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  Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  

AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


Dr. Bill Deagle and Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander) on today's Nutrimedical Report Show ~ link ~ Dec. 14 Hour 3

Russian Navy chases off Turkish vessel impeding drill platform transit in the Black Sea ~ link ~ The West is using Turkey to bait the Russians, again and again.  So when the West does a massive False Flag they can blame it on Russia!  Picking a fight with a nation that actually has more nukes then you do is way beyond stupid!!!   Stirling 

Iran increases support for Syria amid 'Iran Withdrawal Hoax' ~ link ~

Bloomberg Haaretz story on Russia/Iran rift fabricated in light of militant impending collapse in Syria.

Europe in Crisis: Merkel vows to drastically decrease refugee influx but still rejects cap on 'asylum' seekers ~ link ~ link ~ Merkel is responsible for the massive numbers of Muslims storming into Europe.  Most of these are NOT Syrian refugees and most are males of military age.  Stirling  

At a congress of her ruling CDU party on Monday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised to “drastically decrease” the number of refugees entering Germany while still defending her asylum policy. 
Facing an internal conflict within her own party ranks over her refugee policy, Angela Merkel tried to find a compromise between her own course and her critics’ positions at her center-right CDU party’s congress in Karlsruhe, which was attended by about 1,000 CDU delegates.

Cheap oil puts the House of Saud at risk ~ link ~ Good, they are nothing but a pack of gold plated cutthroats!  Stirling  

Gaming the fall of the House of Saud has been a fool’s pastime for years. As William Quandt wrote in Foreign Affairs twenty years ago, “There is a cottage industry forming to predict the impending fall of the House of Saud.” Countless experts claimed to see handwriting on the royal palace wall, but to no avail. Thus far the wily Saudis managed to co-opt, buy off, or butcher the competition. This time is different. As IHS-Janes analyst Meda al Rowas observed last July, Saudi Arabia’s clerical establishment is one of the most important stabilizing mechanisms in the kingdom. Salafist Wahhabi ideology requires obedience to the confirmed ruler, which in Saudi Arabia’s case, is the king, but only so long as he enforces Islam.” 

Syrian Army retakes key airbase in greater Damascus ~ link ~

But a military source told the AFP news agency that the town had also fallen.

Rebel forces seized the airbase, in the Ghouta agricultural belt around the capital, in November 2012.

Skewed: Income Inequality in USA - The American Dream is Dead ~ link ~

Lowest 60% of earners are making < the wealthiest 400 Americans:
$1.22 trillion vs. $1.27 trillion
To put that in context: The average wealth of one of the 400 richest Americans is equal to the average wealth of 510,000 people in the bottom 60%
With the 1%’s wealth much more tied to the real estate, stock market
Note: The SNAP (food stamp) budget of $78 billion is less than the investing budget of 20 wealthy Americans

December 14th to 18th: Will this be a week of reckoning for Global Stocks? ~ link

Are we about to witness widespread panic in the global financial marketplace?  This week is shaping up to be an absolutely critical week for global stocks.  Coming into December, more than half of the 93 largest stock market indexes in the world were down more than 10 percent year to date, and last week stocks really started to slide all over the world.  Here in the United States, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down about 600 points over the past week or so, and at this point it is down more than 1000 points from the peak of the market.  That brings us to this week, during which the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates for the very first time since the last financial crisis.  If that happens, that could potentially be enough to accelerate this “slide” into a full-blown crash.

 And just look at what is already happening.  Trading for stocks in the Middle East has opened for the week, and we are already witnessing tremendous carnage…

How the GOP establishment can keep Trump from getting the nomination ~ link

It is going to be much more difficult for Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination than most people think. In order to win the nomination, a candidate must secure at least 1,237 of the 2,472 delegates that are up for grabs. But not all of them will be won during the state-by-state series of caucuses and primaries that will take place during the first half of 2016. Of the total of 2,472 Republican delegates, 437 of them are unpledged delegates – and 168 of those are members of the Republican National Committee. And unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you already know that the Republican National Committee is not a fan of Donald Trump. In order to win the Republican nomination without any of the unpledged delegates, Trump would need to win 60.78 percent of the delegates that are up for grabs during the caucuses and primaries. And considering that his poll support is hovering around 30 percent right now, that is a very tall order.
 In the past, it was easier for a front-runner to pile up delegates in “winner take all” states, but for this election cycle the Republicans have changed quite a few things. In 2016, all states that hold caucuses or primaries before March 15th must award their delegates proportionally. So when Trump wins any of those early states, he won’t receive all of the delegates. Instead, he will just get a portion of them based on the percentage of the vote that he received.

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