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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near



Iran issues warning to Israel over Syrian War exploitation ~ link ~ Things continue to heat up in the Mideast!!!  Stirling  
Well the plot begins to thicken. Whereas Putin did not say a word about Israel supporting the terror brigades in Syria, we have Iran’s Deputy FM doing so, and from Moscow with some obvious staging going on — the old “good guy, bad guy” routine.
The surprise from the Putin and Bibi meeting was their agreeing to avoid shooting at each other, a de facto recognition of the Russian build up, which must have been in reference to air operations and missiles, as the Russians are nowhere near the Israeli border for artillery conflicts.

But the Iranian Deputy FM went further with some threats over Israel’s killing of Palestinian kids in the West Bank and the continued provocations at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

Russian 'Force Protection' in Syria ~ link
“They [Russia] have increased aircraft…[which] could raise some questions, but for the moment, it is the judgement of our military and most experts that the level and type represents basically force protection,” Kerry said.

On Monday, unnamed US officials claimed four Su-30 fighter jets were flown to Syria's Latakia airfield on Friday, with an additional 12 Su-25 and 12 Su-24 attack aircraft joining them over the weekend, according to media reports.

US media reported that ground forces now included more than 500 Russian servicemen, as well as 36 personnel carriers, nine tanks and two air defense missiles systems.

Europe in Crisis: Polish news media: Turkey is responsible for flood of immigrants in Europe - All engineered by Ankara ~ link
Faced with social and economic problems created by the presence of more than two million Syrian refugees in the country, Turkey planned and financed the mass migration, according to the Wiadomości website.

Turkey is “supplying (the migrants) with the necessary means for… the long journey toward the dream of Europe,” Thomas Otłowski writes. The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, used the “tragic death of a little Alyan… as a pretext for cynical statements about how the West (the European Union) is responsible for ‘the transformation of the Mediterranean into a graveyard’ of refugees,” Wiadomości claims. 


Europe in Crisis: German news media is covering up reports on rapes committed by Muslim migrants ~ link
German media outlets are refusing to broadcast information about rapes committed by Muslims over fears that the hundreds of thousands of migrants flooding into the country might be offended and that such content could enflame tensions.

As we reported last week, numerous prominent welfare organizations in Germany warned that women and children were being raped at a migrant camp in Hessen, but the issue received very little press attention in comparison with the overwhelming positive coverage that has characterized the media’s treatment of the refugee crisis.

Putin deploys 28 warplanes to Syria ~ link ~ Reports are that after the first four jets were deployed, the West was surprised to see an additional 24 jets arrive without any long range radar warning ... that the fighters flew in just behind large transports and were not picked up on radar.  This is doubtful.  The Russians have a stealth system based on plasma technology that can make non-stealthy planes into stealth planes.  It is likely that they used this system and will do so again and again when necessary.  Stirling 

Europe in Crisis: EU forces Eastern Europe to accept flood of illegal immigrants ~ linkReports are that only a fourth of the 'refugees' are from Syria and that 72% are males of military age!!!  Stirling   
EU apparatchiks on Tuesday approved a plan that will force countries in Europe to take hundreds of thousands of so-called asylum-seeking refugees.
Germany and France led the charge in favor of the “compulsory approach to resettling refugees” and “absorbing” them. In addition to opposing the newly crafted authoritarian rule, dissenting nations say the European Union is exploiting the crisis to take control of sovereign immigration control

Polo vaccines are causing a worldwide surge in childhood paralysis cases ~ link ~
cVDPV is a rare, mutated form of the virus that comes from the vaccine itself. Oral polio vaccines contain a weakened form of the virus that activates an immune response in the body so that it builds up antibodies to protect itself. But it takes some time for this to happen, and meanwhile the virus replicates in the intestines and can be excreted by the person immunized and can spread to others in the community. 

Russia totally bans GMO crops: Says NO to Monsanto's agricultural imperialism and the mass poisoning of the population ~ link
At the same time that Monsanto's corruption is infiltrating every corner of U.S. academia, government regulators and corporate-controlled media, Russia has just announced a total ban on the cultivation of GMO crops.

"A senior Russian government member told reporters the cabinet decided that any food production in the country will completely exclude any genetically-modified organisms or parts thereof," reports RT.com.
Why don't oncologists refund cancer patients when chemotherapy fails? ~ link ~ Right ... get real ... modern Big Pharma centered medicine is little more than a giant ripoff to make the doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical industry and related industries filthy rich!!!  Stirling     
For being one of the only government-approved treatment options for cancer, chemotherapy has a pitifully dismal success rate. Chemotherapy fails upwards of 93 percent of the time depending on which study you look at; some studies show a failure rate of between 97 and 98 percent. Despite this, the cancer industry would have us all believe that it's the only tried-and-true lifeline for cancer patients.

Many oncologists chide the notion that Rick Simpson's "Phoenix Tears" cannabis oil or the Gerson Institute's Gerson Therapy have any therapeutic potential whatsoever in mitigating cancer. Yet at the very same time, these same oncologists will scare patients into signing up for chemotherapy regimens even when their chances of survival on this antiquated protocol are next to nil. 

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