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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near



Putin: 'Hopefully, no nukes will be needed against ISIS" ~ link ~ WOW, the President of Russia has now used the "N" word with regards to ISIS and Russia's battle against it.  This is clear warning to NATO and Israel, and the Globalists, that "everything is on the table" with regards to the battle to save Syria from Globalist/Netanyahu Zionist aggression!!! We are now treading on the thinnest ice ... more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis of the early 1960s!!!  Stirling  

Vladimir Putin has praised the Russian cruise missiles fired against terrorists in Syria from the sea. He expressed hope that these weapons would not have to be armed with nuclear warheads.
Time Magazine 'Person of the Year': Angela Merkel ~ link ~ Merkel is a traitor to the German Nation and to Europe.  She, more than anyone, opened the doors to millions of Muslims, mostly males of military age, mostly from areas that are NOT war zonesStirling  

Time Magazine has named German Chancellor Angela Merkel as its "Person of the Year".

The magazine cited her role in Europe's crises over migration and Greek debt.

Terrorists blow up Christian church in Aden, Yemen ~ link ~ Just remember, the thousands and thousands of Christians who have been killed and terrorized by ISIS, a terrorist organization that is in reality supported by the US Government/Israel/Turkey/Qatar/Saudi Arabia/NATO!!!  Your tax dollars at work!!! Stirling 

Canadian welcome: Warm greetings for refugees at airport ~ link ~ The Canadians are showing a human face to the refugee problem.  They are allowing a limited number of screened families in ... families who are really war refugees.  In Europe, the numbers are insane and most are not families nor are they from Syria!  Stirling  

Canada is bucking the trend seen in anti-immigrant countries such as the US and Norway - and rolling out the welcome wagon for refugees landing in their international airports. 
A revamped terminal at Toronto’s Pearson Airport has been specifically designed to greet Syrian refugees with multi-lingual information, winter clothing, social security numbers, and food upon their arrival.

America's Creeping War in Syria ~ link

A string of recent provocations against both Russia and Syria are meant to look like isolated incidents, but in fact constitute incremental “mission creep” into what may become full-scale US intervention in Syria.

Erdogan sets up Turkish terrorist cells in Russia ~ link ~  

Ukrainian nationalists and activists of the so-called Crimean Tatar Mejlis recently began to receive reinforcements in the face of right-wing members of the Turkish terrorist group ‘Grey Wolves’.
Since April 2014 over 9,000 killed in the Ukraine conflict according to UN ~ link
The UN human rights office said in a report on Wednesday that 9,098 people, including civilians and soldiers, have been killed, while 20,732 others have been wounded during the time period.
The report added that 52 percent of the deaths had occurred as a result of landmines and other explosive devices, underlining the “urgent need for extensive mine clearance and mine awareness actions on both sides of the conflict.

US moves in Asia will bring about a nuclear war ~ link

The Unites States’ measures in Asia, including the recent deployment of sophisticated Poseidon spy planes to Singapore in order to conduct surveillance flights over the South China Sea, mean the US is “preparing for a war” which will lead to a “nuclear holocaust” that causes a “complete collapse” of the banking system in the West, says an activist.

Mike Billington, Asia editor for the Executive Intelligence Review, told Press TV on Tuesday that the deployment, which is part of an enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA), consists of spy planes that are “armed and capable of participating in military attacks.”

Iraq seeks to cancel security agreement with USA and will ask Russia to help fight ISIS ~ link ~ They, and much of the world, have woken up to the FACT that the Obama Administration is a major supporter of ISIS!!!  Stirling  
Last time Junk Bonds started crashing like this was 2008 ~ link
The extreme carnage that we are witnessing in the junk bond market right now is one of the clearest signals yet that a major U.S. stock market crash is imminent.  For those that are not familiar with “junk bonds”, please don’t get put off by the name.  They aren’t really “junk”.  They simply have a higher risk and thus a higher return than other bonds of the same type.  And yesterday, I explained why I watch them so closely.  If stocks are going to crash, you would expect to see a junk bond crash first.  This happened in 2008, and it is happening again right now.  On Monday, a high yield bond ETF known as JNK crashed through the psychologically important 35.00 barrier for the very first time since the last financial crisis.  On Tuesday, high yield bonds had their worst day in three months, and JNK plummeted all the way down to 34.44.  When I saw this I was absolutely stunned.  This is precisely the kind of junk bond crash that I have been anticipating that we would soon witness.
 Normally, stocks and junk bonds track one another very closely, but just like before the 2008 crash, they have become decoupled in recent months.  Anyone that even has an elementary understanding of the financial world knows that this cannot continue indefinitely.  And when they start converging once again, the movement could be quite violent.

Tanzania President John Magufuli helps to clean up the streets and the nation ~ link
The world needs more leaders like this man!!!  Stirling  
Tanzania's new President John Magufuli has joined hundreds of residents in the main city Dar es Salaam to take part in a public clean-up operation. Mr Magufuli picked up rubbish from the street outside State House as part of the scheme, which he had ordered to replace independence day celebrations.

The move is being seen as symbolic of the president's promise to tackle corruption, our correspondent says. Thousands of people across Tanzania are reported to have joined the clean-up.

Stonehenge stones were a part of earlier monument in Wales ~ link ~ Also see ~ link
Scientists have found that the stones used for building England’s Stonehenge prehistoric monument were cut off from a large piece of rock in Pembrokeshire in Wales.

A team of experts from British universities and museums say the stones were broken off larger rock faces in the Preseli hills using wooden wedges and taken to England's Salisbury Plain.


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I have read an article today, that the US is sending 10,000 troops to western Iraq and Saudi Arabia and Quatar will send or have sent 90,000 troops to that region. But I cannot find it anymore. Of course, Iraq is not amused.

Looks like the beginning of an all-out war on serveral fronts.

Joaquin, Germany

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I have found the article again.

Joaquin, Germany