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On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

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I am still recovering from my latest eye surgery, yesterday, but I did want to post a few interesting links.  I will be posting without the graphics and with few comments today.  God Bless,  Tim Earl of Stirling   

Dr. Bill Deagle, Chris Harris and Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander) on today's Nutrimedical Report Show ~ link ~ Jan. 14, 2016 Hour 3

Major Signal Preceding Global Stock Market Crashes In 1929, 2000 & 2008 Was Just Triggered! ~ link

Stocks have now suffered two 10% corrections in a short span. This is difficult to quantify, but according to our tests, this has only happened on three other unique dates, in 1929, 2000 and 2008. All of those preceded major bear markets.


Migrant crisis: Bavaria mayor sends refugees to Merkel ~ link

A Bavarian mayor angry about Germany's asylum policy has sent a busload of Syrian migrants to Chancellor Angela Merkel's office in Berlin.

Five reasons why you're totally crazy if you aren't growing your own food ~ link ~
As things get ever crazier in the world, there are more reasons than ever to grow at least some of your own food. In fact, I say you're crazy if you don't grow some of your own food!


"Fundamentals Don't Matter Right Now, It's Panic On The Way Down," Trader Warns ~ link

In the wake of yet another dramatic selloff on Wednesday which brought the Dow to the brink of correction territory and kept the market on pace for its worst start to a year in history, investors are getting worried.


More Strategists Throw In The Towel: "Things Will Only Get Worse" ~ link ~

Something has definitely changed in the market: while for the past seven years (a period largely coincident with an easy, ZIRPing or QEing Fed) every day would be greeted with numerous research pieces, all urging traders to buy the dip, and to otherwise stay invested in stocks, now all the equity firms have turned their back on the S&P, and first Goldman, then JPM, then UBS, then every other equity trader has urged clients not only not to BTFD any more, but to STFR.


The Dow Falls Another 364 Points And We Are Now Down 2200 Points From The Peak Of The Market ~ link

It was another day of utter carnage on Wall Street.  The Dow was down another 364 points, the S&P 500 broke below 1900, and the Nasdaq had a much larger percentage loss than either of them.  The Russell 2000 has now fallen 22 percent from the peak, and it has officially entered bear market territory.  After 13 days, this remains the worst start to a year for stocks ever, and trillions of dollars of stock market wealth has already been wiped out globally.  Meanwhile, junk bonds continue their collapse.  JNK got hammered all the way down to 33.06 as bond investors race for the exits.  In case you were wondering, this is exactly what a financial crisis look like.

Many of the “experts” had been proclaiming that “things are different this time” and that stocks could defy gravity forever. Now we seeing that was not true at all.

70 Tips That Will Help You Survive What Is About To Happen To America ~ link ~

You may have noticed that things are starting to get crazy. Financial markets are imploding, violent crime rates are soaring in our major cities, and we have witnessed a truly unusual series of natural disasters in recent months. War in the Middle East continues to rage out of control, and Islamic terror continues to spread all over the globe. And many believe that 2016 is going to be a year of political shaking, civil unrest, governmental crackdowns and great economic chaos in the United States. All it is going to take to plunge our society into full-blown panic mode is a major “trigger event” of some sort. Another 9/11, a new “Lehman Brothers” moment, a massive EMP burst from the sun or a historic seismic event are all examples of what this “trigger event” could look like.

So are you ready for what is about to happen to America? In previous articles, I have urged my readers to focus on the five basics – food, water, shelter, energy and self-defense. If you focus on those five things, you will probably be in pretty good shape during any major disaster or emergency.

In this article, I want to dig a little deeper and give people some more specific tips regarding what they can do to prepare for the times that we are now entering. The following are 70 tips that will help you survive what is going to happen to America…

End of Petroleum-Centric World? Falling Oil Prices to Shake Up World Order ~ link ~

Plummeting oil prices may challenge the established geopolitical status-quo and even result in war and turmoil, experts warn. Will the petroleum-centric world of the past half-century be restored again soon?


Living in Fear: Germany Braced for Paris Style Terrorist Attack at Any Time ~ link ~

In a secret report of the German Ministry of the Interior, Germany is said to have been declared as 'a target of jihadist violence.'


EU will FALL amid terror and migrant strain - and it's starting in Germany, admits EU head ~ link ~

THE European Union faces being destroyed under the growing threat of terrorism, which has sparked the influx of migrants into Europe, the European Parliament's President has warned.


Under Siege: Women Afraid to Go Out in Danish Town Due to Migrant Assaults ~ link ~ After numerous cases of young girls having been sexually harassed or insulted by migrants, the residents of a small Danish town of Thisted realized that they needed to do something to stop this.





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