Sunday, September 27, 2015

General Middle East War About To Blow-Up?



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Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


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As NATO and other allied nations (such as Australia) build-up their air force battle deployments near Syria; as Saudi Arabia and other GCC states make war on Yemen; As Russian, Iranian and Chinese army/navy/air force personnel and advanced war fighting equipment pours into and near Syria; As the Syrian War reaches a new level with the direct involvement within Syria by armed forces of America, Turkey, France, Israel, United Kingdom and others on one side and by Russia, Iran, China (and perhaps others) on the other side; As Israel directly shells Syrian forces from occupied Syrian land (Golan Heights); As Israeli repression and Muslim rioting take place on the Temple Mount (the most dangerous bit of real estate on Earth); we need to ask ourselves if the entire Mideast and perhaps the entire planet as well is about to blow up in a dramatic war ... a war fought with 21'st Century advanced weaponry ... that is literally right out of the last book of the Christian Bible?  Is this Armageddon unfolding!!! 
Tim Earl of Stirling   

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Anonymous said...

No there will not be a war, at least not until 2025... And by then rhe forces hat dont want war might have the upperhand.

Anonymous said...

Not until 2025? What makes you say that?