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 Tim Earl of Stirling  

Turkey's military intervention in northern Iraq was given 'Green Light' by USA says a Saudi report ~ link
Turkey has sent its troops to Northern Iraq after receiving Washington’s green light as the recent statements of Turkish officials show, pro-Saudi media reported.
“Turkey’s insistence on military presence in Northern Iraq on the pretext of fighting terrorists there and Iraq’s failure to push Turkish troops out of its soil shows that Ankara has taken the move at the US order,” the London-based Arabic-language Al-Arab newspaper reported on Friday.

It said that the recent statements by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu who claimed that Turkey’s military presence in Northern Iraq has been justified for the world indicates a secret agreement between Ankara and Washington on the presence of Turkish troops in Iraq.
Benjamin Fulford: Globalists/Khazarian Mafia's Power Failing ~ link ~ An interesting article and perspective, however, one should not predict their end too quickly.  Even if this article is 100% correct, which is very doubtful, they have incredible wealth and power and are way beyond 'totally immoral and crazy'!!!  Stirling   

With the backing of the Russian and Chinese military, as well as the Pentagon, the overwhelmingly strongest military force on the planet, Dunford then met last week with the heads of NATO in Brussels to tell them that Turkish President Recep Erdogan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel would have to go because of their involvement in creating the ongoing European refugee crisis, among other things.

To underline this, Turkish Billionaire Mustafa Koc “met his maker in what appears to be a message to the oligarchs to dump Erdogan.” Mustafa, who was “heart attacked” on January 21st, was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and top Rockefeller representative in Turkey.

Zika Virus: Transmitted through sex likely in at least two known cases says US CDC ~ link ~ Like AIDS, EBOLA, ISIS, the Ukraine coup and war, the Color Revolutions and wars, the Syrian War, and the European Migrant Crisis there is a common cause the Global Banking Cartel.  Stirling  
There are two recorded cases when the highly dangerous Zika virus may have been transmitted through sexual intercourse, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said. The WHO says between 3 and 4 million people may have been infected this year
Is the current Zika Epidemic in Brazil linked to the GM mosquitoes released last year there? ~ link ~ Another question: Is this epidemic linked to the on-going war against the BRICS nations (Brazil is the "B") by the Cartel?!!  Stirling 

The OX513A strain of male mosquitoes released in Juazeiro creates larvae that normally die in the absence of antibiotics, which is supposed to help decimate wild mosquito populations when these males are released in the wild. Problem here being of course, that “life, uh, finds a way”. An estimated 3-4% of the larvae survive to adulthood in the absence of the tetracycline antibiotic. These larvae should then be free to go on and reproduce and pass on their genes. In fact, they may be the only ones that are passing on their genes in places that have their wild mosquito population decimated by these experiments.
 What is the effect on these mosquitoes that grow up with a mutilated genome? It is thought that this should introduce a fitness cost, that is, they should have greater difficulty surviving. What do we know about these mosquitoes? Has adequate research ever been done on how a genetically mutilated mosquito copes with viral infections? Could the mosquito be more susceptible to certain pathogens, that it then passes on to humans?

If a pathogen like the Zika virus can thrive in the mosquito without restraint, it could evolve into something far more dangerous than its original incarnation, pulling the lever on the slot machine with every replication until it hits the genetic jackpot.

Zika Freekout: the Hoaz and Covert Op continue ~ link ~ I  don't know the truth of this article, but it is worth considering.  Do take the time to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling 

If you want to hide anything on this planet, twist it into a (fake) story about a virus. You’re home free.

This is my second article on the Zika-virus scam (article archive here). I’ve been to these rodeos before: HIV, West Nile, Swine Flu, SARS, Ebola. In each case, a virus is blamed for illness and death that actually arises from other causes.

The Zika virus, now being blamed for the birth of babies with very small heads and impaired brains, has been around for a long time—late 1940s, early 1950s—and suddenly, without warning or reason, after inducing, at best, mild illness, it’s producing horrendous damage? This is called a clue. A clue that scientific liars are lying. Furthermore, many of the women who are giving birth to deformed babies test negative for the presence of the Zika Virus.
The Role of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in the Spread of the Zika Virus ~ link ~  

In other words, Oxitec has been producing genetically modified mosquitoes on an industrial scale for years in Brazil, the country that now finds itself at ground zero of this Zika outbreak. With regard to Oxitec’s trials in Malaysia and Grand Cayman, Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology found, “Deficits in the scientific quality of regulatory documents and a general absence of accurate experimental descriptions available before releases start.”

These are fascinating coincidences.

Pregnant woman in New York City is one of thirty-one cases in USA ~ link

At least 31 people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with the Zika virus in 11 states, including a pregnant woman in New York City, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Two other pregnant women were diagnosed with the disease in Illinois earlier this month. 

Zika Outbreak Epicenter is same area where GM mosquitoes were released in 2015 ~ link ~ link ~ Just a coincidence, really.  Nothing to see here, just move on folks.  Really...NOT!!!  Stirling  

Eugenics WMD: Zika Virus prompts calls for 'No Child' Policy ~ link ~

While there are certainly many health risks apparent with this particular pathogen, media outlets and government agencies appear to be pushing one incredible talking point now – asking women ‘not to get pregnant until 2018.‘

Latin American officials, led by El Salvador are now urging women not to get pregnant for “up to two years.”

Latin American governments, in conjunction with the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO), are claiming that over the past four months, they have ‘received reports’ of nearly 4,000 cases of microcephaly in newborns – and they are claiming these are all linked to the Zika Virus. This information has served as the chief catalyst for the current wave of fear.

Hillary and Bill Gates ~ link ~ "Birds of a feather ...". The Gates Foundation was deeply involved in the GM mosquitoes experiment and release in Brazil!!!  Stirling 

If close association with one seedy Bill were not enough, Hillary has locked arms with another. This time, Bill’s last name is Gates and his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation comes with him. While most uninformed Americans see Gates as a technology genius and successful entrepreneur, Gates’ Foundation has been hard at work all across the world promoting dumbed-down education policies, coercive vaccination, GM food, abortion, and sterilization.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is also one of the seven largest donors to the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. The two foundations have also partnered together on a number of initiatives such as the No Ceilings Full Participation Report.

Bill Gates pretends to care immensely for the poor, particularly in Third World countries, but the truth is that his Foundation’s vaccination and “family planning” (read abortion and sterilization) efforts are not centered around public health, they are based in eugenics and population reduction.


TennesseeVolunteer said...

Jim Stone has articles from Brazil saying the medical community there is tracing the microencapholy to a new TDAP vaccine that came out right before the small headed babies began showing up. One account said Brazil has banned the vaccine. ?You may be able to find more on it . Thanks

kiwiallegiance said...

what about eric dubay on you tube, please advise ???