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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

How to Survive the 'Deep State' ~ link ~ If you only read one article in full today, this is the one that you should read!  Stirling

Remember, your fellow Americans not only elected Obama, but re-elected him. Do you expect they’ll be more rational as the Greater Depression deepens? Maybe you think the police and the military will somehow help. Forget it...they’re part of the problem. They’re here to “protect and serve” their colleagues first, then their employer (the State), and only then the public. But the whipped dog likes to parrot: “Thank you for your service.” Which is further proof that there’s no hope.

Incidentally, an election year is coming up. So I’ll make a prediction, despite the fact that I don’t keep my finger on the pulse of what the Greeks called the hoi polloi and the Romans called the capite censi.

Because we’ll be immersed in a gigantic financial and economic debacle by this time next year, the natives will be restless and looking for some real hope and change. They’ll clamor for an outsider who has all the answers. Therefore, Donald Trump will represent the right wing of the Demopublican Party and either Bernie Sanders or a general (yet to be identified), the left wing. I say a general because Americans both love and trust their military.

Satan Worshipers and New World Order Agents Continue to Fall Apart  ~ link

I have said in the past that if you are not on the side of logic, reason, morality, and ultimately the truth, then don’t ever get into a dialogue or debate with Vladimir Putin because he will slice you to shred. You will be ripped open and then cut down like a piece of meat. 

Our political categories in the United States have also become Satanic in that they have all pledged allegiance to Israel, a state which has denied and even attacked Logos in the political and moral realm. This is why Putin has indirectly declared that this pledge to Satanism “is a path to degradation.

So, Putin only had ultimately two options: He could sit and watch how Satan’s kids are bringing the world into complete chaos, or he could formulate a formidable challenge to NOW agents. As we have seen over the past few weeks, Putin has chosen the latter.


Europe in Crisis: German man opposed to illegal immigrant invasion stabs politician close to Merkel ~ link ~ link ~ It begins!!!  The Globalists and Zionists are determined to destroy the two main cultures that they fear and hate: Europeans (this includes Pan-European nations such as America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and Japan!  As more and more people wake up to this nightmare expect some strong 'push-backs'!  Good video by Alex Jones.  Stirling 

A leading mayoral candidate in the German city of Cologne was seriously injured on Saturday after she was attacked by a man opposed to illegal immigrants flooding into the country. Henriette Reker was stabbed in the neck at a campaign stand. She is a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats.
A senior police investigator, Norbert Wagner, said the attacker “wanted to and did commit this act because of anti-foreigner motives.

Humiliation is Complete: ISIS mercenaries cut off beards and flee as Syrians, Russians and Iranians close in on them ~ link
The thing about ragtag groups of militants that display a penchant for extreme violence is that in the absence of serious opposition, they can rack up gains at an alarming pace

Of course there are plenty of (possibly credible) theories out there, which suggest that some of what you see in the videos released by ISIS is for show and we won’t endeavor to assess the degree to which the group’s brutality is real versus staged, but one thing is clear: regardless of who is funding, training, and/or supporting them, there are obviously fighters on the ground in the Mid-East waving the ISIS flag and committing atrocities in its name

That works well when it comes to destabilizing fragile states that are already beset with sectarian bickering on the way to claiming large swaths of territory from a defenseless citizenry. But you can’t intimidate a modern fighter jet by waving around a sword and if you’re a newbie on the Mid-East militant scene, you can’t scare a three decade veteran by beheading a couple of people, which is why if you’re ISIS, the combination of the Russian Air Force and Hezbollah ground troops is absolutely terrifying.

