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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

CIA rebrands "moderate rebels" as the "Syrian Democratic Forces" ~ link ~ What a bunch of crap. The are not moderate, nor are they rebels or Syrian as they are paid foreign mercenaries working for foreign powers, and there is certainly nothing democratic about them as they are attempting to overthrow a legitimately elected government!!!  Just about everything coming out of Washington, Wall Street, the mainstream news media, and the like are LIES.  Which tells us who, ultimately, is behind them ... as Jesus Christ said of Lucifer, "He is the father of all lies"Stirling  

Third Intifada: East Jerusalem police checkpoints set up by Israel ~ link ~ The Zionist/Globalist mainstream news media will have you believe that this is all the fault of the Palestinians.  The reality is that Israel is occupying Arab lands illegally under International Law and is seriously mistreating the people there which is a War Crime under International Law.  The current evil and nutty government of Bibi 666 Netanyahu has been provoking the Muslim Arabs intensely over the Temple Mount for several weeks now.  Netanyahu wants a General Middle East War one way or another and this is part of his demonic strategy to get it!!!  Stirling     

Third Intifada: Israeli forces fire tear gas at Palestinian protesters as stabbing attacks continues ~ link ~
Israeli authorities have fired tear gas at Palestinian protesters in Bethlehem, with a young boy being injured in the clashes. The unrest comes as thousands gather in the city for the funeral of Mutaz Zawahreh, who was killed by Israeli forces on Tuesday. 
Video footage shows tanks firing tear gas while armed soldiers stand guard. Palestinian protesters can be seen throwing stones as clouds of smoke rise from the pavement.

Iraqi armed forces are preparing for an assault on ISIS-held Ramadi ~ link ~  

Iraqi government forces say they have made significant advances around the Islamic State-held city of Ramadi and are preparing for a final assault. The Joint Operations Command for Anbar province said troops and militiamen had reached the Albu Farraj area, on Ramadi's northern outskirts.

Russian fighter aircraft make 41 new sorties against ISIS in Syria and cut off its arms supplies ~ link ~ See what even a small REAL air campaign can do!!!  Stirling 
Islamic State terrorists in Aleppo province have been cut off from their arms supply sources, the Russian Defense Ministry has stated. Over the past 24 hours, Russian jets made 41 sorties and carried out 40 attacks against the terrorist group in five Syrian provinces.
Russian warplanes attacked dozens of Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL) strongholds in Aleppo, Hama, Idlib, Latakia and Deir ez-Zor provinces.

Russian and American fighter jets came within visual range over Syria ~ link ~ I have a sensible idea: Since Russia using only 20 fighters in two weeks has managed to destroy about half of the ISIS forces, whereas the US/NATO/etc. air forces using about 200 fighters in over a year has done almost nothing to degrade ISIS, why not pull the US/NATO/etc. jets out and let the Russians send the ISIS bastards to Hell.  Stirling  

In a Pentagon briefing on Tuesday, US Army Colonel Steve Warren, a spokesman for the US-led military campaign in the region, said two American and two Russian aircraft "entered the same battle space" on Saturday, getting within miles of each other, according to Reuters.

The incident took place on the same day Moscow and Washington held talks on military safety protocols to avoid such encounters while pressing ahead with their rivaling military campaigns in Syria.

Zionist Bernie Sanders backs US aggression in the Mideast ~ link ~ Bernie is just another Zionist wolf in sheep's clothing!  Stirling 

Sanders, for his part, embraced the White House Mideast policy wholeheartedly in an interview taped Friday for broadcast on NBC’s Sunday program “Meet the Press.” He told interviewer Chuck Todd, “I think what the president has tried to do is thread a very, very difficult needle. And that is, keep American troops from engaging in combat and getting killed there. And I think that is the right thing to do. So I think we continue to try to do everything that we can, focusing primarily, by the way, as bad as Assad is, focusing on trying to defeat ISIS.”

