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Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


Obama: Russian airstrikes will 'strengthen ISSI' ~ link ~ We have had a couple of thousand of US/NATO/allied airstrikes "on ISIS" with little to no effect.  This runs contrarily to what we know of the history of air power.  Obama and the leaders of the allied powers, whose jets are 'striking ISIS', are now being shown for the lairs that they are.  The Russians have been at this less than a week and they are blowing the hell out of the terrorists!!!  This real air power is undoing all that billions of dollars and much effort by Israel/US/France/UK/etc. have done in the Syrian War.  The Propaganda War is in overdrive.  Obama's comments, even for a master bullshit artist, are over the top and will open more people's eyes to the truth!  This level of pure bullshit wins Obama the 'dreaded' Five BS Flag Award.  Stirling

The Russian Secret War on the CIA in Syria - Pentagon considering "limited war" against Russian forces to protect al Qaeda forces ~ link ~ The American people "have no dog in this fight", the American Government has long been hijacked by the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists.  Their bought-and-paid-for political whores in Washington have been spending TRILLIONS of American taxpayers money, and throwing away thousands of Americans lives for a Greater Israel and the Globalist Grand Strategy to create the satanic New World Order.  Stirling 
This morning, Fox News reported a Pentagon move to formulate a strategy to block Russia’s bombing campaign around Idlib, near the Syrian/Turkish border.  Key American assets are being slaughtered, not “moderate rebels,” but clearly, as the Pentagon states, key US backed jihadists fighting President Assad.
Senior U.S. military leaders and defense officials are debating whether military force should be used to protect Washington-backed Syrian rebels who have come under attack by Russian airstrikes in recent days.

The Associated Press reported early Friday that the question was part of a broader debate within the Pentagon about the the broader dilemma of how the administration should respond to what White House press secretary Josh Earnest described as Russia’s “indiscriminate military operations against the Syrian opposition.
The problem is, the American “assets” are al Qaeda, the group Jabat al Nusra, which totally controls this region of Syria and spreads well into Turkey since it defeated the actual  so called “moderate rebels” and a dozen or so splinter groups early in 2015.

The crisis of the US policy in the Syrian War ~ link ~

For his part, Putin pointed to the catastrophic consequences of Washington’s wars for regime-change, which had turned one country after another into a haven for Islamist terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS, alternatively known as ISIL). He defended the Assad regime as a bulwark against ISIS and proposed a new coalition to fight ISIS that would include Iran and Syria as well as the Western powers and their Middle Eastern allies.

The contradictions and general disarray wracking US policy were reflected in the fact that having excoriated Russia, Obama turned around later in his speech and declared his readiness to negotiate with both Russia and Iran, Assad’s two main allies, over the fate of Syria. Articulating a tactical shift in his administration’s policy, Obama indicated that, while any settlement had to include the departure of Assad, the current president could remain in power during an unspecified transitional period, and elements of the Baathist regime could be included in the eventual successor government. (from Israel) Report: Hezbollah and Iran to launch a major offensive in Syria ~ link

Hundreds of Iranian troops have arrived in Syria in the last 10 days and will soon join government forces and their Lebanese Hezbollah allies in a major ground offensive backed by Russian air strikes, two Lebanese sources told Reuters on Thursday.

The two sources said the operation would be aimed at recapturing territory lost by President Bashar Assad's government to rebels.

The Propaganda War on Syria ~ link ~ link ~
Russia’s involvement in Syria has caused a flurry of “cold war”, Assad/ISIS co-dependency propaganda, all being produced by the usual suspects and all with the primary objective of invoking a No Fly Zone in Syria and stoking the “Russian Bear threat” fires that have been smouldering for some time.

I am going to attempt to dismantle this propaganda edifice one brick at a time.


Hillary offers Syria a Libyan-Iraq-style paradise ~ link ~ To call Hillary a Globalist and Zionist whore is to give whores a bad name!  Stirling  
The United States military wants to dominate the earth, has “special” forces active in 135 countries, and has troops stationed in some 180 countries. On a map of the world showing nations with no U.S. troops in them, Syria and Iran stand out like sore thumbs, as once-upon-a-time did Iraq and Libya. Syria not only has no U.S. troops; it has Russian troops, and it’s friendly toward Iran, which has no U.S. troops. Overthrowing the Syrian government, like Iraq’s and Libya’s and Iran’s, has been on the Pentagon’s bucket list for the 21st century. As early as 2006, the U.S. government had people on the ground in Syria working to overthrow the government. With the 2011 Arab Spring, the U.S. thought it saw an opportunity, and helped turn the protests violent.

