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Europe in Crisis: Thousands have flooded the streets in Germany as Fury over refugee sex assaults reaches Boiling Point ~ link I have given so much coverage to this story because I feel that this is the 'straw that broke the camel's back', the 'tipping point', whereby the masses of not only Germany but Europe at large will begin to revolt against the Globalist-owned bought-and-paid-for political class that has facilitated a outright Muslim invasion of their European homelands.  Stirling  

What some observers initially assumed was an set of isolated attacks in Cologne’s city center now appears to have been a bloc-wide phenomenon as women from Austria, to Switzerland, to Finland come forward to report being accosted by what some police say were gangs of drunken Mid-East asylum seekers.

In Sweden, police said at least 15 young women reported being groped by groups of men on New Year's Eve in the city of Kalmar,” AP reports, adding that “in Finland, police said they received tipoffs on New Year's Eve that about 1,000 predominantly Iraqi asylum seekers were intending to gather near the main railway station in Helsinki and harass passing women.” 

Europe in Crisis: Cologne police attack protesters against mass rape as Merkel piles on the BS ~ link ~ Notice how the police attack peaceful citizens protesting the Rape of Cologne and its cover-up but did NOT manage to control the mass rapes themselves.  Where were the water canons on New Years Eve???  This will only further incense the citizenry!!! Merkel's punishment for serious crimes by Migrants is to kick them out of the country ... not send them to hard time in prison!!!  Of course, they can just re-enter Europe and Germany after being kicked out.  Who does this crazy evil monster think that she is kidding. Note that the latest number of assault criminal complaints, in the Rape of Cologne, is now admitted to be at least 379, not the 90 or 100 cases that were first reported! Send the above artwork to everyone you know in Germany!   Stirling  

The supporters of the xenophobic Pegida and women's rights groups descended on the streets of Cologne, where many carried anti-refugee banners.

Merkel declared today that refugees who have committed a crime - even those who have not been given jail terms - should be required to leave Germany. 

At least 379 cases of violence on New Year's Eve in Cologne have been filed, with asylum seekers and illegal immigrants making up the vast majority of suspects, police said today.

Europe in Crisis: Police clash with protesters at anti-migrant protest in Cologne ~ link

Riot police have used water cannon to disperse anti-migrant protesters in the German city of Cologne.

Violence flared after a rally which heard condemnation of Chancellor Angela Merkel's migrant policy.

Hundreds of police were deployed in Cologne to tackle demonstrators, who threw firecrackers and bottles. Several arrests were made.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Well, there are some people who demonstrate against Arabic wogs who molest girls and boys.
There are rallies in Cologne and other cities.

But, !!! , most people have to work five days a week. Ten hours for work per day is absolutely normal in Germansky-Land.
We also have families, we have to buy food, we have to take our kids to their sports clubs etc....
Well, at the weekend people need some time to relax, like my son and his family for example.
We cannot travel to Cologne to demonstrate against Muslim rapists, we need the time to refuel and to relax.
And, btw, we have to earn money to feed the rapists who want to abuse and kill our kids.

They need food, clothes and accomodations and they want to pump their Muslim juice into the vaginas of our girls as well, although they shit on our carpets.
They not only want to fuck our girls, not, they also want to cut the throats of our boys, because our brave boys are useless non-believers.

Yours, in Jesus Christ

Joaquin, Germany