While opposing the use of American ground forces, at least for the present, Sanders was enthusiastically in favor of soldiers from other countries “engaging in combat and getting killed” in the wars in Syria and Iraq. “I believe very strongly that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, you know what?” he said. “They’re going to have to get their hands dirty as well. They don’t like ISIS? Let them start putting troops on the ground.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: It is unclear what exactly the US is doing in Syria and why the air campaign results are so insignificant ~ link

The Russian Foreign Ministry has questioned the effectiveness of the US-led year-long air campaign in Syria, saying it’s unclear “why the results of so many combat sorties are so insignificant.” Failing to curb ISIS, the US has now “adjusted” its program.  

“We have very few specifics which could explain what the US is exactly doing in Syria and why the results of so many combat sorties are so insignificant,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Russian channel NTV. “With, as far as I know, 25,000 sorties they [US-led air campaign] could have smashed the entire [country of] Syria into smithereens,” the minister noted.

US Navy is planning provocative patrols in the South China Sea ~ link ~ A way to turn the coming General Middle East War into all-out World War III.  Of course, the Chinese are not without fault.  They are acting rather like the Japanese did in the 1930s, getting way too big for their britches!!!    Stirling  

Confirming a report published by the Financial Times last week, which said that the US intended to breach the 12-mile nautical limit around islands and reclaimed facilities which China claims as its territory, the article said the US had been briefing its allies in Asia on its plans. The report coincided with this week’s AUSMIN discussions in Boston between the foreign and defence ministers of the US and Australia.

According to the New York Times, which regularly functions as a conduit for US policy decisions, officials had told it that so-called “freedom of navigation” patrols by the US navy “would come within 12 nautical miles of at least one of the islands” and are “intended to challenge China’s efforts to claim large parts of the strategic waterway by enlarging rocks and submerged reefs into islands big enough for military airstrips, radar equipment and lodging for soldiers.”

EU Diplomat: My government believes Obama is quite mentally unwell ~ link

A former NSA intelligence analyst has claimed that a senior European diplomat told him that the entire government of a European country considers president Obama to be literally mentally unwell.

Australia's submarine debate ~ link

One of the talking points of the Japanese Soryu-class, which former Abbott was earlier suggesting Australia should buy off-the-rack, was that it might have shored up something of a trilateral alliance between Australia, the U.S. and Japan. The U.S. was certainly happy with the Soryu idea. Aussies however, were not remotely happy with the idea of coming to the aid of Japan should any conflict with China arise. Ankit Panda has a more up-to-date analysis on what Malcolm Turnbull might mean for a Japanese sub-build. 

These wider strategic moves do not always make it into public debate over the circumstances Australian submarines might face. What would closer ties or a “democratic security diamond” (as Shinzo Abe has said of the Japan-U.S.-India-Australia quadrilateral arrangement) mean? Would the pick of a customized Soryu be a good option for those reasons? What is Australia’s perception of these shifts in the security environment? Much may be cleared up once the White Paper finally arrives, but until then the debate will stick to shipyards and not seas.

Top 1% own over half of all the World's assets ~ link

A new report issued by the Swiss bank Credit Suisse finds that global wealth inequality continues to worsen and has reached a new milestone, with the top 1 percent owning more of the world’s assets than the bottom 99 percent combined.

Of the estimated $250 trillion in global assets, the top 1 percent owned almost exactly 50 percent, while the bottom 50 percent of humanity owned collectively less than 1 percent. The richest 10 percent owned 87.7 percent of the world’s wealth, leaving 12.3 percent for the bottom 90 percent of the population.

Hillary Clinton wants even more unconstitutional and stronger gun control laws than Bernie Sanders ~ link ~ When you see people like Clinton and Sanders who want gun control, you can count on the fact that it is NOT for any good reason.  They are supporting the evil bastards who plan to enslave us all but first have to take our guns away!!!  Stirling 

Pope Francis again apologizes for Vatican scandals ~ link ~ Talk is cheap ... action is what is needed.  I do NOT find Pope Francis' words on the scandals, including the sex abuse of children, to be credible.  He has not ended the 800 year old rule (in a 2,000 year old church) of celibacy.  Until he does this and dramatically reduces the level of gay priests in the Roman Catholic Church, currently at a estimated 60% level, it is all talk, all hot air, all bullshit!  Stirling