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 Tim Earl of Stirling  



It appears, with the Free Syrian Army now totally gone and ISIS and other mercenary armies fleeing the battle zone, that the Alliance of Russia/China/Iran/Syria/Hezbollah are in the process of a Major Strategic Victory.  Either that, or we are about to see the Globalist/Zionist Axis [USA, UK, France, Germany, NATO, Australia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar] swing into military action in a big way.  The latter path will quickly lead to not only a General Middle East War but to the Third World War/Armageddon as well.  As of Monday (12 Oct. 2015)  there are continuing indications of powerful industrial and political forces, in the West, opposing the drive towards WWIII, and also indications of other powerful forces determined to usher the most horrific and powerful war in human history upon us all. Each day that passes, since the Russian intervention in support of Syria, without a clash between NATO forces and Russian forces is positive and somewhat reduces the likelihood of a 'spark that will start all-out WWIII'.  Events that are happening in Palestine and Turkey are directly tied into the overall strategic Mideast 'picture'.  There are powerful behind the scenes players in the Obama Administration and in Germany that are working to derail the drive towards a General Middle East War and World War III.  The financial attack on Germany's largest auto manufacture (Volkswagen) is pressure, by the Globalists and Netanyahu Zionists, on the German Establishment to fall in line and stay there on the drive to WWIII.  It seeks to counter the drive to re-position Germany in the Line-Up of Nations on the possible Eve of WWIII. Remember that about three weeks ago the leader of Merkel's political party broke with her and said that Germany should form an alliance with Russia and China and also support the Syrian Government! The intention of Washington to begin supplying Close Air Support to Al Qaeda related mercenaries fighting in Syria against the Syrian Government is apt to be the spark that will ignite the Third World War!!!  Of course, it could be a type of high-stakes maneuvering.  'Time will tell'.  
Tim Earl of Stirling  

Is Obama blackmailing Netanyahu using the threat of a UN Resolution that would Divide "the Land of Israel" ~ link ~ See also this article ~ link Make no mistake about it, Obama was always simply a 'political marketing' creation of powerful Globalist and Zionist interests, and they call the shots for the 'Teleprompter-Reader-in-Chief.  However, there is serious disagreement among leading Zionists over the direction Bibi 666 Netanyahu is taking Israel.  Many former senior intelligence chiefs and others feel that Netanyahu is placing Israel in grave danger.  They know that one ICBM fired from Russia or China, with ten independently targeted thermonuclear  warheads, would be enough to destroy their Israel. The modern State of Israel is a small target and any strategy that promotes a massive General Middle East War and/or WWIII is far too dangerous and irrational for them.  A careful 'reading of the cards' shows that many nations are showing what appears to be back and forth swings in opinions and strategy, that are really reflective of serious behind the scenes struggles for and against unfolding an all-out military phase of the Third World War.  Pray for Peace folks, this is serious stuff!!!  Stirling 

The Consequences of Dividing the State of Israel (from late April 2014) ~ link ~ WOW it sounds like Israel, or some entity controlled by Israel or backing them, has used HAARP-type Scalar Warfare technology to punish America's leaders several times in the last few years!!! Was the 1,000 Year Storm - Hurricane Joaquin - of very recent days, the most recent example???  Stirling  
Nine of the ten costliest insurance events in U.S. history, six of the seven costliest hurricanes in U.S. history, three of the four largest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history, nine of the top ten natural disasters in U.S. history ranked by FEMA relief costs, and the two largest terrorism events in U.S. history all transpired on the same day or within 24-hours of U.S. presidents applying pressure on Israel to trade her land for promises of peace and security, sponsoring major land for peace meetings, or making major public statements calling for a Palestinian state   
Moscow demands UK explain the "Green Light to Shoot Down Russian Jets" ~ link ~  
The chances of escalation from a proxy war to outright war just went to 11 on the Spinal Tap amplifier of sabre-rattling. A day after British and NATO pilots were reportedly given the green light to take drastic action against Russian fighter jets if they come under threat during missions over Iraq, Interfax reports that the Russian Defense Ministry has demanded clarification. Senior defence sources say it is just a matter of time before our fighters are involved in a deadly confrontation with Russian jets.

The Chinese, it appears, are wholeheartedly behind Putin's efforts, judging by the following puff-piece from Xinhua (unofficially China's government mouthpiece)...

More Palestinian civilians killed in further Israeli Air Force strikes ~ link ~ The Antichrist, as I call him and actually believe him to be, Netanyahu is pulling more and more strings to create another Palestine uprising so that he can slaughter them and create the chaos necessary to begin World War III.  Stirling  

Israel's military said it targeted Hamas weapon-making facilities. Palestinian officials said a woman and child in a nearby house were killed. West Bank officials say a boy of 13 was shot dead by Israeli forces during clashes near a Jewish settlement. And later four Israelis were injured in the latest stabbing attack as tensions continued to escalate. 

Netanyahu's Latest War on Palestine - Premeditated State Terror ~ link ~ also see ~ link ~ and ~ link ~ link ~ State terror using American money and hardware!!!  Stirling 

Netanyahu’s premeditated state terror against defenseless Palestinians continues. Multiple Israeli provocations began things. Palestinians responded in self-defense as expected and justified. Israel calls it terrorism.

The latest incident involved murdering six Gazan youths on Friday, wounding 60 others, 10 in serious condition.

Does Bibi 666 Netanyahu intend a full-scale War on Palestine ~ link ~ He is either insane or the Antichrist!!!  Stirling 

New technology: Russian ICBMs to become Invisible ~ link ~ I had a somewhat similar idea about 30 years ago, when I was a consultant in the aerospace industry!  Stirling   

One such innovation is the aerosol generator that will be used in creating artificial clouds, reliably hiding the mobile missile systems. The composition of the aerosol is chosen in such a way that the artificial cloud would make the strategic mobile complexes ‘Topol’ and ‘Yars’ invisible to the human eye and to all other technology.

