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On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


I'm back!  Thanks be to God my eye operation was a success and I can see much better now. Thanks for your prayers.  Tim

Dr. Bill Deagle and Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander) on today's Nutrimedical Report Show ~ link ~ Dec. 17 Hour 3

The Five Permanent UN Security Council Members have agreed on a 'Syrian Peace Process Resolution' ~ link ~ This is very good news.  I am not sure that it will result in a end to the war, but it may.  There are conflicting signs that America and others are turning away from the drive towards WWIII via a General Middle East War.  Not everyone in positions of power is so crazy as to embrace a 21st Century global war that would kill most people on the planet!!!  Pray that the drive towards Peace will win out over the drive towards War.  Stirling  

The 15-member council is expected to adopt the resolution later on Friday, officials added.

World powers have been meeting in New York to try to advance a tentative plan to bring about a ceasefire in Syria.

Former CIA Director in Chilling Warning over EMP and Power Grid ~ link ~ James Woolsey is doing America and the world a service by going public and pushing for protecting the grid from natural and war time EMP events that could result in total chaos and great loss of life.  Stirling  

A former CIA director and former executive director of the EMP Task Force are charging that the Obama administration is failing to protect America from a potential power grid-crippling solar storm, choosing instead to conduct more studies on a potential disaster that could kill 90 percent of the population

The article by former CIA director R. James Woolsey and former EMP Task Force executive director Peter Pry begins by applauding President Obama for being the first administration “to recognize that our high-tech electronic civilization” is vulnerable to solar storms and for warning the public that a rare “once-in-a-century geomagnetic superstorm” could destroy the power grid. Similar storms hit Earth in 1859 and 1921 but haven’t hit since.

Japan prepares "Missile Blockade" in the East China Sea ~ link ~ This deployment of anti-shipping and anti-air missiles on a large number of islands makes good sense and is less dangerous than sailing ships through contested areas.  Stirling 

Well, speaking of the East China Sea, Reuters is out reporting that in response to pressure from Washington, Japan is set to "fortify its far-flung island chain in the East China Sea under an evolving strategy that aims to turn the tables on China's navy and keep it from ever dominating the Western Pacific Ocean."

The US believes Japan "must help contain growing Chinese military power" and is pushing Abe "to abandon his country's decades-old bare-bones home island defense in favor of exerting its military power in Asia," Reuters continues. According to "a dozen military planners and government policymakers ... Tokyo is responding by stringing a line of anti-ship, anti-aircraft missile batteries along 200 islands in the East China Sea stretching 1,400 km (870 miles) from the country's mainland toward Taiwan."

Apparently, the deployment will act as a kind of blockade as "Chinese ships sailing from their eastern seaboard must pass through this seamless barrier of Japanese missile batteries to reach the Western Pacific, access to which is vital to Beijing both as a supply line to the rest of the world's oceans and for the projection of its naval power." Recall that from the PLA's surprise appearance at the Yemeni port city of Aden to the Chinese navy's trip to Alaska, Xi is keen on projecting China's growing maritime prowess. The missile battery is an attempt to deter Beijing's ambitions.

South China Sea Dispute: Vietnam increases its military posture ~ link

“We don’t want to have a conflict with China and we must put faith in our policy of diplomacy,” one senior Vietnamese government official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Reuters. “But we know we must be ready for the worst.”

Most significantly, Hanoi is creating a naval deterrent largely from scratch with the purchase of six advanced Kilo-class submarines from Russia.

15 Ways to Detect a False Flag Operation ~ link ~ Good One, do take a minute to read this one at the link.  Stirling  

Fukushima is 'Unstoppable' ~ link ~ The world's governments have totally failed to handle this nightmare.  A lot of resources needs to be applied and done so in a way that is not just another boondoggle.  Stirling   

Fukushima decommission chief [Naohiro Masuda] warns with surprising candor: Nothing can be promised… not even robots have been able to enter the main fuel-debris areas so far… “This is something that has never been experienced. A textbook doesn’t exist for something like this,” Masuda told The Associated Press… “Before, it was a war zone,” Masuda said quietly… [E]ven the most optimistic projections estimate the work will take about half a century. Masuda said without hesitation that more delays could be in order. No one knows exactly where the melted nuclear debris is sitting in the reactors, let alone how exactly the debris might be taken out… New science will have to be invented for the plant to be cleaned up… The March 2011 catastrophe is unprecedented[T]he containment, where the morass of fuel lies, has been breached… And as devastating as the 1986 Chernobyl disaster was in what is now Ukraine, that involved one reactor, not three. When asked about what he wanted to tell the people worried about contaminated fish, such as on the West Coast of North and South America, Masuda said the radiation leak into the Pacific Ocean has been reduced to a level one-millionth of what it was in 2011… “They don’t need to worry, and, if there is anything to worry about, we will be out with that information,” he said… Masuda also acknowledged that Japan has not done as good a job as it should have on relaying the harsh realities at the plant. 

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