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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Nutrimedical Report ~ link


War and the Economic Crisis: America is being destoyed by problems that are unaddressed ~ link ~ Great article, do take the time to read it at the link!  Stirling 

Historically, capitalism was justified on the grounds that it guaranteed the efficient use of society’s resources. Profits were a sign that resources were being used to maximize social welfare, and losses were a sign of inefficient resource use, which was corrected by the firm going out of business. This is no longer the case when the economic policy of a counry serves to protect financial institutions that are “too big to fail” and when profits reflect the relocation abroad of US GDP as a result of jobs offshoring. Clearly, American capitalism no longer serves society, and the worsening distribution of income and wealth prove it.

None of these serious problems will be addressed by the presidential candidates, and no party’s platform will consist of a rescue plan for America. Unbridled greed, short-term in nature, will continue to drive America into the ground.

The Greater Depression will be Magnitudes Worst than the '30's Great Depression ~ link

For those wondering when economic growth will be getting back to normal…the US Census has made it clear there is a new abnormal…in the new abnormal population growth is among the old and flat among the young, wage growth is next to nil, and the only hope for those awaiting “trend” growth is another doubling or tripling of credit / debt every seven years or so to move the needle along.  Never mind that’s pretty much next to impossible without the wheels coming off the cart.

And for those curious, even during the great depression, there was generally continuing population growth among the young to maintain rising consumption…but this time around in the Greater Depression, the world faces overcapacity, too much debt, and declining flat to declining young the world over (except Africa) only offset by the liability that is the rapidly rising older population.  For those believing the rest of the world will carry the day here is an article outlining the breakdown of population growth worldwide (again, except for huge gains in Africa). Welcome to the new abnormal which the Fed, Federal .Gov, nor Wall St. will ever acknowledge.

51% Rise in Scottish children going to school hungry and stealing food ~ link
The people of this great Earth need to "get their shit together" and reform politics, economics, media, etc.  We need to out the bastards that are causing so much war, hurt and destruction for their own demonic desires at the expense of all of us and future generations...while we still can!!Stirling  

Crippling government austerity measures are forcing schoolchildren in Scotland to go hungry, steal food from their peers and develop mental health issues, teachers have claimed.  

It’s not unusual for students to steal food from the staff room because they haven’t been given a packed lunch,” one secondary school teacher from Edinburgh, who chose to remain anonymous, told the EIS.  There’s an unbelievable level of poverty which I see every day,” the teacher added.

Financial Armageddon Nears: American banks have $247 TRILLION in Derivative Exposure ~ link

And I am certainly not the only one that is concerned about the potentially destructive nature of these financial instruments.  In a letter that he once wrote to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett referred to derivatives as “financial weapons of mass destruction”…
The derivatives genie is now well out of the bottle, and these instruments will almost certainly multiply in variety and number until some event makes their toxicity clear. Central banks and governments have so far found no effective way to control, or even monitor, the risks posed by these contracts. In my view, derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction, carrying dangers that, while now latent, are potentially lethal.
Since the last financial crisis, the big banks in this country have become even more reckless.  And that is a huge problem, because our economy is even more dependent on them than we were the last time around.  At this point, the four largest banks in the U.S. are approximately 40 percent larger than they were back in 2008.  The five largest banks account for approximately 42 percent of all loans in this country, and the six largest banks account for approximately 67 percent of all assets in our financial system.

Obama - acting as a puppet to the Globalists - is trying to provoke WWIII with Russia and China while arming and funding ISIS ~ link

Alex Jones and David Knight break down the key points of a new book, Military to Military, by Pulitzer-Prize winner, Seymour Hersh. Summary: Obama, acting on behalf of the globalists, is trying to provoke a major world war with Russia while arming and funding ISIS. In surprising contrast, the warhawks at the Pentagon are quietly trying to de-escalate the situation. General Michael Flynn confirms that the Pentagon is working against Obama’s policies. This report provides the details.

The Storm That Will Unfreeze the North Pole ~ link ~

But later this week, something extraordinary will happen: Air temperatures at the Earth’s most northernly region, in the middle of winter, will rise above freezing for only the second time on record.

On Wednesday, the same storm system that last week spun up deadly tornadoes in the American southeast will burst into the far north, centering over Iceland. It will bring strong winds and pressure as low as is typically seen during hurricanes.

That low pressure will suck air out of the planet’s middle latitudes and send it rushing to the Arctic. And so on Wednesday, the North Pole will likely see temperatures of about 35 degrees Fahrenheit, or 2 degrees Celsius. That’s 50 degrees hotter than average: It’s usually 20 degrees Fahrenheit below zero there at this time of year.