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On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


Well the World did not blow up this weekend, but the very dangerous 'hot spots' have not gone away either!  And now we are into Monday.  A Monday that could well be known in future history as August 24 BLACK MONDAY ... or not.
The Chinese Stock Market is fully into an all-out CRASH as of today!  That has implications in many interconnecting ways for the World at large! Will this cause a Wall Street collapse today (or very soon)?
Do the Chinese see their Stock Market Crash as a form of Economic War being waged against them by the Globalists/Zionists Powers?  
Was the Chinese 'first shot' in the new Global Currency War, that we are now in, a part of an even wider Economic War Phase of the Third World War?  A War that, as Pope Francis says, is ongoing but 'piecemeal'.
Was the recent mega-explosion in Tianjin, the THIRD LARGEST PORT in China, a 'Rod of God' (or similar) satellite-based attack on China?  Was this a 'warning shot' or the beginning of a new level of intensity in the Economic War ... and the beginning of a more active Military Phase of WWIII?  Why did the mega-explosion happen only a few hours after the beginning of the Global Currency War, that was begun by China? 
What was responsible for the large blasts at a US base in Japan? Was that event connected to other regional events, and why NOW?
Why NOW are the North Koreans and South Koreans about to go into an all-out war on the Korean Peninsula?  Why are Chinese troops massing at the North Korean Border?  And American troops in South Korea ... those not already engaged in massive war games with South Korean forces ... on alert?
Why NOW are the Coup Junta leaders, placed in power by an Globalist/Zionist coup and mostly dual national Israeli/Ukrainian citizens, massing a large invasion force in the Eastern Ukraine?  An invasion force that has been trained by assorted NATO nations and with increased western manufactured firepower.
Why NOW is the Brazilian Government, a key member of the BRICS anti-Globalist alliance, under political pressure to resign with mass street demonstrations?  Political events which it no doubt considers to be of foreign/Globalist origin.   
Why NOW is the IDF firing missiles, rockets and artillery into Syria?  And attacking Syrian Army positions, with at least one Israeli Air Force fighter downed by Syrian air defense missiles.
Why NOW are Turkey and America about to institute an illegal No-Fly Zone in Syria and also engage in a land invasion under that zone?
Why NOW is the issue of a similar No-Fly Zone placed on the 'front burner' in Jordan?
Why NOW is Saudi Arabia in an intense war with its neighbor, Yeman?
Why NOW is the President of Turkey, who seems to want to become a new Ottoman Turkish Sultan, under sharp political attack?  And why NOW are there an increasing number of bombing attacks and demonstrations in Turkey?
Why NOW has a local demonstration about trash service become a domestic battle to overthrow the Lebanon Government? 
Why NOW the resignation of key Palestine officials and 'movement' on negations with Hamas?
Why NOW is the IDF on a war-footing on and near the Syrian border?
Why NOW have the highest level talks between Pakistan and India broken down?
Why NOW are masses of people desperate to get OUT of the Mideast (especially Syria) and are flooding out-of-control into Europe?  

With over a week to go in August, it appears that the worst of the predictions for September and October may be about to blow up in our collective faces.
Tim Earl of Stirling 
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Anonymous said...


The credit bubble has been identified, recognized and “pricked”, the equity markets are only a symptom. Do not be fooled by any strength this coming week, it should be used to raise cash.
As September moves in, the September-October timeframe looks like a disaster. What may start out as circuit breakers being hit now, will ultimately be the plugs yanked out over the next couple of months. I believe a market closure is in our near term future. Gold and silver will be your ONLY lifeboats…