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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


Brazil's 1,000-Year-Old Calendar - video ~ link

A pre-colonial astrological observatory in the Brazilian rainforest was built to be aligned to the sunrise on the December solstice - which falls on 22 December in 2015.

The so-called Amazonian Stonehenge, in Brazil's northern-most state Amapa, is believed to have been constructed over 1,000 years ago.

Seymour Hersh: Bombshell - US Military shared intelligence with Assad in defiance of Obama and the CIA ~ link ~ Sounds like some of the men tasked with the dirty lying policy in the Mideast got a little fed up with being lap dogs for the Globalists, Muslim extremists and Netanyahu!!!  Do take the time to read all of this one at the link.  Stirling  

As we noted just three days ago, we're beginning to see the formation of three alliances in the Mid-East: 1) Russia, Iran, Syria, and Iraq; 2) Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar; 3) Britain, France, and Germany. Here’s how we described the situation: 
The first alliance is pro-Assad, anti-terror. The second is anti-Assad, pro-Sunni extremist. The third is anti-Assad (although less vehemently so), anti-terror (conspiracy theories aside). Note that we've left the US out. Why? Because Washington is now stuck. The US wants desperately to maintain coordination with Ankara, Riyadh, and Doha, but between stepped up media coverage of Saudi Arabia's role in underwriting extremism (via the promotion of Wahhabism) and hightened scrutiny on Erdogan's role in financing terrorists, the position is becoming increasingly untenable. But aligning solely with the UK, France, and Germany entails adopting a more conciliatory approach to Assad - just ask Berlin which, as we reported on Friday, is now working with Assad's intelligence police and may soon establish a base in Damascus. 
Well, if you believe Seymour Hersh’s latest expose, we were even more right than we knew because as it turns out, some elements within the US military began tacitly cooperating with Assad two years ago after becoming concerned with Turkey and Saudi Arabia's support for Sunni extremists.

In a new 6,600 word piece, Hersh details what he says was a covert plot by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to undercut the “Assad must go” line promoted and pursued by the Obama administration and the CIA on the way to sharing valuable intelligence with the Assad government. The report also verifies the role of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and especially Turkey in arming and financing al-Nusra and ISIS.

Police whisper into Protesters' Ear: "Keep on Protesting" ~ link

Former New York Times reporter Chris Hedges has previously noted that oppressive regimes fall when their soldiers stop obeying orders and start following the will of the people.

Hedges gave an example from the U.S.  In 2010, Hedges, Daniel Ellsberg and 131 veterans were arrested for holding an anti-war protest in front of the White House. Everyone was arrested, their wrists tied with plastic restraints, and hauled off to jail.  So – on the surface – it looked like the police unquestioningly cracked down on the protest. But Hedges says (in a speech broadcast on KPFA public radio station last week) that – as their wrists were being tied – the police officer whispered in the protesters ears:
“Keep protesting.  Keep doing what you’re doing, because these wars stink.”

ISIS earnings from Afghan heroin smuggling $500,000,000/year ~ link
The Islamic State (IS) terrorist group earns up to $500 million per year by trafficking Afghan heroin, the head of Russia’s federal drug control service said on Tuesday.

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