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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

PM Cameron calls for Carpet Bombing of Damascus ~ link ~ It is now increasingly likely that the Global Banking Cartel and the Netanyahu Zionists will begin World War III.  Stirling  
Cameron justifies ‘hard military force’ against the Damascus government...and calls to assassinate President Assad.

Intelligence source warns 'War Imminent' - USA to Blame Russia for 'First Shot' - Syria will be the Game Changer ~ link ~ This Syria thing is looking more and more like the beginning of an all-out military phase of the Third World War ... Time Will Tell but it is not looking good!!!  Stirling  
Are We Living In The LAST DAYS? ~ link
Yes we are!!!  Stirling  

Could it be possible that we are living in the period of time that the Bible refers to as “the last days”?  And if so, what does that mean for our future?  As we approach the final months of 2015, it seems like more people are talking about apocalyptic scenarios than ever before.  The mainstream media is doing articles on “end of the world fears“, and it is being reported that 41 percent of all Americans believe that “we are living in what the Bible calls the last days.”  For those that believe, the signs are everywhere – geopolitical instability, moral decay, steadily increasing numbers of natural disasters and a global financial system that could fall apart at any moment.  Others mock the idea that we could be living in “the last days”, and many of them point to the amazing technological progress that humanity is making and the unprecedented prosperity that we have been enjoying in recent times.  If things are actually “getting better”, they argue, then how could we possibly be living in the end times described in the Bible?  And of course atheists are convinced that God doesn’t exist at all, and that all of this apocalyptic talk is just a bunch of religious nonsense.  So what is the truth?
 This is a very controversial area of discussion, and I certainly recognize that there are a wide variety of opinions on this.  I am going to share with you what I think, and you can take it for what you think that it is worth.  Personally, I always like to start with certain preconditions that had to have been met before the last days as described in the Bible could begin.

All Four Hemispheres of the World Are Engaged in a Single War ~ link

If we peer behind the veil of mainstream media oversimplification, lies and propaganda we find that the humanitarian crises we are faced with today are the straight line consequences of a decades-old policy on the part of the West (defined as the US, the UK, Israel and others ) to subvert and destabilize the very nations that are submerged in civil war and strife.
Faced with a burgeoning refugee crisis in Europe sparked by global extremism, U.S. and European officials said this week that there is a growing consensus that the multinational military campaign against Islamic State must focus more on targeting the group’s nerve centers in Syria.

Using thousands of people flowing into Europe every day as a pretence, France and Britain are both poised to join Washington in carrying out more airstrikes with greater and greater levels of aggression against Islamic State in Syria.
Turkey nears civil war as 30 Kurds killed in
Cizre violence - 30 MPs march is blocked
~ link ~ It appears that Turkey is about to become a battle zone in a war that it helped to create!!!  Stirling 
Washington's Financial Currency War on China - Eclipsing of the American Dollar by the Yuan ~ link ~ Remember actual military war is a 'continuation of politics/policies' in the military arena!!!  Stirling  
Wall Street should be worried about the economic problems at home in the US instead of trying to undermine China. The talk about the slowing down of the Chinese economy in part is distraction. It diverts attention from the decline of the US and is meant to enforce the efforts of Washington and Wall Street to rein in Beijing. The Chinese, however, continue to move forward undeterred.

Beijing selected Qatar as its first renminbi clearing house in the Middle East and North Africa for regional exchange markets there in April 2015. The name of this clearing house is the Qatar Renminbi Centre. It will circumvent US financial structures and give greater access to oil and natural gas from the Middle East and North Africa to the People’s Republic of China.

Despite the wishes of Wall Street and Washington, the Silk World Order is moving forward.

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