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On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Special Article:

Hegelian Dialectic Operation
Refugee Crisis = War in the Cities = WWIII

As an analyst there are a few things that I always try to remember: "Follow the Money"; "Who Benefits?"; "Think Outside the Box"; "False Flags"; "Step Way Back and Look at the Forest not just the Trees and Step Even Farther Back and Look at the Broad Patterns on the Planet"; and the "Hegelian Dialectic". 

Looking that the Paris Attacks of this weekend by ISIS (the CIA/Mossad puppet), if one applies the Hegelian Dialectic it is easy to see the pattern of a Hegelian Dialectic Operation playing out.  

The three phases of a Hegelian Dialectic Operation are: The Thesis; The Antithesis; and the Synthesis.  The Synthesis is the goal that you begin the Thesis and the resulting Antithesis to get to.  

The Thesis in this case is the various horrific wars in North Africa and the Middle East and the inviting into Europe of  millions of mostly Muslim men by the traitor Merkel.  The Antithesis is the growing level of fear and anger by the European populations that feel that their homelands are being invaded and now (the beginning) of military attacks on the civilian populations of Europe (and soon North America/etc.) by Muslim extremists killing innocent men/women/children on the streets and in sporting events/etc.  The Synthesis, which is the actual goal of those dark forces "illuminating" and manipulating things in a demonic way, is the sending of NATO allied forces into Syria to "fight ISIS".  

Of course, their real effort will be to destroy the legitimate elected Government of the Syrian People and to decimate their nation.  But since Russia has already entered the Syrian War, at the invitation of the Syrian Government, the likely outcome may well be the All-Out Military Phase of the Third World War!  

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