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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near



NATO warns Russia on air strikes ~ link ~ link ~ The Arab mercenaries that constitute ISIS and assorted other "rebels" fighting against the elected Syrian Government are beginning to 'turn tail and run' after less than a week of REAL AIRSTRIKES by the Russian Air Force.  This proves what many of us in the Alternative News Media have been saying, that the NATO/allied airstrikes were fraud, that they were hitting vacant fields and sites (or hitting sites important to the Syrian Government).  The standard Arab historical way to fight is the 'raid', a fast moving attack and equally fast moving retreats when faced with real danger.  ISIS and other "rebels" are beginning to dissolve into fleeing hordes of men eager to "get the hell out of Dodge ASAP".  The Globalist/Zionist controlled alliance has to do something FAST to stop the panic or the war will be over in Syria and even in Iraq.  So look for a False Flag event, or a clash between Turkish fighters and Russian fighters, to act as the pivot point to transit the current war into a major regional war.  Such a regional war, a General Middle East War, will almost certainly begin World War III/Armageddon!!! Stirling   

Turkish F-16 fighter jets were scrambled after a Russian plane entered Turkey's air space on Saturday. Nato said Russia's actions "have reached a more dangerous level". Russia said the incident was a "navigational error". The US said Turkey would have been within its rights to shoot the jets down.

A statement by Nato's 28 members, that include Turkey, warned of "the extreme danger of such irresponsible behaviour" and urged Russia "to cease and desist".

US Official: Russian violation of Turkish airspace was not a mistake ~ link ~ Sounds like a war whore psyop to me!!!  Stirling  

Urgent talks are underway on U.S. response to incursion into Turkey's airspace, senior official says; 'We're very concerned about it ... and it is precisely the kind of thing we warned about,' Kerry says


Islamic Jihad claims credit for Jerusalem knife attack and threatens suicide attacks ~ link ~ Time to ask, "Who Benefits?" from this now.  This is an event designed to serve the nutty Netanyahu war hawks and their drive towards a General Middle East War!!!  Stirling  

Turkey threatens to 'engage' Russian Air Force warplanes ~ link ~  

Turkey has threatened to "engage" Russian warplanes after the Turkish military allegedly intercepted a Russian fighter jet that had violated the country’s airspace while flying a sortie near the border with neighboring Syria over the weekend. "Our rules of engagement are clear whoever violates our air space," Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu  told Haber-Turk television in an interview.
"The Turkish Armed Forces are clearly instructed. Even if it is a flying bird it will be intercepted," he added.
Ankara asserts that any element approaching the Turkish border from Syria would be treated as an enemy.

Cameron: I 'will use nuclear weapons' ~ link ~ His timing is most interesting!!! Stirling 

Israeli settlers attack Palestine family's home - supported by IDF troops - video ~ link ~ That lots of Israeli troops were directly involved is indicative that this was a planned attack with Government approval, no doubt to 'pour gasoline on the developing fire'!!!  Stirling  

Base with T-55 tanks among nine ISIS bases hit by Russian airstrikes in last 24 hours ~ link ~  

Russian bombers taking off from Khmeimim airbase knocked out a terrorist base hidden in the woods near the city of Idlib, eliminating 30 vehicles, among which were several Soviet-made T-55 tanks.
“Six airstrikes hit the base, and the terrorists’ equipment was fully destroyed,” Konashenkov said. 

Russia Ends the Wolfowitz Doctrine ~ link ~The Russians Will No Longer Allow Regime Change of Their Allies
Russia: Cannot locate any Free Syrian Army officials to talk to - GROUP IS A  PHANTOM ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ More Globalist and Zionist lies being exposed!!!  Stirling 

Russia is ready for contact with the Free Syrian Army, but it is now a 'phantom,' Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said at a news conference following talks with his Laos counterpart in Moscow.
"They tell us about the Free Syrian Army, but where is it?  It remains a phantom group, nothing is known about it," Lavrov said, adding that Russia has sent a request about the group to the United States.

