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Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Pentagon in push for Build-Up in Europe against Russia ~ link ~ Massive military spending = deficit spending = profit for those who own the Federal Reserve!!!  Stirling  

Top Pentagon generals are backing a plan for stepped-up rotation of American ground troops to Europe that would increase by 50 percent the US forces available to NATO in the event of a confrontation with Russia.

The plan was outlined at a defense forum at the Reagan Library in southern California that Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter addressed on Saturday afternoon, putting Russia and China on notice regarding the build-up of US military forces in Eastern Europe and the South China Sea.

Why the unannounced nuclear missile nighttime sub launch just offshore of LA ~ link ~ A few months ago, a Chinese nuclear sub was sighted near LA.  If a nuclear sub launches a SLBM on a flat trajectory from a few miles offshore, it is almost impossible to down it or even respond in time to warn the population.  I suspect that this was a test of a classified system to ID/target and shoot down any such missile launched at AmericaStirling   

Was the U.S. government trying to send a message to someone on Saturday night?  Just after sunset, an unarmed Trident II nuclear missile was fired from a ballistic missile submarine just off the coast of southern California that was later identified as the USS Kentucky.  It was the absolutely perfect time to attract the attention of millions of people living in the Los Angeles area.  If it had been fired during the day, the missile would have been far less visible.  If it had been fired in the middle of the night, most residents of southern California would have been asleep.  Those that planned the firing of this nuclear missile knew that it would be seen by hundreds of thousands of people and that it would make headlines all over the planet.  So why was this done?
When the U.S. military established a no-fly zone west of Los Angeles for a week, it raised the eyebrows of many. But nobody expected this.

Rapidly rising cost of living is KILLING the Middle Class in USA ~ link

All over America, the middle class is dying and poverty is on the rise.  One of the primary reasons for this is the rapidly rising cost of living in the United States.  The cost of just about everything that average families shell out money for on a regular basis – food, rent, health insurance, etc. – is rising much faster than wages are.  In a previous article I noted that the federal poverty level for a family of five is $28,410, but 51 percent of all American workers are making less than $30,000 a year at this point.  We have seen an explosion in the number of people in this country that are considered to be “the working poor” and it gets worse with each passing year.

One of the most frustrating things for me personally is the rising cost of health insurance.  Barack Obama promised that his program would result in a decline in health insurance premiums by as much as $2,500 per family, but in reality average family premiums have increased by a total of $4,865 since 2008.

Just recently, I got a letter informing me that my health insurance premiums would be going up by close to 20 percent in 2016.  That is on top of an increase of more than 30 percent in 2015.  Sadly, the exact same thing is happening to millions of other families all over the nation.  The following comes from TruNews…

Never has Global Trade collapsed so much outside of a Depression or Major Recession ~ link

If you have been watching for the next major global economic downturn, you can now stop waiting, because it has officially arrived.  Never before in history has global trade collapsed this dramatically outside of a major worldwide recession.  And this makes perfect sense – when global economic activity is increasing there is more demand for goods and services around the world, and when global economic activity is decreasing there is less demand for goods and services around the world.  So far this year, global trade is down about 8.4 percent, and over the past 30 days the Baltic Dry Index has been absolutely plummeting.  A month ago it was sitting at a reading of 809, but now it has fallen all the way to 628.  However, it is when you look at the trade numbers for specific countries that the numbers become particularly startling.
Just within the last few days, new trade numbers have come out of China.  China accounts for approximately one-fifth of all global factory exports, and for many years Chinese export growth has helped fuel the overall global economy. But now Chinese exports are falling.  In October, Chinese exports were down 6.9 percent compared to a year ago.  That follows a decline of 3.7 percent in September.


Portugal's Government toppled over Austerity Fascism ~ link

Portugal's government has been toppled less than two weeks after taking power after left-wing opponents rejected its programme in parliament.

A centre-right coalition won the most votes in October's election but lost its overall majority. A new leftist bloc has now voted 123 to 107 against the administration's programme, prompting its collapse.

The move could lead to a new government led by the Socialist Party, likely to focus on alleviating austerity.


Anonymous said...


Our former chancellor Helmut Schmidt has left the German people today.

Unlike the communist Zio-bitch he was against the further invasion of Camel-

cleaners and scabies- and tbc-infected drug dealers to Germany.

He was of the opinion that more Muslim invasion will lead to a civil war in

Germany and Europe.

The German "ifo Institut in Munich" has estimated that Germany will have to pay

about 21 billion euros (24 bn dollars?) for their new forced friends.

BTW: the budget of the German republic is about 400 bn euros per year.

The 16 countries have their own budgets, of course.

BTW: 80 % of the invaders have no formal education. What can we do with them in a

country, where you need a licence to drive a forklift truck?

Tomorrow we will celebrate Saint Martin.

He was a Christian Saint who helped those who needed help.

Some German towns don't celebrate this holy day anymore, because it might offend

our Muslim invaders. Holy crap. Can you dig it?

I wonder, if the ruling scum-rats are going to leave the sinking German ship in the

near future?

Maybe the Chile? Mr Honecker also fled to Chile, and before him lots of NAZIS

started a new life there. Can you dig it?

Yours, in Jesus Christ, our Lord and the Holy Spirit

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...

Amazing Doc.:

With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations