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On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


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Report: US and Saudi Arabia used AWACS aircraft to help target the Russian Su-24 ~ link ~ Make no mistake about it, the Globalists and Netanyahu Zionists are determined to win in Syria and to begin the Third World War!!!  Stirling 
I have mentioned in earlier editor notes that I was surprised that Obama jumped in so quickly to back up the Turks on the shoot down, when the first statement would have been more suitable for the Joint Chief of Staff or Ash Carter. Someone felt that putting the president out there quickly would send a signal that “no competing statements” were to be put out by other US sources.

I have written in the past that the Western coalition would be getting more and more desperate to derail the momentum of the successful counter terrorism campaign by the Syrian coalition, and that some stupid things might be done. This new material fits that scenario.

Plus, while the NATO emergency meeting did not result in any uniform agreement as to confirming a Turkish airspace violation, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg went way over the line with his supporting the Turkish claims of it right to defend its airspace.

Putin: We have evidence that the Su-24 downing was to protect ISIS oil deliveries to Turkey ~ link
If I am reading this right, Putin is slowly tormenting Erdogan with his corruption leaks, which Erdo will deny over and over, and then Putin will lay the kibosh on him at a time of his choosing. But Putin likes to work indirectly, so whatever information Russia has might be given to third parties to use.
One I can think of off the top of my head is Syria, who needs the Intel on the oil diversion to pursue its case for reparations in the courts. Putin would look like a heel after all of this hinting not to use what information he has. But I suspect he is watching what the Turkish military is doing, as it is always less risky to let others do what you want to have done.

Either way, Putin’s best revenge is to destroy the plans of the Western scamsters and their Gulf buddies to carve up Syria, not that the plotters have killed a quarter million people, with over a million wounded and maimed, and 11 million refugees created in the process. I would say some serious consequences should be tied to a crime like that… state immunity, or no state immunity. I guess that just makes me an old meanie!Jim W. Dean
Zhirinovsky: No gas, Russian tourists and nuclear power plant for Turkey anymore - video ~ link 
German Cabinet approves ISIS war mission ~ linkDo you really believe that Merkel is now going to make war on ISIS???  They are getting ready for a NATO vs. Russia war beginning in Syria.  This will expand to include China, Iran, Lebanon and much more!!!  Stirling  
The German cabinet has backed plans for military support in the fight against Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria. Tornado reconnaissance aircraft, a naval frigate and a 1,200-strong force will be sent to the region under the proposals - expected to go for a parliament vote as early as Wednesday.

Germany decided to join the fight against IS after an appeal by French President Francois Hollande in the wake of the 13 November Paris attacks.

Russia's S-400 Air Defense System sends robust signal ~ link ~ I think that the Globalists and Netanyahu Zionists finally pushed Putin to the point that he felt he had to send jets to Syria and then did the Paris False Flag Attacks to expand the NATO involvement and downed the Su-24 to cause even more Russian involvement. The Greatest WAR in Human History is on the horizon!!!  Stirling  

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But Russia denies the blockade of the straits.



Time will tell, but Turkey has got an ace up her sleeve.

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