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Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Dr. Bill Deagle, Chris Harris and Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander) on today's Nutrimedical Report Show ~ link ~ Click on November 5 2015 Hour 3.
France to deploy its main naval battle fleet in mission "against ISIS" ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ One more indication that the Globalist/Zionist controlled Western Powers are massing forces to attack Russian forces in/near Syria!  The British House of Commons this week stopped the Royal Air Force from being involved in this and the new Canadian Prime Minister has stopped the Royal Canadian Air Force.  But otherwise the trend line is to putting assets into the region to fight Russia!!!  The USAF F-15Cs that have been just sent into Turkey are NOT designed for ground strikes; they are designed to shoot down other fighters, like the Russian ones in Syria!!!  Call your congressman/senator/MP and tell them NO to WWIII.   Stirling  
Turkey to act militarily "against ISIS" in the coming days says the Turkish Foreign Minister ~ link ~ Things seem to be developing towards a dramatic increase in the level of WAR in Syria!!!  Stirling 
"Daesh [ISIS] threatens our way of life and security...We have plans to act militarily against them in the coming days. You will see. We should all stand together against this danger," Turkish Foreign Minister Feridun Sinirlioğlu said during a conference on the future of the Middle East, held in Erbil in northern Iraq's Kurdish region.
Europe in Crisis: Three million are expected to reach the EU by end of 2016 ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  Make no mistake about it, the "refugee" crisis in Europe is very much a part of the developing Third World War!!! Stirling 

Conflicts and abuses in Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea and Somalia are also pushing people towards Europe. The flow of refugees and other migrants from Turkey to Greece is expected to continue at a rate of 5,000 daily this winter, the UN refugee agency UNHCR says. 

Europe in Crisis: Khazarian Mafia Globalist NWO Agenda to destroy every nation's sovereignty ~ link ~ If you read nothing else today, READ THIS at the link!!!  Stirling 
Top insiders now refer to this World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate that infiltrated and hijacked America in 1913 as the *Khazarian Mafia. The Khazarian Mafia was taken over by the Bauer family of Banksters who had changed their name to Rothschild.
We also know that the Khazarian Mafia has maintained a long term incredible, unimaginably evil, inter-generational Agenda to centralize all World Power in their hands. They intend to progressively establish complete control over the World, one nation at a time. The are working hard to Globalize the whole World into a single New World Order (NWO) Luciferian control grid, run by them.
But their Agenda doesn’t end there. It actually includes a capstone, which is to exterminate 90% of the Earth humans and to create and substitute a new race of machines  merged with human genomes, known as the combination of iron and clay.
Anyone who considers all the evidence will quickly come to the conclusion that Israel is a racial-based state of Khazarians a large portion of whom (especially the Likudists) have a collective hatred toward “American Goyim”, Palestinians and Islamics based on their own sick racial superiority complex. The problem is that 97.% of Judaics living in Israeli actually have no ancient Hebrew Blood at all, while about 80% of Palestinians do and there is no provable Jewish race at all, but only Khazarians and European Askenazis that do not carry ancient Hebrew blood. There are however some small enclaves of Hebrews in Spain and other areas which are Sephardic Judaics
A fourth option the RKM is seriously considering right now is a blanket detonation of all Samson Option nukes planted in the major cities of the World and used as a means to start WW3 by blaming it on Iran, Syria, Russia and China.
Europe in Crisis: Hungary's Prime Minister: Migrant flood a "treasonous conspiracy to marginalize nation states" ~ link
In a speech to a gathering of his fellow countrymen and women, the Prime Minister of Hungary has slammed elitist European leaders as “treasonous” and declared that the uninhibited influx of migrants into Europe is part of a “conspiracy” to erode nation states.
Where this project has failed to overcome Christianity and the identity of the nation state – in conventional political struggle, it will strive to eliminate it on ethnic grounds…” he urged. Orban intimated that he believes a hidden hand is controlling the actions of European leaders.

Europe in Crisis: Mass immigration is on the verge of destroying Europe ~ link

SEVERAL millennia were required to build European civilisation but its impending destruction has been the work of just a few years, carried out by a cadre of irresponsible, unpatriotic and deluded politicians led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Dressing up their vandalism as compassion and their cowardice as moral superiority, these leaders have created an immigration crisis so profound that the very existence of our European culture and heritage is under mortal threat

But without any democratic mandate that is what the politicians have inflicted. One nurse in Germany, who is being evicted from her Nieheim flat so it can be used for migrants, told a reporter last month: “I find it impossible to understand how the city can treat me like this.”  Her experience could be a metaphor for the peoples of Europe. The scale of this political treachery is almost incomprehensible.

       Actually King David did not use this star, it is an occult symbol adopted by the Zionists!
Reposting from Feb. 2014: Zionist Apocalypse Coming ~ link ~ Do take a minute to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling  

Meaning? “The events may involve war in the Middle East and a financial crisis around the world that will affect the land of Israel or the Jewish elite in New York City.”
These blood-moonbat Zionists think that 2014 or 2015 will go down in history alongside 1492 (the year that Jews, along with Muslims, were expelled from Spain), 1948 (the creation of the Zionist entity) and 1967 (the Zionist invasion and occupation of Jerusalem).

Citing a satanic Rothschild-financed hoax, the so-called Scofield Bible, these Zionists hope that 2014 or 2015 will bring a major Middle East war that will enable the Zionists to finish the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, demolish the al-Aqsa mosque, build a Zionist temple on the ruins of the mosque, and consecrate it with blood sacrifices – beginning with the slaughter of a pink heifer.

Are the Zionists insane? Obviously. But unfortunately, the ongoing influence of insanity on world affairs cannot be discounted.

If the Zionists believe blood moons bring war and financial crisis, they may just decide to plunge the world into war and financial crisis as a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Sinai Russian airliner crash wreckage report ~ link ~ Two Russian planes have been brought down in less than a week, killing about 300 Russian civilians.  This is an attempt to push Putin into doing something in response, that in turn could be used to bring on WWIII.  Stirling  

Conclusion it was either a bomb planted in the aft wheel well compartment by ground crew just before take off or it was a radar guided SAM fired from Israeli. Security at that airport is also handled by Israeli security personnel under international travel agreements. As usual never trust Israeli security……… 

Russia and USA both in large-scale nuclear warfare exercises ~ link ~  

Russian nuclear forces conducted a large-scale exercise last week that included test firings of several long-range missiles along with dual-capable shorter range ballistic and cruise missiles, according to US officials.

The US Strategic Command, meanwhile, is conducting a similar nuclear command and control exercise, but without firing any nuclear missiles.

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Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I tried to post on "Welt-Online" a few weeks ago. Of course,

they did not publish my comment.

Now "", an important German weekly, publishes my proposal.

Well, well, well, Syrian refugees as German soldiers to make the German's ruling

elite's wet dreams come true. This is absolutely "awesome" and weird. It is nearly


But the French do the same, they have their "Legion", a melting pot of foreign

criminals who do the dirty jobs for the French ruling class.

Merkel has the longest, hardest and stiffest one. I have always known this as a

fact. And she will prevail. Full stop.

Joaquin, Germany, rofl-ing today.