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  Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  

AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Nutrimedical Report ~ link


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia facing a Royal Coup over oil price war/regional wars/global economic crash ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling  

There has been a huge increase in the Saudi and Abu Dhabi dump since the start of 2016. A Persian Gulf source says the Saudi strategy “will demolish the markets.” Another referred to a case of “maggots eating the carcass in the dark”; one just had to look at the rout in Wall Street, across Europe and in Hong Kong and Tokyo on Wednesday. So it’s already happening. And a crucial subplot may be, in the short to medium term, no less than the collapse of the eurozone
So a case could be made of a panicked House of Saud being instrumentalized to crash a great deal of the global economy. Cui bono?
The House of Saud may need the money badly, considering their budget on red alert. But dumping their securities is also clearly self-destructive. They simply cannot sell $8 trillion. The House of Saud is actually destroying the balance of their wealth. As much as Western hagiography tries to paint Riyadh as a responsible player, the fact is scores of Saudi princes are horrified at the destruction of the wealth of the kingdom through this slow motion harakiri.

Meanwhile, Riyadh is rife with rumors there will be a coup against King Salman – virtually demented and confined to a room in his palace in Riyadh. There are two possible scenarios in play:


Europe in Crisis: German youth blasts Merkel's "Multicultural Utopia": "Our Europe Is Dying" ~ link ~   

Of course you can’t exactly blame Europeans for their newfound tendency to lean right (so to speak). Between the Paris attacks and the wave of sexual assaults that took place across the bloc on New Year’s Eve, the EU electorate has come to associate refugees with violent crime. The bloc is in fact so frightened that pepper spray and gun sales are soaring as Europeans arm themselves against what they increasingly view as a hostile foreign invasion and an usurpation of Christian values.

All of this has served to boost the popularity of far-right groups like PEGIDA in Germany and the “Soldiers of Odin” in Finland, where vigilante justice has arrived in the form of roving patrols of young men donning black bomber jackets with Viking helmets stitched on the back.

It’s against this rather disturbing backdrop that we bring you the following video from the “Identitarian Movement” in Germany. As you’ll see, some German youths are prepared to stage an open revolt against policies and politicians they believe are “sacrificing German values and traditions.”

Europe in Crisis: Germany's Ruling Coalition is deeply divided over Migration Policy of Merkel ~ link ~ Merkel is a Globalist monster that should be tried for treason against the state!!!  Stirling 

Germany's ruling coalition has serious disagreements regarding the migration policy, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Horst Seehofer said Thursday.



Europe in Crisis: Above the Law - Refugees in Sweden can drive cars "without Driver's License" ~ link ~ This so-called 'Refugee Crisis' is so totally bizarre, you simply cannot make this stuff up!  This is a PsyOps Program designed to drive an unwilling world into the Clash of Civilizations - into World War III for the insane demonic Globalists/Netanyahu Zionists, and in the process destroy Christian Europe!!!  Stirling   

From now on refugees can drive vehicles without having to show a driver’s license when stopped by police, the Swedish newspaper Fria Tider reported, citing Sveriges Radio.


Your Radiation This Week In America ~ link 



Ted Cruz's closest advisers are Neocons ~ link

There’s a lot about Ted Cruz that should worry constitutionalists considering voting for the senator in the presidential election of 2016.

Recently, Infogram published brief but illuminating biographies of several of Cruz’s key foreign policy advisors. The information disclosed in these revelations could trouble many constitutionalists otherwise keen on the senator and who rely on him to restore the rule of law to the White House.


The truth about The Donald ~ link ~  

I like him personally. I’ve been to his office. I’ve observed him privately dealing with his staff and people coming inside his building. He is personally, when the cameras are turned off, an incredibly gracious person. I know many people who do not believe that because all they see is the public Trump, but when the lights are down, the cameras are turned off, and Donald Trump, not “The Donald”, is present, he’s a good guy.

Not only that, but as I’ve mentioned before, Trump Hotels are some of the best I’ve ever stayed in. I try never to miss an opportunity to stay in the Trump Chicago and the Trump Hotel on Central Park has generated fond memories for my family.

A Millennial complains about Student Debt ~ link ~ America has become a Sick Dysfunctional Nation and what has happened to education is just one part of that sad story! We have allowed the worst trash, from Wall Street and elsewhere, to control our great nation and now everything is a lie, everything is dysfunctional and in the crapper!!!  Stirling   
Education has been completely warped now. Allow me to list a quote from one of the great minds of humanity, Isaac Newton:
If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

    Newton’s genius did not come trivially. To stand on the shoulders of a giant, you have to climb, climb up the path of knowledge of those who have come before. It’s not easy, and education, real education, is not an easy thing. That’s what education used to be: very difficult, requiring years of study and effort by the student. It terms of money, it was cheap, even our most prestigious schools, a few generations ago, charged very little tuition (assuming you studied hard enough to pass the entrance exams).

     The student loan scam has changed all that. Now, “education” is now ridiculously expensive, and coursework has been defined down to nothing, in many classes. The student loan warped higher education from “much work, little money” to “little work, much money.”

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