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On the Road to the Third World War

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Just this last summer, some analysts were pointing to October/November/December of this year as a time when all hell would begin to break loose.  It would appear that they were correct.
As the Syrian Government continued to grind up the new ISIS mercenaries, the stress on the weakened Syrian governmental/military structure really began to show.  Iran and Russia made the decision to commit military power to ensure the survival of the Assad regime.  
Since that time we have seen the introduction of a small Russian offensive air detachment and several thousands of Iranian 'boots-on-the-ground' in Syria.  Besides capturing the public's attention with Gulf War like videos of air strikes by Russian pilots, we saw truly massive military 'effects' by this bombing.  And we woke up to the fact that the over one year long Western axis bombing of ISIS in Syria was mostly a massive PR fraud.  We learned that some totally abandoned villages in Syria had been bombed up to 100 times by Western air forces, with no military effects as there were no ISIS forces anywhere near there.
As the combined Russian/Syrian/Iranian/Hezbollah push began to show serious military successes, a Russian civilian airliner was "blown up by a terrorist bomb".  In actual reality, it was most likely shot down by a air-to-air missile fired by an Israeli F-15, engaged in war games with two NATO nations, just across the Israeli border, only 24 miles away.
We saw the "Refugee" Crisis in Europe, deliberately begun by Merkel, get seriously out-of-hand.  We saw every shotgun available sold out in Austria.  We saw mass fear throughout Europe caused by the virtual invasion of Europe by hundreds of thousands of mostly military age male Muslims, and generally not from Syria.
Then we saw the multiple Paris Attacks, that gunned down many innocent French civilians, out for an enjoyable weekend in the heart of the cultural capital of Europe.  Genuine fear begun to build throughout Europe.  A fear that, if history is any judge, grows into war.
A fear that 'wrapped' the French government's drive to take NATO air/sea/land forces into the middle of the Syrian War.  A convenient French/British battle fleet was ready to sail for the Eastern Mediterranean within days.
And then the shooting down of a Russian Su-24 attack jet over Syrian air space by Turkish F-16s.  Now Russia has flown-in and made operational the dreaded S-400 Air Defense System and additional air/land/sea forces, as a US Navy supercarrier battle group heads towards Syria.
Germany and other Western nations are preparing to "attack ISIS" in Syria.  However, any well read intelligent person knows that ISIS is the creation of the CIA and Mossad and funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and supported by Turkey.  The reality is that the Globalist and Netanyahu Zionist controlled nations are preparing to take the existing Syrian proxy war into a direct NATO/axis vs. Russia/Syria/Iran/China/Hezbollah WAR.  A General Middle East War that is highly likely to become the Third World War, with the Ukraine and the South China Sea becoming the first non-Mideast war theaters. 
Tim Earl of Stirling  

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