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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  

AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Nutrimedical Report ~ link



Europe in Crisis: RAPE OF COLOGNE - Crime cases from New Years Eve now officially at 516 rapes and assaults ~ link

Well, well, well, more and more truth comes out.  At first nothing happened, then just a single rape and a few incidents of assaults, then 90, then 100, then 379, now 516!!!  This nightmare, and the attempted cover-up of it, may bring about some real changes if the masses refuse to be lied to, refuse to allow the Muslim invasion and occupation of Germany and Europe to continue, and refuse to believe their lying mainstream news media!!! Remember, that I have stood out, even among the alternative news media, at seeing this story as much more than what we were first told.  Stirling  

The figures are a big increase from the 379 cases police reported on Saturday. The crime spree led to criticism of Chancellor Angela Merkel's open-door immigration policy. That has resulted in 1.1 million asylum seekers going to Germany throughout 2015.

Similar attacks to those seen in Cologne were also reported in Hamburg and in Stuttgart on New Year's Eve. In Bielefeld, hundreds of men tried to force their way into nightclubs, Die Welt reported (in German). Police said several women had alleged sexual assault

Europe in Crisis: Hungarian truck driver runs the Calais Migrant Gauntlet 

Crisis in Europe: Same night as the Rape of Cologne violence in Berlin on scene video ~ link

Shocking video taken in Berlin on New Years Eve shows migrants shooting guns and hurling fireworks in scenes that resemble something out of a war zone. The clip shows terrified women with children and prams running from the scene as fireworks explode in every direction.

Infowars confirmed with a source who was in the area that the incident happened on the same night that around a thousand migrants molested German women in Cologne.

Europe in Crisis: Rape of Cologne videos:

EU: A Dutch NO vote will create a major continental crisis ~ link

Juncker: ‘Dutch “NO” will result in big continental crisis’

In April the Dutch people will vote on the European-Ukraine association treaty.  In an interview with the NRC, a Dutch leading newspaper, Juncker warned the Dutch voters a “NO” will lead to a big continental crisis. “Russia and anti European movements will profit from a Dutch No, the Dutch has to vote yes for reasons not related to the treaty, the Dutch should act like an European strategist” according to Mr Juncker.


Middle East Stock Massacre: Equity markets plunge from Bahrain to Kuwait ~ link ~ Notice how all the world's markets seem to be falling!!!  Stirling  

California indefinitely shuts down its commercial crab season citing "naturally-occurring toxin" but the real culprit is radiation ~ link ~ Also see ~ link

Just 1 week after this web site broke news of Fukushima radiation in fish & seafood, California officials have cancelled commercial crab season "indefinitely" citing "protection of the public health." Yet in a classic case of "if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull****" California officials have offered the following absurd reason to the public for this action:

Global warming has heated the ocean to the point that a particular algae, Pseudo-Nitzchia, is blooming in great swaths along California's coast.  The algae produces a neurotoxin called domoic acid which accumulates in crab and other seafood. If consumed by humans the neurotoxin can cause memory loss, tremors or death.
However, workers in the California Fish and Game Commission have revealed to SuperStation95 that the real reason for cancelling this $60 million per year commercial seafood season is: Radiation contamination of seafood from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.

The Mortal Threat to Hillary's Run for the White House ~ link

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will not survive the email scandal swirling around her presidential campaign, a former federal prosecutor said Tuesday. Joe DiGenova, founding partner of the Washington, D.C., law firm diGenova & Toensing, said on “The Laura Ingraham Show” that federal law enforcement investigators have amassed too much evidence of crimes not to act. “Her biggest problem right now is the FBI,” he said. “They’re not going away. They have reached a critical mass in their investigation of the secretary and all of her senior staff.”

Analysis: Obama is deliberately trying to get Trump elected ~ link

I think there's a solid argument to be made that President Obama is deliberately trying to get Donald Trump elected the next U.S. President.
For three key reasons:

Doom in progress at Lake Erie - Rare wind-driven Seiche has developed - Threatens Buffalo, NY ~ link

A natural disaster of epic proportions has been in-progress for about three hours so far at Lake Erie and there's no sign of it stopping anytime soon.  A rare wind-driven  "Seiche" is taking place, wherein the wind is so fierce and sustained, it is blowing the entire body of lake water from west-to-east causing the natural sea level at the west end of Lake Erie to DROP 6 feet and the natural sea level at the east end to rise more than 7 feet! ! !  

Massive flooding is now taking place at the east end of Lake Erie, with inundating amounts of water flowing out of the lake onto nearby shore roads, causing those roads to become impassable.  The seiche is already more than 7 feet tall and it continues to rise, spelling Doom for many local residents, and perhaps entire sections of the city of Buffalo, New York

Catalonia's would-be president wants independence process launched ~ link ~ Also see ~ link

The potential future president of Spain’s autonomous Catalonia region has called for the process of independence from Spain to start. “We need... to start the process to set up an independent state in Catalonia,” Carles Puigdemont said in a speech to Catalonia’s regional parliament on Sunday.

After months of infighting over who would lead Catalonia’s pro-independence faction, which won the regional parliamentary elections in September 2015, the pro-independence Catalan parties finally came to an agreement over Puigdemont this weekend.

Catalan Separatists back new leader as the pressure on Madrid rises ~ link

Catalonia’s pro-independence parties agreed on Saturday on a new leader, clearing the way for the creation of a regional government and raising pressure on national parties in Madrid to form a broad coalition to oppose the separatist drive.

The parties’ agreement to back Carles Puigdemont, a fiery separatist, in a vote due on Sunday came after the region’s acting head, Artur Mas, said he would step down in an attempt to break months of political deadlock in Spain’s wealthiest region.

Six Massive Stories that the mainstream news media doesn't want you to know about ~ link

Whistleblowers, Ecocide, top secret trade deals, and shady ties between the Islamic State and the West’s closest allies…here are a few hot topics the mainstream media barely covered in 2015. 

Image result for Alexander & Baldwin Inc. (ALEX)
Alexander & Baldwin, Inc.: Hawaii's last sugar plantation to stop growing sugar ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ I wanted to post some links to this story.  The company was started by Samuel T. Alexander from Vincennes, Indiana (who was a Christian missionary) and his friend Henry Baldwin.  They are one of the oldest firms in beautiful Maui and Hawaii.  I know one of the family and they are really good people.  They are distant kinsmen.  Stirling   
Hawaii's last sugar plantation is getting out of the sugar-growing business, signaling the end of an industry that once powered the local economy and lured thousands of immigrants to the islands.

Alexander & Baldwin Inc. said Wednesday that it will phase out sugar by the end of 2016. Its 36,000 acre-Maui plantation will be divided into smaller farms to grow biofuels and food crops. Some of the land will be irrigated to supply pasture to local cattle ranchers.

World's Weirdest Bridges - with photos ~ link  


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