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Obama nominates the Fifth Jew to concurrently sit on the US Supreme Court - 5 out of 9 Justices - giving 1+% of the American population TOTAL CONTROL of the Highest Court in the Land

Barack Obama, whose mother has long been suspected of being Jewish and whose entire early past is made up (all childhood photos of him have been Photoshopped, his father was either Malcolm X or a black African or a black American Communist), has now nominated the Fifth Jewish member, Merrick Garland (Ashkenazi Jew), to the US Supreme Court.  

This is a Supreme Court that has unconstitutionally taken upon itself law making powers.  An example being the "ruling" that gay marriage is constitutionally required and the "Law of the Land".  Of course, none of the writers of the Constitution had this position and most could be said to have been "spinning in their graves" over such a ruling violating traditional social values and Christian dogma.  Congress never passed such a law and in fact, Congress does not have the power to enact such a law, as such matters are reserved to the states.  There was the famous recent case of a Kentucky County Clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.  She was widely criticized by the MSM for "not following the law", but the fact of the matter is the Kentucky state legislature had passed a law clearly stating that marriage licenses in Kentucky were only for traditional male-female couples and NO LAW existed otherwise at either the state or federal level.

There are now three openly Jewish Supreme Court Justices - Stehpan Breyer (Ashkenazi Jew) & Elene Kazan (Ashkenazi Jew) & Ruth Ginsburg (Ashkenazi Jew)  and one, Sonia Sotomayer - who is a cryptic Jew (Sonia Sotomayor's mother was born Celina Baez. Baez is a Sephardi Jewish surname []).
With the new nominee that makes 5 out of 9!!!  Of course the Jewish controlled mainstream news media will not criticize such a over-the-top power grab by "the Tribe".  Nor will most comment on Sotomayer's Jewish mother.

I am NOT a Nazi and I do not discriminate against Jewish people, nor do I blame the world's ills on "the Jews".  However, in a nation where the tiny Jewish minority controls Wall Street, the 'Too Big To Fail Banks', the Federal Reserve System, Hollywood, the entire entertainment industry, and 96% of the entire mainstream news media, as well as Congress, and the Administration, is is not fair and right to question just WHY it is that we should have five out of nine Supreme Court Justices, with lifetime appointments, being part of this tiny minority??? 

How many wars recently have we been involved in, at the cost of large numbers of American lives and trillions of dollars all for the sake of Israel and the banksters??? No one behind the Israeli/Neocon 9/11 False Flag attack has been brought to justice!  Exactly just how much is it that we Goy are expected to give to the Zionists??? Since we seem to be headed to World War III, do they also expect most of us to die in their latest unnecessary global war???  

Just how much is Too Much??? 

Tim Earl of Stirling    

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