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 The Set-Up for World War III
There are many desperate war refugee families in Europe that have entered Europe over the last few weeks.  There are also many people from nations, that are corrupt economically failed Muslim countries, and these people want to make it to Germany or one of the other rich western European nations that will give them a great life compared to the Third World environment in their home nations.  
This latter group are NOT War Refugees but are Economic Refugees and the people of western Europe should not feel a need to turn their nations into some Muslim hell hole just so the Economic Refugees can have a better lifestyle. Let them clean up their own countries!  
About 70% of the people flooding into Europe are NOT families but young/middle aged MEN!!!  Many claim to have no documentation, which is very strange!  
It is very possible that a few thousand paid Muslim extremists have slipped in with the half million or so 'refugees' that have entered Europe in the last few weeks!!!  These jokers could 'PLAY HELL' in the cities of Europe with car bombings, kidnappings, political and religious murders, etc.  
This could all be a part of a well thought out False Flag Strategy to engulf Europe in, what would be in effect, a war against Muslims.  And North America could see similar events!  
This would take the world to the basis for the Third World War that the late American Confederate General and satanist Albert Pike wrote of, over a hundred years ago.  
A number of years before the First World War broke out, he wrote a letter describing three global wars that would happen to bring about the Luciferian NEW WORLD ORDER.  
That letter ended up being on public display in the British Library in London.  It accurately described the coming First World War and the Second World War, and he described the Third World War as a war between Christians and Muslims.  When a Rothschild got himself appointed to the Library Board, the letter was taken off public display, however, there is much historical evidence for it, including newspaper articles about it from when it was on display.  
We may well be facing a False Flag set-up for World War III and the New World Order.  That may well be what the sudden flood of 'war refugees' is all about!!!   
Tim Earl of Stirling     

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