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World War III?

As I look out at the World today, it appears that we are underneath a cornucopia of crap from Hell itself.  The Global Economy, already in a Global Depression, appears about ready to go through a major and profound Crash.  We seem to be caught between the radiation dangers from Fukushima, the man made dangers from Roundup and similar deadly products, the Zika virus (all likely Globalist population reduction programs) and the very real possibility of the Syrian War expanding into at least a General Middle East War and quite possibility even World War III.

It is this latter possibility that is the most dreadful to contemplate.  From the Prime Minister of Russia to various persons in the Alternative News Media, we are now being warned that a totally world changing event, the Third World War, that could kill billions of us, is very close.

At such times, since neither I nor anyone I know has a functioning 'crystal ball' to accurately foretell the near future, asking the right questions is perhaps the best we can do.  Below is a series of questions and related comments designed to shed whatever light we can on what may well be the most important period in human history.

According to the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) troops, warplanes and offshore naval forces from 20 nations are beginning to gather in/offshore northern Saudi Arabia.  This "military exercise", which is scheduled to last 18 days in late February and early March, is being described as "the largest and most important" in the region's history.  The only other event, in history, this large was 'Operation Desert Shield' which was the massing of military forces just before the First Gulf War ('Operation Desert Storm').  This new "exercise" is named "Northern Thunder" and will include only Arab, Muslim and African land, sea and air forces with no US or NATO powers "involved".

Operation Northern Thunder will have 350,000 soldier, 20,000 tanks, 460 armed helicopters and some 2,450 warplanes from 20 countries including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, Sudan, Kuwait, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, Qatar, Oman and Malaysia. This certainly appears to be a gathering of forces for an invasion of Syria via Jordan and/or Iraq with additional forces driving down from Turkey.
Among the questions that I have are the following:

If this is truly just an "exercise", why NOW and why was this put together and announced so Quickly?  Might this have to do with the destruction of ISIS and related forces by the Syrian Army supported by the Russian Aerospace Force?

Even though this "exercise" does not have American or other NATO forces involved (or so we are told) it is very unlikely that all these nations would be involved without the support of America and the major Western Powers.  So WHO is really behind this sudden "war game"?

Since Jordan is involved in the "military exercise"/Operation 'Northern Thunder', might this massive force drive through Jordan to invade Syria?

Since the Russian Prime Minister has clearly stated that any invasion of Syria by Turkey and/or Saudi Arabia or other nations would likely result in World War III, what plans are there to prevent this horrific outcome and the deaths of BILLIONS of persons on this planet?

Exactly WHY is it necessary to support the evil ISIS forces?  WHY make war on the elected government of Syria, a government that by all polling has the overwhelming support of the Syrian people?

If this is simply a 'bluff' to force the Russians into surrendering their support of the Syrian people and government, what happens if the Russians see this as the "real thing" and attack the forces in Saudi Arabia, with tactical nukes, before they can launch massive air attacks with thousands of warplanes?

How prepared are the nations involved for tactical nuclear warfare and even strategic nuclear warfare on their homelands?

Is this Operation 'Northern Thunder' and the likely resulting all-out war related to the Currency War between the BRICS nations and the Global Banking Cartel?

Why are these Muslim nations aliening themselves with Israel and a program for a Greater Israel?  Would the public in these nations support such an alliance?

If Operation 'Norther Thunder' begins the Third World War how will the nations involved protect and feed their citizens in the aftermath of the large scale use of 21st Century weapons-of-mass-destruction?

What efforts (including bribery and blackmail) were involved in securing the military cooperation of these nations?

If published reports that Saudi Arabia has moved several tactical nuclear warheads into Turkey are true and/or if the reports that Israel has equipped Turkish F-16s and Saudi F-16s and F-15s to deploy nuclear warheads and trained Saudi commandos to seize the 84 B-61 US/NATO nuclear bombs in storage in Turkey,  and such weapons are used, are the nations involved prepared for this?

If such weapons are in fact used against Syrian and Russian forces, how will this not trigger a massive nuclear response from Russia?

If we have an exchange of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, how can we prevent this from quickly becoming a all-out total global strategic thermonuclear war?  

Tim Earl of Stirling 

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