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Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

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Dr. Bill Deagle and Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander) on Tuesday's Nutrimedical Report Show ~ link ~ Jan.19 Hour 3

Europe in Crisis: Dutch leader: Male refugees are a "Testosterone Bomb" and must be locked up to protect European women from a "Sexual Jihad" ~ link ~
 When you really look at the deliberate opening of Europe's doors to a couple of million "refugees" in 2015 ... that were 90%+ military age males and NOT from Syria ... you have to ask 'What The Hell Is Really Going On'???  Merkel and the EU leaders supporting this outright invasion are NOT known to be "Boy Scouts" that place humanitarian interests ahead of political ones!!!  Further, what is the 'UPSIDE' for them to destroy their nations culture, civilization, Christian base, peace and prosperity???  This is a deliberate Act of War against their own nations and far removed from the stated reason to aid poor war refugee families!!!  What is really behind all of this???  This goes back to the well known letter of former Confederate General (from the US Civil War) and leading satanist Albert Pike, that was written before the First World War and was displayed in the British Library in London for years (until a Rothschild got on the Library's Board of Directors, and it 'went missing').  The letter gave an outline of three global wars necessary to bring about the Luciferian New World Order.  He described the First and Second World Wars with incredible foresight and described the Third World War as one between Christians and Muslims!!!  This is a multi-generational strategic script that we are being forced to follow by the demonic Globalists and the flooding of Europe with "refugees" is part of the set-up for the coming 'Clash of Civilizations'/World War III.  Stirling   
Needless to say, the party’s cause has gotten a boost from the wave of sexual assaults that occurred across Europe on New Year’s Eve.

Not one to let a good crisis go to waste, Wilders's new video finds the PVV leader calling on European officials to "lock up" male refugees in asylum centers in ordert to save the bloc's women from "Islamic testosterone bombs." 

"We have seen what they are capable of," Wilders continues, "it's sexual terrorism, a sexual jihad."  


ISIS in Iraq: 3,500 Yazidi women and children held as slaves - 18,000 murdered - 3.2 million displaced ~ link ~ Your NATO tax dollars at work!!!  Stirling   
The violent impact of ISIS's murderous campaign in Iraq has been revealed today with a new UN report claiming that up to 18,800 people have died and a further 3.2 million have been displaced.ISIS is thought to be holding an estimated 3,500 people as slaves in Iraq, with many of the captives thought to be Yazidi women and children, says a United Nations report.

Crude Oil below $28 ~ link
Traders had some hope that they could take at least a brief nap ahead of the China open before all risk hell broke loose in the latest evening session, however either some liquidating algo or the Iranian oil trading desk had different plans, and moments ago WTI dipped below $28 per barrel, sliding as low as $27.92, doing so only for the first time since 2003, a new 12 year low.  
Oil Crash has Big Banks running scared ~ link

Today, the price of oil has been hovering around 29 dollars a barrel, and over the past 18 months the price of oil has fallen by more than 70 percent.  This is something that has many U.S. consumers very excited.  The average price of a gallon of gasoline nationally is just $1.89 at the moment, and on Monday it was selling for as low as 46 cents a gallon at one station in Michigan.

But this oil crash is nothing to cheer about as far as the big banks are concerned.  During the boom years, those banks gave out billions upon billions of dollars in loans to fund exceedingly expensive drilling projects all over the world.
US/NATO ally Turkey arrests professors for the "Crime" of Signing a Peace Petition ~ link ~ This is a GREAT REASON for the other NATO countries to kick Turkey out of NATO!!!  Stirling   
There’s been a lot going on lately, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you missed the latest drama from of U.S. ally, and sometimes ISIS/al-Qaeda supporter Turkey.

Recently, a peace petition circled the globe calling on the Turkish government to end fighting against Kurdish militants in the country’s southeast, which has reportedly led to thousands of civilian deaths. By January 15th, 2,000 Turkish academics had signed the petition, which was too much for authoritarian president Recep Tayyip Erdo?an to handle. He not only publicly denounced the entire affair, he went ahead and started arresting people.

 Politicians as they want us to think of them.

Congresswoman Debbi Wasserman Schultz faces a serious primary challenge ~ link

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has not had a great last couple of months. The Florida Congress member and embattled Democratic National Committee Chair has been repeatedly criticized for leading the committee both ineffectively and with a heavy hand, and for an alleged bias toward Hillary Clinton that has made the party’s presidential debates few and far between—one reason why the Republican candidates have dominated the political discussion. The progressive wing of the party base is volubly getting fed up with her.

Now, if the increased calls for her to step down from her post as party head weren’t enough, Wasserman Schultz is also facing the prospect of a tough primary challenge from the left. Liberal economist and longtime Wall Street–reform advocate Tim Canova announced last week that he will challenge Wasserman Schultz in the August 30 primary in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District. Touting a platform that closely mirrors Bernie Sanders’s, Canova hopes that the energy Sanders has roused nationally could work to his advantage in the South Florida district. Given Wasserman Schultz’s prominence, the primary could turn into a referendum pitting the progressive wing of the Democratic Party against its establishment wing, in much the way the (successful) primary challenge by another economist, Dave Brat, against then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was a test of strength between the Republicans’ factions.

Michigan girl, 15, is fighting for her life after suffering organ failure from Toxic Shock Syndrome CAUSED BY A TAMPON ~ link ~ The cotton in tampons, as well as in bandages and cotton swaps, is sprayed with Roundup shortly before harvesting!!!  Stirling    

World's oldest woman turns 119 ~ link ~ Wow, she is about the age of my Grandmother TillieStirling
According to her identity card and birth certificate, Celina del Carmen Olea was born on February 15, 1897.

From her home in the slums of from Buenos Aires, she puts her longevity down to not smoking, walking everywhere, hard work and, she says most importantly, 'filling her life with love'.

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