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On the Road to the Third World War

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Special Report
Canadian National Elections

Canadian election: Projection for all 338 federal ridings ~ link ~

The following are's riding-level projections for the federal election scheduled for October 19, 2015. These numbers were last updated on October 18, 2015, and reflect the best estimates as of October 17, 2015, the last day of polls included in the model.

25 Key ridings to watch on election night ~ link
We asked Globe’s staff from across Canada to select a few of the closest and most interesting races to follow on October 19. Explore each riding to see who’s running, and check back on election night to see who won. 

Liberals retain lead - 7 in 10 Canadians want change ~ link ~  

The Liberals are maintaining a seven-point lead over the Conservatives in daily tracking polls in the final weekend of the campaign.

Support registered by the survey has been stable since yesterday, with the Liberals winning the support of 37.3 per cent of respondents, the Conservatives 30.5 per cent and the NDP 22.1 per cent.

Canada national elections begin in a few hours ~ link ~ Will the current neocon regime be replaced?  Stirling  

As Canada's political leaders make their last bid for votes ahead of Monday's election, the campaigns are focusing on immigrant communities - and areas that have swung politically in the last election. Brampton, a suburb of Toronto, is both.

'Trudeaumania' heir could become Canada's next Prime Minister ~ link

The son of a man who brought glamor and excitement to Canadian politics in the late 1960s is favored to become Canada's next prime minister. Justin Trudeau, the son of late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, is leading in the polls ahead of Monday's election that could spell the end of a decade of Conservative rule under Stephen Harper. 

Trudeau, tall and trim at 43, channels the star power - if not quite the political heft - of his father, who swept to power in 1968 on a wave of support dubbed "Trudeaumania."

Liberals have the highest chance of winning on final day of campaign ~ link

Our election forecast, based on recent polls and historical data, projects the likelihood that a given party would win the most seats, if an election were held today. Our algorithm was designed in consultation with political scientist Paul Fairie (read more about how it works). This page will be updated often with new polls. Scroll down to explore the data. 

Harper vs. Trudeaumania: What the foreign press is saying about the Canadian election ~ link

Canadian conservatives who seethe over the father’s legacy and abhor the prospect of a Justin Trudeau prime ministership might be advised to bypass some of this foreign coverage in the interest of blood-pressure management.

But Canadian Liberals will feel warm waves of nostalgia from foreign media recollections about one of the country’s best-known political figures on the eve of the election — also the anniversary of his birthday 96 years ago.

Canada national elections: Harper rallies diehards in a final poll push ~ link

In Toronto’s ‘Harperland’ suburbs, the prime minister is hoping that his record on the economy will be enough to hold off his Liberal challenger 

Harper's Worst Nightmare ~ link

It ain’t over till it’s over. But if the consensus of polls can be believed, the wailing and gnashing of teeth among Conservatives and New Democrats, which has been developing privately in recent days, will soon become public. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, meanwhile, look poised for victory —­ a stunning comeback for a party and a leader who just a few months ago had been all but written off. It is, in so many different ways, Stephen Harper’s worst nightmare.

How did it come to this, will be the question many Tories ask themselves. In truth, it’s no great mystery. The inflection points, as we look back at the 78-day span of this monster campaign, are not hard to spot. Neither are the pivotal trends and surprises, of which there were three. In every case, the Conservatives contributed to their own demise. To say they shot themselves in the foot is putting it mildly.

Canada Election Day: What you need to know to vote on October 19th ~ link
  • WHEN you can vote
  • WHO the party leaders are
  • WHY this election matters
  • WHERE to vote
  • WHAT happens once you get there
World news media on the Canadian election: Pierre Trudeau in the news again ~ link

The late Pierre Elliott Trudeau was making international news on what would have been his birthday on Sunday as foreign media focused on the possibility his son might follow in his footsteps to become Canada's next prime minister.

Justin Trudeau makes a final election push in Alberta, B.C. ~ link

With the Liberals poised to bounce back from their weak performance in the 2011 election, Justin Trudeau sought here Sunday to stake a claim for a national mandate from voters.

“It’s time to come together as a country. I have been coming out to Alberta for years with a message that this place is important to me, that this place matters, deeply,” he told 1,500 party stalwarts at a rally in Edmonton.“And it’s a message that I’m proud to deliver here, with a big smile, as a Liberal, as a Trudeau and as a Quebecer.

Canadian leaders make a final push before election ~ link

After listening to politicians’ non-stop talking for 11 weeks, Canadians finally get to have their say at the ballot box on Monday.

The three party leaders used their last full day of campaigning Sunday to urge their supporters to bring out the voters — a task made more difficult by competition with a Toronto Blue Jays playoff game.

Job Number One for Canada's PM: Pick an office ~ link

Should a new prime minister emerge on Monday night, he’ll soon be entering a world of government perks: An address at 24 Sussex, use of the title “Right Honourable” for life, an armoured Cadillac and use of a CC-150 Polaris decked out in fancy “Government of Canada” livery.

But one totem of prime ministerial power isn’t set in stone: Who gets to sit in Stephen Harper’s iconic Parliament Hill office. Canada isn’t like the United States: There’s no fancy Oval Office reserved for the exclusive use of the federal leader. When Parliament opens, the Prime Minister could technically pick whichever office he likes.

78-Day marathon campaign wraps with wild sprints ~ link
With the finish line in sight of the one of longest elections campaigns in Canadian history, all three major federal party leaders made their final push to convince voters before what's likely to be a tight race at the polls on Monday. 

Ben Perrin, ex-PMO lawyer, says Tories have lost the moral authority to govern Canada ~ link

The former lawyer for the Prime Minister's Office says the Conservative government has lost the moral authority to govern, and he's voting for change this election. Benjamin Perrin says in a statement that based on what he's personally seen and experienced, he felt there was no other choice but to abandon his lifelong Conservative vote.

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