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Western/ISIS sneak attack on Russian Forces in Syria fails

The US/Israeli directed ISIS attempted a sneak attack on Russian forces in Syria.  They were resoundingly defeated by Russian 'Marines' (which the Russian call Naval Infantry). The Russians killed several and captured several others. They also secured current satellite photos of the Russian base from the ISIS terrorists.  These satellite photos could have only come from Israeli, American, British or French recon satellites.  This was an attempt to seriously embarrass Russia by killing a number of Russian troops and by destroying Russian fighters/etc. on the ground!!!  This is a major escalation of the Syrian War, one that failed but nevertheless one that will have profound repercussions.  The supplying of critical current satellite photo recon intelligence for use in a proxy attack on Russian military forces was and is an ACT OF WAR AGAINST RUSSIA by the West!!!   
Tim Earl of Stirling   
Breaking News: Russian Marines Battle ISIS inside of Syria ~ link
Russian marines clashed with ISIS near Latakia, Syria, on Sunday, according to Russian media.

During the fight the marines allegedly killed several militants and captured others after ISIS attempted to attack an airbase operated by Russian military, reported the Russian newspaper Segodnya. Interestingly, the newspaper also reported the ISIS militants “possessed a detailed plan of the air base and clear satellite imagery with the marked key military installations,” but Russia has only been operating the airbase for the past week or so. 

Russian Marines Battle ISIS inside of Syria ~ ISIS terrorists possessed current Satellite Imagery of the Russian Base ~ link ~ This is a 'Worst Case Scenario' for the Israel/American/Turkish/Saudi/Qatari/Western backers of ISIS.  The supply of current military satellite recon photos/intelligence to ISIS, with the attempt having been made ... and failed ... to destroy Russian forces and credibility in a direct sneak attack is BAD!!!  The Russians have immediately make known that they were in possession of the satellite imagery.  This takes the Syrian War to a new level pitting Western Forces against Russian Forces ... and make no mistake about it, supplying proxy forces with high-tech satellite recon images for an attack on Russian Forces is an Act of War against Russia!!!  Stirling     

Combat between Russian forces and ISIS militants marks a drastic increase in the level of conflict in Syria, adding an even greater international aspect to it as well. With Russia now openly providing the Assad government with missiles, missile defense systems, advisers, helicopters, satellite imagery, and fighter jets (particularly those being flown by Russian pilots), the Russians now stand directly in opposition to the United States pilots, jet fighters, and special forces operatives on the ground in Syria supporting the death squads (even if the official U.S. line is publicly opposed to ISIS and supportive of “moderate” cannibals).

Thus, we now have the growing potential for direct military confrontation between the two major world powers, both of them armed with nuclear weapons.

Yet, while the Russian marines fighting off ISIS attacks is news enough, perhaps the most important revelation is that, according to Segodnia, the ISIS fighters apparently had detailed plans of the base as well as clear satellite imagery of the military installations located there. The question then becomes, how did ISIS, a terrorist organization which has yet to launch its own satellites into orbit, acquire such sensitive and important material?

Russian 'Marines' Clash With ISIS inside Syria ~ link ~  

During the battle, the Russian military claims to have killed some militants, and some captured.

The agency also notes that the ambushed militants had a detailed plan of the air base and clear satellite images marked with key military installations.

DEBKA: Russian troops engaged in 'battle' against ISIS forces around Homs ~ link ~  
Was the attack on Russian forces an attempt by the Israelis to lay a Russian military disaster at Putin's feet at today's meeting of Putin and Bibi 666 Netanyahu in Moscow???  An attempt that failed but may have infuriated the Russian Bear!!!  Stirling   

Last week, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s al-Quds brigades, visited Moscow for the second time since April.  debkafile’s sources in Moscow point out that this time, unlike his previous visit, Soleimani met with Russia’s National Security Adviser Nikolai Patrushev and a number of generals directly connected to the buildup in Syria, but not with President Vladimir Putin.

The developments in Syria will also take center stage when Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu meets with Putin in Moscow on September 21.

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