Saturday, March 5, 2016

Asteroid 2913 TX68 Updated



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NASA narrows "uncertain" and EXTREMELY CLOSE Asteroid to 22 Hour Window ~ link
NASA has now updated its Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s close approach data to reflect a 22 hour window of uncertainty regarding asteroid 2013 TX68, which is currently set to nearly graze Earth.
  NASA hopes the massive chunk of rock will pass safely by Earth at a distance of around 18,000 miles between the dates of Mar. 7, at 1 p.m. and Mar. 8, until 11 a.m. Eastern Time.

It’s also worthy to note that even if the asteroid safety passes the planet, it still has the potential to collide with the moon, orbiting satellites, the International Space Station or other space-based platforms.

NASA admits Asteroid 2013 TX68 COULD HIT US ~ link
NASA has admitted there is a chance the asteroid 2013 TX68, a 100ft-wide rock which is currently heading towards us, could impact earth
Asteroid Impact March 2016 ~ link ~ But my math, which yields results that are alarming enough, may be incorrect.  The guy who made the video did his own calculations and clearly says in the video that the estimated path of the asteroid is less than 4,000 miles away.  (3982 miles)  If he is right, hopefully that number is the closest it gets to any point on the surface of the Earth, and not to a specific point (like a specific NASA facility) because that pretty much means it could hit somewhere else on the side of the Earth because our planet is almost 8,000 miles across.  This is like saying a bullet will miss someone’s head by a foot – that could mean it hits them in the chest.  

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Apparently according to William Mount, the asteroid was obliterated by us.