As US Navy warships head to South China Sea islands, China asks: 'What on Earth makes them believe that we will tolerate this' ~ link ~ The Globalist strategy is to START WORLD WAR III not prevent it!!!  Stirling  

The US is in a tough spot militarily. In Syria, Russia and Iran have taken advantage of the fact that the plan hatched by the West and its regional allies to destabilize the Assad regime took far too long to develop. The idea was to foment discord and provide covert support for the various armed militias fighting to overthrow the government. But the effort is entering its fifth year and Assad is still there. Not only that, there have been a series of unintended (well, at least we hope they’re unintended) consequences. First, one of the rebel groups the West and its allies supported morphed into an insane band of white basketball shoe-wearing, black flag-waving, sword-wielding desert bandits. Second, the fighting created a horrific refugee crisis that now threatens to destabilize the whole of Europe. Sensing a historic geopolitical opportunity, Moscow and Tehran simply stepped in and outmaneuvered Washington

Now, the US basically has to decide whether it wants to go to war with Russia, because paradropping ammo into the middle of the desert isn’t going to be a viable strategy.
Meanwhile, the US faces another superpower confrontation in the South China Sea.  

USN boosts naval numbers in 7'th Fleet ~ link
The U.S. Navy is aiming to significantly beef up its forward-deployed presence in Japan. As a first step toward that goal, the USS Chancellorsville, a modernized guided-missile cruiser, returned to the naval base in Yokosuka, south of Tokyo, June 18.
This is the first time in 23 years the Navy has increased the number of vessels at Yokosuka, its largest overseas naval base. The understood — though unspoken — U.S. aim is to counter the military buildup of China, particularly at sea.

Europe in Crisis: Slovenia to use its Army to help police with 'migrant' invasion ~ link
Slovenia's army will help police deal with thousands of migrants expected to arrive from Croatia in the coming days, Prime Minister Miro Cerar says.

His announcement came as hundreds of migrants began arriving on its borders with Croatia - a day after Hungary closed its frontier with Croatia.

"The War Today" videos from VT ~ link ~
At least 300 Takfiri militants were killed in Syrian military operations in the coastal province of Lattakia on Saturday.The army targeted terrorists’ positions in Salma and the mountains surrounding it in the Northern countryside of Lattakia, a military source said, adding at least 300 terrorists were killed in the operations.

Russian military strategic thinking ~ link ~ An interesting review of the strategic picture from the Russian prospectiveStirling 

Third Intifada: Palestinian-Israeli violence continues ~ link ~   
Three Palestinians who attacked Jews with knives in separate incidents have been killed, Israeli forces say. 

US Radiation This Week ~ link ~ Billings, MT 392.4 times normal; Louisville, KY 370.6 times normal, ....  WHY are these figures NOT being reported by the mainstream news media?!!!  Stirling

An unacknowledged nuclear event swept through the Upper Midwest in the United States in September 2015. No terrorist organization, nuclear capable corporation, government agency or organized military has taken credit for the event.

In a nutshell, here’s what happened: A powerful nuclear pulse was created somewhere in the upper Midwest and spread a radioactive wave front outward hundreds of miles across America’s Heartland. The pulse was recorded at the few active and published radiation stations with an unmistakable signature.

Hillary Clinton: Wants Nationwide Gun Ban ~ link
Hillary Clinton said it’s “worth considering” a nationwide gun ban and a “buyback” program to eradicate private gun ownership.
The presidential candidate attacked the Second Amendment during an Oct. 16 town hall meeting in which she was asked if it were feasible for the U.S. to confiscate millions of firearms in a year.


Anonymous said...

I have talked to a lot of my neighbors lately.

Most of them are really upset about the invasion of Muslim invaders to/in Germany

and the EU.

All of us have a good job and we pay our taxes, but we do not want to support these

people from Muslim countries, who do nothing but sitting around and do nothing all

day long.

We have got enough Germans who sit around and do nothing. They get 400 dollars,

plus free accomodation, free health care, free heating, free education and so on

and on and on....

But most of my neighbors used to be soliers of our "Bundeswehr" (German army).

Some of them are willing to fight a German guerilla-warfare against the invaders,

others are still hesitating.

Don't mess around with Germans when it comes to "survive or got to hell", some say.

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