consultant', a 'pretty lawyer'  - and a $1,000 a night prostitute   
  • It was initially believed the rumor came from Trump, who has threatened Cruz with 'spilling the beans' on his wife, Heidi Cruz
  • Then Cruz accused Trump of 'rat copulation' and posted a message on Facebook blaming Donald Trump and his 'henchmen' for the claims 
  • Trump hit back saying he 'hoped' story was untrue and he had nothing to do with Enquirer but added: 'They were right about John Edwards' 
  • National Enquirer denied being influenced by any candidates in 'unflinching' reporting 
  • Later in the afternoon Cruz and Trump attacked each other's mental health 



The Slow and Inevitable Collapse of the American Two-Party System ~ link ~ Several things have done it in.  Ronald Reagan, when he was President, was effective at killing the political power of the unions in America.  This effectively ended the working man having a voice, as the combined power of union dues had made a powerful impact on electoral politics by supporting the old Democratic Party.  That change meant that there is little difference anymore in the two mainstream political parties as they have become the 'money party' with two faces.  The rise of the neocons and the wholesale deliberate destruction of the American industrial base and the American Middle Class were also major factors in the death of the old two-party system, as were the legalization of bribery (now called Political Action Committees) and the out-of-control growth of the power of lobbyists in Washington.  Additionally, the Twentieth Century and now the early Twenty-first Century, has seen the replacement of the old aristocracy (land based and nobility) in Europe and the mostly industrial based moneyed aristocracy in America/Canada with a Jewish financial/media/high tech/pharmaceutical aristocracy that has much less interest in nationalist aspects of the economy and a much more "get money" attitude than a "make money" attitude ... which translates into a parasitic infection of the economies and societies of the West that is very destructive and is causing more and more people to 'wake up' as to what they are losing in the growing destruction of their nation states. Hence more and more people in the Western nations are fed up with the existing bought-and-paid-for political elites of most parties and the mainstream lying news media.  Stirling    

In this election year, it’s clear that a seismic political shift is rumbling through America.  Widespread discontent for the status quo is surfacing from both the left and right.  A year ago, it would have been impossible to envision a card-carrying socialist and a pre-WWII style populist mounting legitimate presidential campaigns (much less without Super PACs).  Now, far-left and far-right sentiments are emerging from the underground as perfectly palatable options to Middle America.  Establishment darlings like Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush & Marco Rubio have faced extreme pressure from the New Normal in their respective political tents.

It has become clear that the traditional 2-party system in America is starting to erode.  Sanders’ supporters view Clinton as too untrustworthy & beholden to Big Business.   Meanwhile Trump’s blue-collar base has rejected rank-and-file Republicans as being too unsympathetic to their economic concerns, while his surprising chunk of the evangelical contingent is refuting the Bush-flavored puritanism of Ted Cruz.  Conversely, Clinton’s supporters reject Sander’s bold platform as delusional and Cruz’s base is increasingly being filled by #NeverTrump neocon purists and Romey-ite country club Republicans.

Trump is starting to Get To Cruz ~ link~  
The GOP presidential nominee campaign just went from the sublime to the utterly ridiculous. In what appeared to a prepared remark, Ted Cruz just explained to holiday-weekend-crowd of reporters that he "has no desire to copulate with Donald Trump."
Compare this:
"Let me be clear, Donald Trump may be a rat, but I have no desire to copulate with him."
Which oddly seems to imply that Cruz may enjoy the company of rats (just not Donald Trump size ones). 



America Under Israeli Occupation - video ~ link ~ You really need to view this one!  It is high time that we take our great country back from the Globalist Banking Cartel - Khazarian Mafia!!!  Stirling  



Europe in Crisis: Police at Brussels tram station shoot a man carrying a rucksack bomb - Police in Paris arrest person "planning terrorist attack" ~ link ~ The citizens of the Western nations had better get their act together and soon.  The Globalist/Khazarian Mafia forces, with almost total control of the political classes in most Western countries and the mainstream news media, are setting up a new massive TERROR WAVE to force their Clash of Civilizations/Third World War on us so that they can kill most of us "unnecessary eaters" off and enslave the rest of us in the demonic New World Order!!!  Stirling    

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