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On the Road to the Third World War

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Jeff DeVillez, Chris Harris and Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander) on today's Nutrimediccal Report Show ~ link ~ Click on September 24 2015 Thursday Hour 3

Special Report: The VW Crisis 

Is the furry of charges and claims against the German industrial powerhouse, Volkswagen, part of the on-going Economic Warfare Phrase of World War III?  I have reported how very powerful forces within Germany are opposed to the drive towards a all-out WWIII with Russia, China and Iran.  Just last week the Chairman of Merkel's party broke with her and demanded that Germany side with Russia, Iran and China on the Syrian War.  The wholesale flooding of Arab refugees, most of them Muslim and males of military age (only a fourth or so actually from Syria) has really shaken up the Germans.  They are determined to end the Merkel program of opening Germany to a sea flood of foreigners.  Current reports indicate that VW will be facing many billions of dollars in fines in America alone with more possibly to come from across the globe.  This is likely to be a Globalist attack to reign in the Germans.  It may end up creating even more blow back towards the Globalist/Zionist war strategy.  Which could make the 'usual suspects' even more dangerous and bold!!!  Below are several stories on the VW crisis.  Stirling 
German Minister: VW manipulated diesel emissions tests in Europe ~ link  

Merkel warns durable solution to migrant crisis in 'far off' ~ link
Merkel: Iran and Assad must be involved in Syrian peace talks ~ link ~ Also see ~ link 
Car industry buried report claiming US vehicles are much less safe than European ones ~ link  
BMW denies rigging emission tests after claims that BMW cheated just like VW ~ link  
Did Merkel cover up VW scandal? ~ link  
VW facing dozens of class-action lawsuits in all 50 US states - Experts warn Germany's largest car manufacture could go BANKRUPT ~ link  
Merkel's Cabinet Ministers ignored warning over VW emissions rigging ~ link 
Syria: Germany & France break out of US Alliance against Russia ~ link  
Russia to produce VW engines for European market ~ link 

VW and Ford open engine plants in Russia ~ link
VW scandal: How two campaigners exposed the world's biggest car company ~ link ~ (There are questions as to the real identity of these two and who they are really working for!)

VW CEO Martin Winterkorn resigns ~ link
Is VW about to unleash the Next Deflationary Wave? ~ link  

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