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On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


It appears, with the Free Syrian Army now totally gone and ISIS and other mercenary armies fleeing the battle zone, that the Alliance of Russia/China/Iran/Syria/Hezbollah are in the process of a Major Strategic Victory.  Either that, or we are about to see the Globalist/Zionist Axis [USA, UK, France, Germany, NATO, Australia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar] swing into military action in a big way.  The latter path will quickly lead to not only a General Middle East War but to the Third World War/Armageddon as well.  As of Friday (9 Oct. 2015) there are continuing indications of powerful industrial and political forces, in the West, opposing the drive towards WWIII, and also indications of other powerful forces determined to usher the most horrific and powerful war in human history upon us all. Each day that passes, since the Russian intervention in support of Syria, without a clash between NATO forces and Russian forces is positive and somewhat reduces the likelihood of a 'spark that will start all-out WWIII'. 'Time will tell'.  
Tim Earl of Stirling  
Turning Point?  EU Commission President says that relations with Russia "must be improved" that USA can't dictate ~ link ~ Also see this article from late June ~ link ~ As I have been saying, many in Europe are waking up to the scams of the Globalists and Zionists!  They see that we are being driven towards another horrific global war by the 'usual suspects' and want no part in it!!!  Pray that they will win out over those pushing the demonic WWIII agenda.  Stirling 
Europe must treat Russia with more decency, improve the relationship, and not let EU policies be dictated by Washington, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in a surprise speech in Germany.   
It is now critical for the EU to work on its relations with Russia, Juncker said in the southern German town of Passau: “We must make efforts towards a practical relationship with Russia. It is not sexy but that must be the case, we can’t go on like this.

Moreover, the US needs to keep its influence out of EU relations with other countries, Juncker added.“Russia must be treated decently … We can’t let our relationship with Russia be dictated by Washington.

At least 6 unarmed Palestinians killed and 60 wounded by the IDF ~ link ~ In the last few weeks the repression and provocations by the Israelis has been 'over the top' even for them!  Clearly dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu is determined to stir things up till he gets his General Middle East War or at least gets to slaughter thousands more Arabs!!!  Stirling  

At least six Palestinians were killed and 60 injured when soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) opened fire on a crowd of protesters from Hamas and Islamic Jihad as they approached a border fence with Israel on Friday, according to Gaza medics.  

China warns the US that it Will NOT Allow violations of its waters as the USN prepares to send warships to the South China Sea ~ link ~ link ~ China reminds me of the Japanese Empire in the 1930s ... getting too big for its britches!  And we all know how that turned out!!!  Stirling 

A U.S. defense official told Reuters on Thursday the United States was considering sending ships to waters inside the 12-nautical-mile zones that China claims as territory around islands it has built in the Spratly chain.

Western media reports quoted U.S. officials as saying the action could take place within a matter of days, but awaited a decision by U.S. President Barack Obama.

Obama weighs "Syrian Retreat" ~ link ~ This is what happens when a powerful nation allows outside forces (Zionism and Global Banksters) to control the agenda!!! Stirling  

This past weekend we called Obama's latest failed attempt to replace Syria's president (after a comparable attempt in 2013 also ended in failure) for what it is: "Make no mistake, this is shaping up to be the most spectacular US foreign policy debacle since Vietnam - and we don't think that's an exaggeration."
Some of our high level observations:
The US, in conjunction with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, attempted to train and support Sunni extremists to overthrow the Assad regime. Some of those Sunni extremists ended up going crazy and declaring a Medeival caliphate putting the Pentagon and Langley in the hilarious position of being forced to classify al-Qaeda as "moderate." The situation spun out of control leading to hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths and when Washington finally decided to try and find real "moderates" to help contain the Frankenstein monster the CIA had created in ISIS (there were of course numerous other CIA efforts to arm and train anti-Assad fighters, see below for the fate of the most "successful" of those groups), the effort ended up being a complete embarrassment that culminated with the admission that only "four or five" remained and just days after that admission, those "four or five" were car jacked by al-Qaeda in what was perhaps the most under-reported piece of foreign policy comedy in history.

Meanwhile, Iran sensed an epic opportunity to capitalize on Washington's incompetence. Tehran then sent its most powerful general to Russia where a pitch was made to upend the Mid-East balance of power. The Kremlin loved the idea because after all, Moscow is stinging from Western economic sanctions and Vladimir Putin is keen on showing the West that, in the wake of the controversy surrounding the annexation of Crimea and the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Russia isn't set to back down. Thanks to the fact that the US chose extremists as its weapon of choice in Syria, Russia gets to frame its involvement as a "war on terror" and thanks to Russia's involvement, Iran gets to safely broadcast its military support for Assad just weeks after the nuclear deal was struck. Now, Russian airstrikes have debilitated the only group of CIA-backed fighters that had actually proven to be somewhat effective and Iran and Hezbollah are preparing a massive ground invasion under cover of Russian air support. Worse still, the entire on-the-ground effort is being coordinated by the Iranian general who is public enemy number one in Western intelligence circles and he's effectively operating at the behest of Putin, the man that Western media paints as the most dangerous person on the planet.

Global Depression: Even 'Powerhouse' Germany as well as the UK Slow Down Dramatically ~ link ~ The entire World has been in a Depression since 2008.  Only the lies of the mainstream news media are convincing some that things "are getting better" or "are not so bad".  Stirling 




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