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Some powerful forces just panicked and threw a 'switch' in St. Louis and a couple of hours later in Chicago.  

The Trump for President train has been in record high gear the last few days.  He, a New York City billionaire property developer, just won in the Deep South (Mississippi) and in the industrial North.  He has awaken the American public.  He has more Black support than any previous Republican candidate. He is the darling of the mad white dying Middle Class.  He is even supported by a significant percentage of the Latino community.  He is on a high power drive that appears to not only be taking off throughout the land, but one that is granting him broad public support, and the power (that comes from such a powerful wide-spear popular movement) in the here and now as well as in November. 

A good friend of mine went to the Trump Rally in St. Louis this Friday, I had work to do in-town and could not make the two and a half hour drive there myself but I picked my friend's kids up from school.  I spoke to him after the Rally.  I was shocked to hear his story.  The lines to get into the Trump Rally were many blocks long ... the Trump magic in old St. Louie was in full swing ... however, contrasting the many tens of thousands of Trump supporters, there were maybe a thousand hard-core "protesters"/thugs inside the Rally and especially outside the Rally.  He said that they were screaming at the Trump supporters with almost every other word being f@#k and calling them "racists" for supporting Trump.  The threat of violence was high!  The Trump supporters were shouting back and things were really ugly.  My friend has never seen such anger and hate as that which was directed at the Trump supporters!  

I was just digesting his report, when I learned that the other Trump big rally on Friday ... this one was to have been in Chicago after the St. Louis rally ... was CALLED OFF by Trump for fear of violence and that there were hundreds of dangerous "protesters"/street thugs active in Chicago with Chicago police having to break-up fist fighting and violence against Trump supporters!  

These sudden TWIN EVENTS, which are using violence and   intimidation against everyday Trump fans, flared up in two different Midwest cities hundreds of miles apart on the same day and in areas that have very strong levels of Trump support.  

Obviously this was organized by powerful forces ... forces that could not wait for a gradual 'play-out' of "protests" to be used.  They had to go 'full-out' in multiple locations ASAP and have now done so.  They have panicked over a Sea Change in America, they saw a Unstoppable Tidal Wave forming ... the lines of Trump supporters from all walks of life, waiting to get into the St. Louis Trump Rally was the longest most people have "ever seen in their lives"!

This organized violence and intimation in a US Presidential primary campaign by thugs against average American citizens  has never before happened ... at least not since the immediate pre-Civil War era.  The level of desperation and panic by the Establishment and the Deep State forces in the background is driving events now!  We have 'crossed the Rubicon' now and the future is very uncertain for the Republic!

Tim Earl of Stirling       

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"Until today, we've never had much of a problem," Trump later told CNN's Don Lemon. Asked if he had any regrets about the charged rhetoric at his rallies, Trump was defiant. "I don't have regrets," Trump said. "These were very, very bad protesters. These were bad dudes. They were rough, tough guys."


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