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Europe in Crisis 

Europe in Crisis: Unhappy "migrants" burn tents in Slovenia camp ~ link ~ If they don't like it, they can always return home! Most are NOT from Syria and over 80% are males of working age seeking a free handout because their home nations are so dysfunctional!!!  Stirling

Tents have been torched at a transit camp in Slovenia, allegedly by migrants angry at how they are being treated. They torched the tents at the camp in Brezice to protest at the slow process of registering them and moving them to the Austrian border, witnesses said.

Europe in Crisis: "Migrant" crisis is overwhelming the Greek island of Lesbos - video  ~ link

Despite winter's approach, the flow of refugees and other migrants to Europe is showing no sign of slowing. The Greek island of Lesbos alone is receiving 7,000 new arrivals a day, with the UN warning that the total for October could exceed 200,000.

It poses a huge challenge for the Greek authorities and the UN, as the system for registering and relocating the migrants faces collapse

Europe in Crisis: Germany is mulling deporting "refugees" in military aircraft ~ link ~ Unless the public forces it, those sent back by Merkel's Government will be a small minority of those allowed in!!! When you take into account the large number of Muslims already in Germany, long term, and those just recently arrived and those expected to continue to invade Germany AND the fact that once settled in the "refugees" tend to bring in 8 family members each ... the total adds up to 10% or more of the German nation!!!  That is TOTALLY UNSUPPORTABLE.  Also considering that most Muslims do NOT assimilate into the German culture and express a hope that the nation will become a Muslim majority nation, it is simply suicidal for Germany to have allowed this invasion to have happened.  I believe that there are two reasons for this, and the support of Merkel for it.  Firstly, this is a direct attack on the culture, history, economy, and the Christianity of the German nation and people in specific and of Europe in general by the Globalists and Zionists for their own demonic ends.  Secondly, this is part of the SET-UP for the Third World War by the Globalists and Zionists.  The famous letter, by American Confederate general and top satanist Albert Pike, which was kept on public display in the British Library in London until a Rothschild got on the Board of Directors, clearly outlined BEFORE WWI that there were three global wars planned to bring about the New World Order.  The First and Second World Wars were described with considerable accuracy.  The coming Third World War was described as a war between Muslims and Christians!!!  Stirling   

Germany says it is considering plans to use military aircraft to accelerate the deportation of those denied refugee or asylum status in the Western European country. “Obviously, the usage of the Transall (army transport aircraft) is not ruled out. But only in the event that all civilian transport capacities are exhausted and if it does not affect the German army's priority missions,” German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday.

The remarks came hours after Germany’s Bild newspaper reported that Berlin was looking into the use of army aircraft to send asylum seekers, whose applications had been rejected, back to their home countries.

Germany, Europe’s top destination for refugees, is expecting to receive between 800,000 and one million asylum seekers this year.

Europe in Crisis: Hungary will NOT open corridors for "refugees" on its southern borders ~ link ~ I believe that the current 'Europe Invasion' Operation by the Globalists and Zionists is blowing up in their faces.  More and more Europeans and others are waking up to the fact that this is all a scam and one that involves their bought-and-paid-for political whores (politicians).  Stirling   
Hungary is not going to open any corridors for asylum seekers trying to enter the Schengen zone from the south, the Hungarian government said amid an escalating refugee crisis in neighboring countries
“Hungary has made it abundantly clear...that it does not support any proposal to open corridors on the border sections closed in the south or to provide means of transport for migrants within the Schengen zone,” government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs told a news conference after a meeting of Croatian, Slovenian, Austrian, and Hungarian police chiefs in Vienna, Reuters reports.

The statement from Hungary comes as the refugee crisis is worsening in neighboring Slovenia. Earlier on Wednesday the Slovenian parliament adopted a law allowing its army to help secure the nation’s borders.

Europe in Crisis: France prosecutes Marine LePen for criticizing Muslims ~ link ~ The law was originally designed to prevent any criticism of Zionism and Israel.  However, "they" want to get rid of her and also prevent any rational public discourse on the Muslim invasion of Europe and who is really behind it!!!  Stirling  

The leader of the French nationalist and eurosceptic National Front political party, Marine Le Pen, faces a year in prison and a 45,000 euros fine for criticizing Muslims.  

The National Front is popular in northern France, particularly in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region near the English Channel where gangs of illegal migrants have repeatedly attempted to break into the Eurotunnel terminal at Calais and reach Britain.  

Europe in Crisis: Watch this angry foreigner: Here is what happened in Sweden when Muslim "immigrants" swarmed their nation ~ link ~ Do you really think that all of this is simply happening by itself???  Stirling

But what happens when foreign migrants start to take advantage of their new found homes? What happens when those refugees refuse to speak the native language, follow the laws of the land or assimilate in any way to the new culture?

It appears that all over the world, most notably in present-day Western Europe, immigrants from countries with completely different world views and legal perceptions are moving in and pushing their agendas on the natives, often with full support from their elected representatives and their media mouthpieces.

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