"We will be ready to establish contact with it if it’s really a capable military group of patriotic opposition consisting of Syrians. We do not hide this fact. But this structure is already a phantom. I have asked [State Secretary] John Kerry to provide us with information about the whereabouts of this Free Syrian Army and who commands it," said Lavrov.

Kundug hospital was bombed despite US knowing its precise location ~ link

Moscow has strongly condemned the US airstrike in Afghanistan that killed 22 people at a hospital in Kunduz, stressing that it was inflicted despite the coalition forces being notified of the facility’s exact location. “We find it puzzling that the airstrike took place despite the international coalition being notified of the exact coordinates of the hospital to prevent possible attacks,” Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said on Monday.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn on Western Decadence and its Remedy ~ link ~ Alexander Solzhenitsyn: The press “has become the greatest power within Western countries, exceeding that of the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary." 

Russia threatens full naval blockade of Syria ~ link

Last week, NATO's supreme allied commander for Europe, General Philip Breedlove, suggested that Russia has effectively declared a no-fly zone in Syria. 
That contention was supported by Moscow’s rather bold move to effectively instruct the US-led coalition to keep its planes out of the sky starting last Wednesday. Ultimately, The Kremlin has declared a monopoly on Syrian air space for the duration of Russia’s military campaign, marking an epic embarrassment for Washington, and serving notice to the anti-regime forces operating in Syria that there’s a new sheriff in town.  
Well, don't look now, but in addition to the de facto no-fly zone, some experts are out suggesting that Russia is set to use its Black Sea fleet to enforce a blockade on the Syrian coast.

Final deal reached on 12-nation TPP ~ link ~ link ~ Bottom Line: We all get screwed so the .0001% can make even more money!!!  Stirling  

Angry French workers attack executives and rip their clothes off ~ link ~ They were in no mood to hear why austerity fascism is necessary from people who make many times what they do!!!  You have got to see the photos and videos!  Stirling    

Stock Market gearing up for an October CRASH? ~ link ~  

We have been studying the behavior of the financial markets in the past few months and quarters was we are convinced that not only is the economy running out of steam, there might be another overdue correction.

What really frightened us is the fact there are several similarities and correlations with the previous market crashes in 1929 and 2008. Let’s start with 1929 and pull up a first chart. You can clearly notice there was a brief stock market slide which was converted in a temporary uptrend before the entire index was completely crashing.

Extensive storm hits US East Coast - extensive photos ~ link

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Air Duel between the Sukhoi Su - 30 Russian SM and Israeli F-15

Six Russian fighter jets type Multirole Sukhoi SU - 30 SM have intercepted 4 Israeli McDonnell Douglas F-15's fighter bombers attempting to infiltrate the Syrian coast.The Israeli F 15 warplanes have been flying over Syrian airspace for months and in particular the coast of Latakia, which is now the bridgehead of the Russian forces in Syria.

The Israeli jets would generally follow a fairly complex flight plan and approach Latakia from the sea

On the night of 1 October 02, 2015, six Sukhoi SU-30 Russian SM fighters took off from the Syrian Hmimim airbase in the direction of Cyprus, before changing course and intercepting the four Israeli F-15 fighters off the coast of Syria, that were flying in attack formation.

Surprised by a situation as unexpected and probably not prepared for a dogfight with one of the best Russian multipurpose fighters, Israeli pilots have quickly turned back South at high speed over the Lebanon.

The Lebanese army has officially announced at 2313 Z (local time) that four "enemy aircraft" (Israeli) had crossed the airspace of the Lebanon.

This 'incident' between the Russian and Israeli combat aircraft struck with amazement the command of the Israeli air force, which has estimated that a possible dogfight between F-15 Israelis and the Russian Su-30 would have led to the destruction of the four aircraft Israelis.

Israel has strongly protested to Moscow of the incident but the Russians demanded explanations about the presence of Israeli military aircraft in full Syrian airspace.

This incident indicates that the protection of Syrian airspace is now under the protection of the Russian air weapon. What causes gnashing of teeth in Washington.

The incident has been ignored by major news agencies but relays political and media of Israel in the United States, Europe and in the Arab world will redouble their efforts to demonize the Russian support for the Syrian Government.