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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


NWO Agenda: Obama's Reckless Roadmap to the Third World War ~ link

In the last couple years US-NATO forces have intentionally pursued an aggressive path with a current trajectory leading humanity straight into World War III. In contrast to the West’s overt warmongering transgressions, the political, economic and military forces of the East in Russia and China have exercised far more prudent, defensive posturing that has demonstrated remarkable restraint, thus saving us from a potential nuclear war.  

This presentation will lay bare the tendencies displayed by the actions of a handful of neocons in Washington carrying out marching orders issued by the  ruling elite whose New World Order agenda for over a century has been a one world government.

Fearing wrath from a fast growing population of world citizens actively opposing the elite’s diabolical agenda, 2015 has seen the globalists fast tracking their orchestrated world catastrophes, i.e., the convergence of unprecedented global terrorism designed to act as the incendiary device used to ignite the so called East versus West world war accompanied by the complete collapse of their bankrupted, house of cards, debt-based economy and the rapid global breakdown of civil order.

Who Owns ISIS? ~ link ~ Do take the time to read all of this one at the link.  Stirling 

Since 2011, we have been told repeatedly that Assad must go! This mantra has been echoing in the British Houses of Parliament and in the US congress for four years. A failed colour revolution, an “Arab Spring,” with snipers shooting at both protesters and police to incite violence, did not succeed in overthrowing the duly elected Assad government in spite of Assad being painted as Hitler and a murderer of his own people in the Murdoch propaganda media. The aim of the overthrow of Assad is to create a Sunni caliphate incorporating Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia with a greater Israel extending from the Sinai across to the Euphrates river.  

Genel in turn has a registered office in Jersey and headquarters in Ankara Turkey. You know… that country that is buying all that stolen illegal Iraqi and Syrian oil from ISIS? Those involved in Genel are Nat Rothschild, Julian Metherell, Mehmet Emin Karamehmet and Mehmet Sepil.

The company involved is one Genie Energy, who has a registered office in Newark, New Jersey, and interested parties are Howard Jonas; Avi Goldin; Geoffrey Rochwarger; Effie Eitam; Dick Cheney (former vice president); Rupert Murdoch (the owner of American news); James Woolsey (former CIA director); Larry Summers (former head of the US Treasury); Jacob Rothschild; Michael Steinhardt (an American hedge fund manager and philanthropist to Jewish causes). Anyone familiar with the truth behind the 9/11 attacks and who was really behind it, will recognize a number of names of the people involved in Genel.

Germany goes on a War Footing ~ link

Following the war in Afghanistan, which continues to this day, Germany has only indirectly taken part in the wars in Iraq, Libya and other countries, which have destroyed large areas of the region, killing and displacing millions. Now it is rushing headlong into a criminal war, which threatens to provoke a global conflict between nuclear-armed powers.

Everyone knows full well that the sending of reconnaissance aircraft, a frigate and up to 1,200 troops is only the beginning. Foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has spoken of military engagement lasting more than a decade, while the editor of Die Welt, Stefan Aust, spoke of “a thirty-year war”.

Turkey is a Main Sponsor of Terrorism in Syria ~ link
“Turkey is the first and main power which funds and supplies weapons to terrorist groups. We believe the fight against terrorism should begin with pressuring Turkey. Now Turkey is the main sponsor of terrorism in the region,” Khoury said at a press conference in Moscow.
 “The name of the real leader of the terrorists is Tayyip Erdogan [Turkish President]. The others like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi [Daesh/ISIL leader] and al-Qaeda are just his servants. Al-Nusra Front also carries out orders from Turkey,” he pointed out. According to him, there is real evidence to the allegations. Khoury said that after the city of Kassab, near Latakia, was liberated from terrorists Turkish ambulance vehicles, clothes and weapons were found there.

Iraqi President demands the immediate withdrawal of Turkish troops from northern Iraq ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~

Iraqi President Fuad Masum has called on the Turkish authorities to withdraw troops from his country in order to avoid the deterioration of bilateral relations, a presidential statement obtained by Sputnik said Saturday.

NATO warships enter the Black Sea ~ link
Three NATO frigates and a US guided missile destroyer have entered the Black Sea in what the US naval command described as part of an ongoing effort to enhance regional stability and a sign of support for NATO member-states, Russian media reported on Friday.

The American guided missile destroyer USS Ross is accompanied by three missile frigates, Francis Almejida (Portugal), Blas de Lezo (Spain) and Winnipeg (Canada).

Up to 3 persons injured in 'terrorist' stabbing attack in London ~ link

Three people reported injured after a stabbing attack at Leytonstone tube station, Metropolitan Police treating the incident as an act of terrorism.



List of how MPs voted on War "against ISIS" ~ link  


Sponsors of State Terrorism ~ link

Is there a sinister connection between Washington’s wars in the Middle East and the migrant crisis in Europe? Are refugees being “deliberately manufactured”?  

China military developments ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link 


Don't let the mainstream media fool you - Protests still matters ~ link ~  


Your USA Radiation This Week #33 ~ link ~ Do take the time to read the section headed "Question: Are We Under Attack"Stirling 

Spokane, Washington is the No 1 Radioactive City in America this week! Congrats to Spokane! Miami, Florida and Bakersfield, California are close behind in the CPM race to the end.

Thirty-eight (38) American cities exceeded 1,000 CPM this week; that’s up 6 cities since last week – YRTW No 32. Another eleven (11) cities are clustered between 900 and 999 CPM. Stay Alert and take all appropriate precautions. The most prevalent isotope, Cesium 137, takes a daunting 600 years to decay to infinitesimal levels and it is not even particularly long-lived radiation. The Cesium will remain for 600 years.

Econ-Political Significance of the Elevation of the Chinese Renminbi ~ link ~  

The elevation the Chinese renminbi (also known as the yuan) to the basket of global currencies making up the International Monetary Fund’s special drawing rights (SDRs), in effect making it an international reserve currency, is unlikely to have any major immediate effects. But it does underscore the vast transformation in the foundations of the world economy over the past three decades resulting from the long-term economic decline of the US.

As the Stratfor web site noted in its comment on the decision, it is the first time that the basket of reserve currencies, which had previously comprised the dollar, the British pound, the Japanese yen and the euro, will include the currency of a country not allied with the US.

Poland: New government moves quickly to disempower the Constitutional Court ~ link
On December 2 the parliamentary majority of the Law and Justice (PiS) party appointed five new judges to Poland’s highest court, the Constitutional Tribunal. The action is an integral part of the new PiS government’s campaign to introduce an authoritarian state in Poland.  

UK Police funding cuts cause theft to be increasinly treated as a civil matter ~ link ~ Always money for war but not for the "little things"!  Stirling  


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