Hillary Clinton, just to be clear, is not an office holder. She is a private citizen who ought to be shunned from all public discourse. As Secretary of State, she waived restrictions on shipping weapons to brutal governments if they made large “donations” to her foundation. For that, she should be in prison. Nothing worse will be found, no matter how many of her emails are read in a mad pursuit of more minor but colorful offenses.

Obama v. Putin: Their debate on the Crimea ~ link ~ Also see ~ link
However, did this decision by Obama, to overthrow Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych, really «develop their democracy», as Obama phrased the matter? Or did it instead end that democracy, and cause some parts of Ukraine, which had voted overwhelmingly for the man whom Obama overthrew, to separate themselves from Obama’s newly coup-imposed government of Ukraine? Crimeans had voted over 75% for Yanukovych; Donbass had voted over 90% for Yanukovych. With the coup, Ukraine’s new national government was anything but a ‘democracy’ for them. It was instead their government’s being stolen by the United States. Obama’s rhetoric, alleging his desire to help «develop their democracy», is a blatant lie, which is something that’s actually routine for him. (Please click onto that link there for the evidence on the matter, if you disagree that he routinely lies.) To say that he rampantly lies is just a statement of fact, not one of opinion. Obama is remarkably similar to George W. Bush — though far more articulate, and though he uses rhetoric that appeals to a broader global audience. 

This is like George W. Bush’s «Saddam’s WMD» excuse for «regime change», except that Obama’s «regime change» is occurring in Libya (Gaddafi), Syria (Assad), Ukraine (Yanukovych), and other countries that have supported Russia — all aimed ultimately to replace Putin himself. Obama paints Putin as being a modern version of Stalin.

Why is Washington against Russia bombing al-Qaeda and ISIS? ~ link

On Wednesday the Russian military became active in the fight against ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria. Pursuant to a request from the Syrian government, Moscow first began deploying military equipment and trainers as well as humanitarian assistance. Then the Russian parliament approved the use of force, and force was indeed used on Wednesday.

The Obama Administration is not happy about this development.

The US has been bombing Syria for a year without permission from the Syrian government and without a UN Security Council resolution authorizing an attack on a sovereign nation. That means US strikes on Syrian soil are illegal according to international law. However the first US response to the Russian strikes against ISIS in Syria was to condemn the Russian government for not coordinating its strikes with the US. 

Studying the Russian Military Operation in Syria - video ~ link 

The Organization and Purpose of Russia's Air War in Syria ~ link

The aircraft that are actually carrying out the strikes are heavy SU24 supersonic strike aircraft and SU25 subsonic ground attack aircraft.

The Russians do have large stocks of precision guided munitions, which are at least comparable in effectiveness to similar Western weapons.  

The SU30s give the Russians a potent air superiority fighter and interceptor with which to challenge US and Israeli fighters should there ever be the risk of a clash.  Its deterrent effect is almost certainly sufficient to ensure such a clash never happens. 

Crazy Carly Fiorina says to Shoot Down Russian warplanes to protect al-Qaeda in Syria ~ link ~ Saying anything to get money from Jewish Oligarchs!!!  Nutty bitch from Hell itself!!!  Stirling   

Jeb Bush at 4% ~ link ~ Goodbye!!!  Stirling 

Barack Obama admits he was NOT born in USA - video ~ link ~ This is evidence that he is NOT constitutionally able to be President!!!  Stirling  

Crisis in Europe: Germany: Hundreds of rioting migrants force the police to separate ~ link ~ also see ~ link ~ You know the Germans just LOVE Merkel.  Stirling  

A MASS brawl between more than 200 refugees erupted today as they used broken up chairs and beds to attack each other in a huge fight described by police as "extreme aggression".

Indiana and some US states make it legal to shoot police in self-defense if they violate your rights ~ link ~ The law in Indiana was actually written to overturn a previous law that went too far in the other direction.  Stirling   

In spite of these statements, here’s what the law actually states:
(i) A person is justified in using reasonable force against a public servant if the person reasonably believes the force is necessary to: (1) protect the person or a third person from what the person reasonably believes to be the imminent use of unlawful force; (2) prevent or terminate the public servant’s unlawful entry of or attack on the person’s dwelling, curtilage, or occupied motor vehicle; or (3) prevent or terminate the public servant’s unlawful trespass on or criminal interference with property lawfully in the person’s possession, lawfully in possession of a member of the person’s immediate family, or belonging to a person whose property the person has authority to protect

Sweden shifting to a six-hour workday ~ link ~ That makes sense in the day and age of too few jobs for the work that needs to be done.  It also frees people up to enjoy their lives a bit more.  Sweden 'way to go'!!!  Stirling 

Pope Francis preached everything but Christ ~ link ~ Pope Francis does NOT seem to be acting for God, but for some other power!!!  Stirling  

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