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Special Report - Part II
The Rape of Cologne 

I am continuing my special coverage of the horrific mass rapes and official/news media cover-up of it, that happened in Cologne on New Years Eve and to a lesser extent in other German cities.  This is a logical outcome of the deliberate opening 'of the Gates of Hell' by Merkel and other Globalist European leaders.  The fear and anger that this is causing will drive the march to the Third World War/Clash of Civilizations/Armageddon that is nearing!!! However, it may also backfire on the Globalists and their political puppets in a big way!!!  I am spending an exclusive two days on this story because I sense that this is a watershed event that will have the most profound impact on world events. Stirling 

Europe in Crisis: Scale of "refugees" - now at 1.1 MILLION in Germany alone from 2015 - "worries" the Germany authorities ~ link ~ Merkel, that evil neo-communist bitch, opened the 'gates of Hell' deliberately and has maintained the flow deliberately.  The German "leaders" had damn well better be worried about swinging from a lamppost soon!  The massive amount of rapes, of both women/young girls and young boys/teens, was insane and not only in Cologne but in a number of Germany cities.  Read what a viewer wrote in yesterday:
Anonymous Anonymous said...
The Arabs also attacked young boys in Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart and abused them sexually. Seven boys were raped anally and orally!!! The kids are between 12 and 17 years old.

Further, the Arabic thugs also kicked and hit feminin homosexuals and so called drag queens. The gays were hit in the face!!!

Further, the wogs also stole people's wallets, purses, smartphones and clothes in well organised attacks!

They also hurled firework into the crowds.

These things might have happened in other big cities as well.

After New Years Eve Germans start celebrating carnival all over the country, especially in Mainz and Cologne.

From Febuary 7 to February 9 there will be huge parades all over the country. People are going to wear costumes and drink a lot of alcohol in the streets.

Guess what is going to happen!

It took only four month, after Merkel had opened the borders to everybody from the Arabic world, to have mass attacks on German girls and boys.

We have the same situation in Sweden.

Reposting: The Rape of Cologne ~ link

Europe in Crisis: Brave female victims reveal the horrifying details after attacks by sex mob of 2,000 Arab and North African men in Cologne ~ link ~ These gang rapes and violence were covered up by the German government and the European mainstream news media until the volume of stories and anger on the Internet made it impossible to contain the story.  However, even still, many news organizations like the BBC are grossly under-reporting the horror!!!  Stirling 

Police fear the violence in Cologne may be linked to a known criminal gang who use sexual assault as a means of distraction, as more than 100 women have so far reported being assaulted. Two more victims have spoken out today on German TV, after they were sexually assaulted and attacked with fireworks during the city's New Year's Eve celebrations. 

Both Cologne's police chief and Germany's public broadcaster yesterday apologised after they were accused of attempting to cover up the extraordinary attacks

Euorpe in Crisis: Germany: 1,000+ Muslims commit mass sexual assaults of women around Cologne cathedral ~ link  

“German police has described a series of sexual assaults against women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve as ‘a completely new dimension of crime.'” Get used to it: you’re going to see much, much more of this “completely new dimension.” This is because the seizure of Infidel girls and their use as sex slaves is sanctioned in the Qur’an. According to Islamic law, Muslim men can take “captives of the right hand” (Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 33:50). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war” (33:50). 4:3 and 4:24 extend this privilege to Muslim men in general. The Qur’an says that a man may have sex with his wives and with these slave girls: “The believers must (eventually) win through, those who humble themselves in their prayers; who avoid vain talk; who are active in deeds of charity; who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess, for (in their case) they are free from blame.” (Qur’an 23:1-6)
The savage exploitation of girls and young women is, unfortunately, a cross-cultural phenomenon, but only in Islamic law does it carry divine sanction. These Muslims in Cologne no doubt don’t think they have done anything wrong — these women, after all, are just Infidels.
Europe in Crisis: Mass Cologne Sex Attack: 1,000+ Attackers ~ link
The controlled media in Germany prevaricated for days before reporting the racial nature of the attacks, and some even went out of their way to deny that the nonwhites involved were “refugees” at all. However, the weight of witnesses, video material, and social media revelations have forced the Lügenpresse (the “lying press,” as they are known in Germany) to finally admit the truth.
Europe in Crisis: PEGIDA Demonstration Called to Follow Spontaneous Protest Against 'Migrant' RAPE OF COLOGNE ~ link ~ link

Locals are standing up against the loss of their city to migrant gangs, and the politicians who apparently treat citizens with contempt for opposing the change.

