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Special Report
First Shots of World War III Fired
The Human Race has now entered the most dangerous time of its existence.  The Global Banking Cartel are well into their End Game Strategy to establish their Luciferian New World Order and to  dramatically reduce, by BILLIONS, the population of Earth (what they term as 'unnecessary eaters') yet face opposition from many nations in the form of the BRICS nations and others.  The drive to contain and then destroy both Russia and China, as well as other states not fully on-board the NWO 'train to hell' is now in high gear.  The nutty demonic racist Netanyahu Government, the most extremist of the extremists in tiny nuclear-armed Israel, is determined to totally inflame the Middle East. 
The Turkish Government, the sole Muslim nation in NATO, has just deliberately shot down a Russian Su-24 fighter inside of Syria.  Rebel forces, led by Turkish officers, have gunned down and killed at least one of the two flight crew as they parachuted to earth, and these same forces used a US-supplied TOW missile to destroy a Russian Search and Rescue helicopter sent to save the crew.
President Putin has said that this was a 'stab in the back by Turkey' and was in effect a declaration of war on Russia.  
In the Eastern Mediterranean there are two large battle fleets conducting war operations: The Russian war fleet and the  French-British fleet with the nuclear carrier Charles De Gaulle (with 18 Rafale M fighters and 8 Super Etendard strike fighters and assorted AEW/ASW/SAR aircraft) and the latest high-tech air defense destroyer from the British Royal Navy, the HMS Defender, along with several other French warships and at least one nuclear submarine. An American super-carrier battle fleet is approaching the Mediterranean as well, and may be in-theater within days.  
As I outlined in my recent article 'War or Peace?', there are powerful forces, especially in some European nations, that are working against the drive towards WWIII but it is far from certain that these forces will be able to succeed.  
Turkey has been a key player in the evil axis of USA/Israel/Qatar/Turkey/Saudi Arabia that are supporting, equipping, funding ISIS and other terrorist groups working to overthrow the elected government in Syria.  This axis is being opposed by an alliance of Syria/Iran/Russia/China/Iraq in a battle that is now approaching the End Game of the Syrian War as the Russian Aerospace Force and Navy are decimating ISIS and other terrorist forces.  In fact, the success of the Russians has shown to the entire world the fraud that America and other NATO nations were claiming to be actively targeting ISIS with thousands of airstrikes.
It is NOT an accident that now the Coup Government of the Ukraine, with several of its most senior members being dual nationals of both Israel and the Ukraine, is heating up the environment there and threatening to open full hostilities again.  The western coup in the Ukraine was always designed to tie down Russia and thereby prevent its intervention in a war to destroy both Syria and Iran.
The expanding sense of crisis in the South China Sea is likewise designed to tie down the Chinese and prevent an extension of their involvement in the Syrian War.  However, both the Ukrainian and South China Sea crises are likely to quickly propel a nasty regional war in the Mideast into all-out WWIII.
As events continue to expands towards an all-out military phase of the Third World War, it is time for political and economic elites in the West, who are not on-board the drive towards Armageddon, along with the public to make major efforts to stop this madness that threatens our entire planet with the destruction of a 21'st Century World War.
Tim Earl of Stirling    

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