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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


Russia creats new military branch to counter NATO ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link
Russia has created a new military branch, the Aerospace Forces, by merging the Russian Air Force with the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces, TASS reports. The $60 billion reorganization appears to be a direct response to the perceived increased risk of NATO air and missile attacks on Russian soil — in particular, the United States military’s Global Strike program has the Kremlin worried.

The new service branch, officially called the Aerospace Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, became operational on August 1, according to Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

The Aerospace Forces will be subdivided into the air force, air and missile defense troops, and space forces. “Now the single command unites aviation, air defense and anti-missile defense troops, space forces and means of the armed forces,” according to the defense minister.

Obama heading for full-scale War on Syria ~ link ~ Within the last week Putin has made it very clear that Russia, China and Iran will defend the existence of the Syrian State and its Government!!!  Stirling  

Now in collaboration with Turkey, plans are to establish illegal buffer and no-fly zones in northern Syria bordering southeastern Turkey.

Its airbases are being used to bomb Syrian sites - again on the phony pretext of fighting IS. Belligerent comments from Washington suggest full-scale war may be imminent.
As Iraqi Army makes gains USAF airdrops weapons to ISIS ~ link ~ Everything out of Washington is Lies and Bullshit.  Stirling 
The same air base that Turkey is now allowing the US to use in the supposed bombing campaign on ISIS, a campaign that has come to a total standstill days after it “began,” is also the source for up to 3000 TOW missiles given to al Nusra, the al Qaeda “franchise” that America’s bombing campaign is supposedly targeting.
RAF Typhoons outgunned by Indian pilots flying Russian SU-39MKI fighters in joint exercise ~ link ~ The level of corruption in the defense industries of the West is now so high that western airplanes cost several times what Russian and Chinese planes do and often have lower performance levels!!!  Stirling   
Indian Air Force pilots claim they outflew and outgunned their Royal Air Force (RAF) counterparts during a joint exercise held in the UK. The Indian pilots claim they outperformed the RAF’s Typhoon crews with their Russian made jets during an Indo-UK exercise named Operation Indradhanush, which was held over 10 days in Lincolnshire last month.

The Indians are equipped with the Russian-designed SU-30MKI Flanker fighter. They claimed they won their dogfights by an impressive 12-0.

Greece's tax revenues collapse as debt crisis expands ~ link
Fresh evidence of the dramatic impact of the Greek debt crisis on the health of the country’s finances has emerged, with official figures showing tax revenues collapsing.

As talks continued over a proposed €86bn third bailout of the stricken state, the Greek treasury said tax revenues were 8.5% lower in the first six months of 2015 than the same period a year earlier. The bank shutdown that brought much economic activity to a halt began on 28 June.

Corrupting Power of Money Destroying West ~ link

The lack of reform of the financialized economy that caused the last two bubbles and crashes will most likely cause the next one as well.

The primary reason is the corrupting power of money in politics, academics, the media, and most of the higher level functions in a society. They are caught, complicit, in a credibility trap.

Time Running Out for US Dollar ~ link ~ Do keep in mind that the current US Dollar status is not so much about America but about the Global Banking Cartel.  The Cartel is using America as its enforcement arm, which replaced the old British Empire and the USSR.  Stirling

As many of you know, China has been methodically arranging currency swap structures which enable it to trade bilaterally with trading partners in each country’s respective currency, thereby entirely by-passing the use of the U.S. dollar in trade transactions.

Furthermore, it has become apparent to anyone who is exposed to real news – as opposed to western mainstream propaganda – and has the ability to rub two brain cells together that China, Russia, et al have been systematically setting up financial and geopolitical institutions – the BRICS bank, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank – which enable the members to conduct their affairs completely divorced from any U.S. hegemonic political and economic influence.

Former Merch representative: Mandatory Vaccination Is For Profit NOT For Public Health ~ link ~ The US Government does NOT have the Constitutional power to mandate invasive medical procedures for all citizens!!!  That this is now on the agenda shows the total moral failure of the current Congress, White House and US Courts ... they literally are willing to kill millions of us for political "donations"!!!  Stirling  

Brandy researched the safety of vaccines and found that not only do vaccines contain known toxins that can cause neurological damage, but that vaccine makers do not create the same safety studies for vaccines as they do for other drugs.

This lack of true safety research of vaccines combined with the known adverse reactions to vaccination has helped Brandy to decide to never vaccinate her own child. Brandy says giving children a vaccine is like playing Russian roulette with our children and that mandatory vaccination is simply a way for vaccine makers to profit off of our children. Don’t be fooled: we do not need mandatory vaccination. 

GcMAF and Eight Dead Doctors ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at the link!  Stirling   

Perhaps only when more Americans realize that chemical/drug profiteers are planning for some half of the U.S. population to be disabled with autistism or with Alzheimer’s by 2050, will enough American citizens demand better. Meanwhile, the targeting to death of America’s best professionals is soaring, as are autism and Alzheimer’s rates. 

GcMAF is the body’s own internal medicine. ALL healthy people have it.
GcMAF (“Gc Protein” derived Macrophage Activating Factor) For the treatment for cancer, HIV and immune system diseases. Two Forms For GcMAF Injectable & Edible.

Putin: Archaeological site is the "Temple Mount of Orthodox Christians" ~ link ~ Also see ~ link

This is of tremendous significance, from a spiritual point of view as well as from a Historical and symbolical point of view.

The Kiev Rus are not any Slavic Tribe: they are the ones who defeated the Khazar Empire, which neither the Byzantine, nor the Muslims nor the Persians could defeat. It is after the Kiev Rus crushed their empire (end of the Xth century) that they started spreading all throughout Eastern Europe.

Celebrating the Kiev Rus, the destroyers of Khazaria, is sending out a strong message to world jewry. It is also strongly reiterating that the old alliance died when the Messiah Jesus (PBUH) came. And it is re-affirming that Moscow – the Third Rome – is indeed the undisputed Leader of the Christian world today.



6 Dead and 101 Injured and millions without power from raging typhoon in Taiwan - with photos ~ link

A powerful typhoon, magnified by fierce winds and torrential rain, has ripped through central Taiwan after making landfall on the east coast, cutting power to nearly 3 million households and killing six people. 
A total of 101 people have been injured and four left missing in Taiwan, according to AP. All 279 domestic and at least 37 international flights were canceled on Saturday. 

Fourteen Incredible Facts About 9/11 ~ link ~  
As the 14th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, it’s important to remind people that we still don’t know what happened that day. What is known about 9/11 is that there are many incredible facts that continue to be ignored by the government and the mainstream media. Here are fourteen.
America's Transition: Now using the 'State Terrorist Model of Government' ~ link
It has occurred almost without notice. While the U.S. continues to claim its foremost world status as a democracy, since 9/11 it has shifted its model of government to something far more concerning. This shift is instanced perfectly in a story that appeared in very few of the news media outlets during the last week of July: two animal rights activists were charged with “domestic terrorism” and jailed for freeing caged animals on a fur farm and for vandalizing the property of the corporation that ran it. Federal law now makes it a crime of terrorism to engage in acts that threaten the ability of a business or a corporation to make a profit. 

This speaks directly to a shift that has occurred in the model of government on the federal level, from what the lawyer and philosopher David Luban calls “the war model” to an even more force-oriented model: what we will call “the terrorist model.” We will show the structures of such a model by first defining “terrorism.” Then we can apply that definition to U.S. actions and policies. This will allow us to see the shift in the governing model the U.S. now uses, both abroad and domestically.

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