German counter migration movement the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) have called a mass protest for this Saturday afternoon at the square outside the railway station where the attacks happened.
Announced within the past few hours, the march is likely to attract thousands, and not just of long-standing PEGIDA members, but also of ordinary Germans and the citizens of Cologne.

For many, the realisation that the German mainstream media and government have been apparently colluding in the cover-up of migrant sexual violence has provided a sudden and rude political awakening.

Another sign was a message to the German chancellor, which read: “Ms Merkel, Where are you? What will you say? You are scaring us.” In Germany it is said the migrants are the personal guests of the chancellor, who has been the main political driving force behind their arrival. This is a point that has even been acknowledged by a German judge, who last year ruled that migrants who committed crimes in the pursuit of entering Germany could be forgiven. He said: “Given the conditions at the frontiers, the legal system has been suspended by the German politicians, therefore no unconditional prison sentence is given.

Europe in Crisis: Germany shocked by monstrous Muslim assaults on 80 women in Cologne ~ link

Why are they “shocked”?

There are no excuses for the left wingers to play ignorant about this topic whatsoever. They are complicit to these crimes. For decades they had access to the cultural profile of muslim countries and Islam. The media is filled with daily reports on muslim atrocities worldwide.

Those who imported these savages need to face treason charges. Angela Merkel is 100% responsible.

‘Systematic assaults on women are a new type of crime’ in Germany according to officals. It’s not new in Muslim countries. It’ the norm. Dozens of Muslims sexually attacked 80 young women in Cologne train station while bragging, “I had fingers in every orifice”.

Europe in Crisis: Germans mock Mayor of Cologne after she suggests a 'code of conduct' for women to avoid rape ~ link ~  

Henriette Reker, the mayor of Cologne, Germany, is taking heat over her recent statement that women need to adopt a “code of conduct” to avoid getting raped in the wake of reports that dozens of women were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve allegedly by men of “Arab or North African” descent.

In other words, blame the victim

Europe in Crisis: Mayor of Cologne - As guilty of treason and insanity as Merkel ~ link ~ As various False Flag events, designed to get Americans to willingly give up their Right to Bear Arms backfired on the Globalists, this Muslim rape nightmare is also apt to seriously backfire and take many bought-and-paid-for political whores along with it!!!  Stirling   
Cologne’s mayor has been widely criticised for suggesting that women “keep at an arm’s length” from strangers to avoid sexual harassment, after scores of women were sexually abused and mugged in the city during new year celebrations.
Asked by a journalist how women could protect themselves, Henriette Reker said: “There’s always the possibility of keeping a certain distance of more than an arm’s length – that is to say to make sure yourself you don’t look to be too close to people who are not known to you, and to whom you don’t have a trusting relationship”…
Reker also advised women to “stick together in groups, don’t get split up, even if you’re in a party mood”.
Not only is she blaming the victims, she’s not remotely engaged with the reality of what happened. How are you supposed to keep an “arm’s length” when you’re surrounded by a group of degenerates who, police suspect, showed up at the train station specifically intending to assault people? Here’s what one woman saw when she got there:
Steffi, 31, said she saw “countless weeping women” when she arrived at the station and was hit with a volley of sexist slurs shouted in German as she made her way through the crowd.
“I saw a girl… who was crying, with ripped stockings, her skirt askew — she was just wrecked,” she told the daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung.
“A young guy came out of the crowd and made vulgar comments. ‘Can I help you? I know I can help you’ he said with a strong accent and made obscene gestures with his hand. When she wanted to get away, he followed her. I told him to piss off.”
It wasn’t just Cologne. Per the Daily Caller, “similar incidents” happened in Hamburg and Stuttgart, although on a much smaller scale.  

Europe in Crisis: The "Refugee" Flood and the Rape of Europe ~ link ~ The same behind-the-scenes families/forces that gave Europe and the World the First and Second World Wars are hard at work here setting up the Third World War!!!  Stirling  
The savage behavior of "migrant" revelers on New Year's Eve in Germany should remind Europe that borders matter. But decades of political correctness and moral relativism have brainwashed a generation.
The mostly Muslim migrants from North Africa and the Mideast who have swarmed Europe over the past year have strained welfare resources and frayed social ties in nations such as Greece, Hungary, Italy, Germany and France.
The outrageous criminality has finally set off angry debate across the EU over leaders' failure to protect citizens from those who come from nations that do not share Western values, morals and codes of behavior.
Europe in Crisis: The Rape of Europe video ~ link ~ The smart politicians in Europe and elsewhere are realizing that the Globalists are setting many of their puppets up.  If you are a politician and plan to survive 2016 you had better put a LOT of distance between you and allowing a Muslim invasion of your nation!!!  Stirling   
Cologne is a shocking wake up call that Europe is importing a real rape culture.
This isn’t multiculturalism, which Merkel herself admitted has failed anyway, it’s demographic suicide.