A new method of camouflaging was introduced during the show: a technology of creating false divisions of ‘Yars’ mobile complexes using holograms. The huge holographic images are created by special laser installations identical to missile systems in their dimensions.

Europe in Crisis: The Plot Against Europe ~ link ~ Do go to this link and take the time to read it all.  Stirling   

Europe in Crisis: The Muslim Madness of Merkel ~ link ~ Merkel is nothing but a total political whore for the Globalists and Zionists ... She is destroying her nation and Europe!!!  Stirling  

Merkel may have already doomed Germany. The Bild newspaper published a leaked secret government document estimating that the number of migrants invading Europe this year might reach 1.5 million.

And that bad news gets much worse because the document estimates that each migrant will bring in as many as eight family members once they’re settled in, bringing the year’s true total to 7.36 million. That’s almost 10 percent of the population of Germany. In just one invasion.

EU's European Investment Bank chief: We could recall VW loans ~ link ~ One more version of the Globalist/Zionist message to the ruling elite and industrialists of Germany: 'You will get on-board the drive towards World War III or we will destroy you anyway'!!!  Stirling   

Escalating Israeli violence in Palestine - Live Updates from RT ~ link  

'Carpe Chaos': Israel - ISIS - Syria - Iraq ~ link ~  

Israel lacks a national motto. If its leaders are looking for a Latin one, “carpe chaos” would be an apt and honest choice. “Seize the chaos” is half of Israeli foreign policy in a nutshell (the other half being the instigation of that chaos in the first place). Indeed, even its friends in the media cannot help but put it in such terms. For example, The New York Times recently reported about the:
“…many Israeli leaders and thinkers seizing on the chaos in Syria to solidify Israel’s hold on Golan.”

Matt Druge warns of very real danger from TPP to free and open Internet ~ link ~ "They" simply cannot stand the truth!!! Stirling  
The very foundation of the free Internet is under severe threat from copyright laws that could ban independent media outlets, according to Matt Drudge. "I had a Supreme Court Justice tell me it’s over for me,” said Drudge, warning web users that they were being pushed "pawn-like" into the cyber "ghettos" of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
“I had a Supreme Court Justice tell me it’s over for me,” said Drudge. “They’ve got the votes now to enforce copyright law, you’re out of there. They’re going to make it so you can’t even use headlines.” “To have a Supreme Court Justice say to me it’s over, they’ve got the votes, which means time is limited,” he added, noting that a day was coming when simply operating an independent website could be outlawed

The US Dollar and China's Financial War ~ link ~

With the benefit of hindsight, the two-day devaluation of the yuan in mid-August might have been a masterstroke of strategy.

China executed a financial move that appeared to undermine its own position but instead created trouble for the US; how much is still to be played out. So was the devaluation a well-executed move against the dollar, or are the Chinese authorities as clueless as any other government?

For a clue about how the Chinese might approach these matters, I am indebted to Simon Hunt of Simon Hunt Strategic Services for drawing my attention to a speech by General Qiao Liang, the Peoples Liberation Army's military strategist, delivered about six months ago. The General makes it clear that China's external relationships are pursued through financial, not military means. China pits subtle tai chi against America's brash pugilism. It is therefore quite possible that China's August devaluation was planned and timed to undermine America's financial position. 

Your Radiation Crisis in America: Last Week's Figures ~ link 

This Week New 'Beast System' Roll-Out ~ link

On October 15, 2015 all credit card processors will be required to upgrade their machines to accept cards containing RFID chips, in addition to the strips. The RFID technology is supposed to be more secure than the current strip used by credit cards, and I believe they intend to phase out the stripe sometime in the future. Probably sooner than later.

It’s only a matter of time before hackers and thieves figure out how to get our information off of the chip, and into their freeloading hands. At that point, there will be the need for a new solution. Maybe a chip in the right hand or forehead? I believe this is where we are headed, and unfortunately there isn’t much we can do about it. I for one am not fully confident in the security of this new technology, so I looked into ways to protect my information from freeloading thieves.

Queen 'demands' DNA to be tested in court to settle 330-year-old baronet title ~ link ~ If my memory serves me correctly, there was a recent case where the then Lord Chancellor refused to consider DNA in a peerage case.  Using DNA has two major problems: One, it is a massive Can Of Worms that can cause all kinds of trouble including for the Royal Family itself; Two, DNA tests can be faked as we learned recently from an Israeli case!  Stirling 

Prisoners who busted out of Alcatraz in 1963 could still be alive ~ link  

Does he intend to ravage Palestine entirely - invading with thousands of troops, using tanks, artillery, and multiple daily bombing raids on residential areas, maybe this time murdering tens of thousands of defenseless civilians, turning Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem communities to rubble like Gaza ones!

Put nothing past this monster, an Arab-hating barbarian, a serial killer vital to stop. He’s on a “war footing,” said the Times of Israel - announcing “the start of (a) Zionist enterprise,” an ominous signal of horrors to come. - See more at:
Does he intend to ravage Palestine entirely - invading with thousands of troops, using tanks, artillery, and multiple daily bombing raids on residential areas, maybe this time murdering tens of thousands of defenseless civilians, turning Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem communities to rubble like Gaza ones!

Put nothing past this monster, an Arab-hating barbarian, a serial killer vital to stop. He’s on a “war footing,” said the Times of Israel - announcing “the start of (a) Zionist enterprise,” an ominous signal of horrors to come. - See more at:

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