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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


Saudi Arabia mulls the Launch of Regional War (General Middle East War) as Russia pounds targets in Syria for 4th day ~ link ~ No wonder there are reports that many royal princes in the House of Saud want the new King and his Crown Prince and Deputy Crown Prince ousted in a coup.  They believe that this group are crazy!!! I have been warning of this coming (almost upon us now) war for some years!!!  As this coming General Middle East War is tied into the BRICS movement, the Global Currency War that is now on-going, the Global Economic Depression, New World Order End Game, Ukraine Crisis, South China Sea Dispute ... the Mideast regional war will quickly become the Third World War ... and that war, with 21'st Century Thermonuclear, Advanced Biological, and Scalar warfare systems ... will be the Final Battle, the Apocalypse, the ARMAGEDDON of the Christian Bible!!!  Stirling     

While the US has certainly made some epic strategic blunders in Syria that raise serious questions about just how “intelligent” US intelligence actually is, there’s little doubt that if one were to look behind all of the media parroting, the Pentagon and Langley understand all too well what’s going on in the Middle East. 

That is, the significance of the Russia-Iran “nexus” in Syria isn’t lost on anyone in the US military and you can bet there have been quite a few high level discussions over the past 72 hours about the best way to counter Moscow and Tehran’s powerplay before it spills over into Iraq and ends up degrading Washington’s influence in Baghdad

As we put it on Friday, “if Russia ends up bolstering Iran's position in Syria (by expanding Hezbollah's influence and capabilities) and if the Russian air force effectively takes control of Iraq thus allowing Iran to exert a greater influence over the government in Baghdad, the fragile balance of power that has existed in the region will be turned on its head and in the event this plays out, one should not expect Washington, Riyadh, Jerusalem, and London to simply go gentle into that good night.

Russia: ISIS is 'On the Ropes' as its fighters DESERT after 60 airstrikes in 72 hours ~ link ~ Note that these are REAL AIRSTRIKES not the line of crap that NATO has been feeding us for months!!!  If the Zionist/Globalist Front (US/NATO/Israel/Turkey/Saudi Arabia/Qatar) is determined to make a major move to prevent its outright failure in the days ahead, as its principal fighting force ISIS disappears into the desert sunset, along with other paid Arab Muslim mercenaries, than there is likely to be some event ... a False Flag event likely ... to act as the pivot point for a transition into full regional war. Lacking a massive and quick war turn-around effort, the Arab Muslim mercenaries will do what Arab tribal warfare teaches them to do ... they will flee the war to fight some other day/year and the Syrian War and ISIS driven war in Iraq will be effectively OVER!!!  Stirling   

One question that’s been asked repeatedly over the past thirteen months is why Washington has been unable to achieve the Pentagon’s stated goal of “degrading and defeating” ISIS despite the fact that the “battle” pits the most advanced air force on the planet against what amounts to a ragtag band of militants running around the desert in basketball shoes.

Those of a skeptical persuasion have been inclined to suggest that perhaps the US isn’t fully committed to the fight. Explanations for that suggestion range from the mainstream (the White House is loathe to get the US into another Mid-East war) to the “conspiratorial” (the CIA created ISIS and thus doesn’t want to destroy the group due to its value as a strategic asset)

The implication in all of this is that a modern army that was truly determined to destroy the group could likely do so in a matter of months if not weeks and so once Russia began flying sorties from Latakia, the world was anxious to see just how long the various rebel groups operating in Syria could hold up under bombardment by the Russian air force.
The answer, apparently, is “less than a week.”

Israel warplanes hit Gaza ~ link ~ Israeli warplanes launched airstrikes on targets in Gaza overnight in retaliation to rocket fire directed at Israeli territory earlier in the day. Although an ISIS-affiliated group claimed responsibility for the attack, Israel holds Hamas responsible. 

A first hand view of Russian Smart Bombs being used in anti-ISIS warfare in Syria - video ~ link  


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