It’s poison to safeguarding Europe’s status as a refuge for tolerance, liberal values, and basic decency.

And it’s being allowed to happen by our own treacherous, corrupt political class.
Europe in Crisis: Mayor of Cologne blames women for being raped ~ link

The mayor of Cologne, Germany, made a statement about the war zone in her city on New Year’s eve, courtesy of Muslim imports who threw fireworks into crowds, molested, raped, attacked, and robbed non-Muslims, while also getting into brawls among themselves. Dozens of non-Muslims were victimized and the police believe there are many more victims who have yet to come forward. A large number of women were groped and raped as multitudes of Muslim savages pulled their hair and ripped off their clothes, grabbing and invading every orifice of their bodies while laughing and calling them sluts. Despite the scale of the violence and video cameras capturing much of it, the police only made five arrests. And the one-sided war in Cologne on New Year’s eve was covered up by officials and the media for several days.

So now we’re in Phase 2, when leaders and the media decide what to say. Heaven forbid it would resemble reality.

Europe in Crisis: Cologne Eyewitness: Police Described Situation as 'Civil War' ~ link ~ link
After riot police arrived, the attackers were restrained for around an hour and a half, but because cells in the surrounding police stations were full, there was nowhere to take the culprits.

“So the police had to release the previously arrested and restrained offenders, which then in turn gathered in front of the police vehicles and yelled ‘fuck the police’ and spit on the windshields of the police cars,” said Jurcevic, adding that the police were powerless to do anything because they were torn between guarding the arrested culprits and responding to new attacks that were happening elsewhere.

Jurcevic explained how he previously thought opposition to the wave of migrants flooding into Germany was “right-wing propaganda,” but that the shocking events of that night had changed his mind.

“This was real!” he exclaimed.

With Cologne set to celebrate its annual festival next month, Jurcevic fears that the tension will only escalate further.

In Cologne, it will really explode here!” he warned.

Europe in Crisis: Giant Cover-Up in Muslim Migrants' Rape Spree ~ link ~ People I know are now deciding NOT to go to Europe this summer for vacations.  This thing is beginning to really blow up in the faces of the political elite, and in ways that are unknown until they happen!!!  Stirling   

German authorities and media outlets attempted to cover up details of a sexual-assault spree by Arabic and North African migrants on New Year’s Eve. It took roughly 200 policemen to quell chaos started last Friday by thousands of migrants at Cologne Central Station. Huffington Post Deutschland detailed one major problem: Elites with their hands on the levers of power stymied efforts to identify perpetrators.

“The media’s handling of this issue is a slap in the face for every victim,” Schunke said, adding that television stations declined to give descriptions of suspects.
Mayor of Cologne makes up stuff to spin doctor the mass rape, robbery and groping by muslims

Mayor of Cologne makes up stuff to spin doctor the mass rape, robbery and groping by muslims

We live in truly surreal times.

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Anonymous said...

How incredibly dull witted our so called western society has become. None of what is happening should be a surprise to anyone. All of the touch feely, PC mentality is going to be our undoing. Anyone that uses their grey matter just a little bit, should have been able to see this coming long before it happened.

The open door pro-refugee people with the rose tinted glasses are going to see their view of humanity shattered, because this is just the beginning. Our politicians should be tarred and feathered for the irresponsible decisions they are making in the EU and here in North America.

In the EU they are finally panicking and it is about time, although it smacks of closing the barn door after the horse is already out. What the hell do they think they are going to do now with all of the invaders they have allowed in under the guise of being refugees? Now they are in a no win situations as the same people who get a warm fuzzy feeling from all of the "refugees" swarming into Europe are the same people who will condemn any type of crackdown and deportation ideas that the governments come up with.

You can't fix stupid. As individuals we can't fix the decisions and policies that are thrust upon us by corrupt politicians. We are set up to be victims by our own governments.

I am so glad I live in a very cold and inhospitable environment a long ways from where any of the so called "refugees" coming into North America will want to settle. What is happening in the EU is coming to a big city near you............. it will just take a little longer for the numbers to get up there.

Wake up people!!!

Anonymous said...

Remember in the US they have the TSA . They can do it legally..