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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
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AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

I would like to recommend a movie to my readers: 'The Perfect Dictatorship'.  This movie is in Spanish with English subtitles but don't let that stop you from watching it. Netflex has it.  It is a story about how the corrupt news media, working with corrupt politicians, creates news.  It takes place in Mexico and at times is funny but overall it really is a good view of why you should NOT watch televised news from the Globalist owned/Zionist ran MSM (mainstream news media).  It shows how they use "a Chinese Box" to divert the public's attention from real stories to created or over hyped stories.  Stirling  
All 28 member nations of NATO give full backing to Turkey's war inside of Syria and Iraq ~ link ~ This is a very major step towards a horrific General Middle East War and towards the Third World War!!!  Stirling 
Turkish jets launched a fresh wave of airstrikes in Northern Iraq after NATO backed the country in its war against militant uprisings.

The air raid came after all members of the 28-nation military alliance gave Turkey its full backing.

Senior Western Official: The Links Between Turkey and ISIS Are Now 'UNDENIABLE' ~ link

NATO member Turkey has long been accused by experts, Kurds, and even Joe Biden of enabling ISIS by turning a blind eye to the vast smuggling networks of weapons and fighters during the ongoing Syrian war.

The move by the ruling AKP party was apparently part of ongoing attempts to trigger the downfall of Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime.
Amnesty International: Strong evidence that Israel committed WAR CRIMES during last year's Gaza War ~ link
Amnesty said Israel employed a "'gloves-off' policy with devastating consequences for civilians".
On the Palestinian side, 2,251 people, 1,462 of them civilians, were killed, the UN says. On the Israeli side, 67 soldiers were killed along with six civilians.
Senior Iranian General: ISIS conduct satanic ~ link
A top Iranian general has slammed as a “strategic mistake” Turkey’s recent attacks against  Kurdish forces, who are fighting against the ISIL Takfiri terror group. Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Hassan Firouzabadi made the comments on Wednesday, warning that the Turkish military’s recent attacks against anti-ISIL Kurdish forces facilitate the access of Takfiri extremists to Turkey’s frontiers.

He said Turkey should be worried about its own nation in the face of ISIL’s “satanic conduct” and those supporting the terror organization, including the “Zionists and the United states.

Saudi-led coalition plans major ground attacks in Yemen War after taking Aden ~ link
After four months of setbacks, fighters backed by Saudi Arabia have seized the offensive in Yemen’s war, taking control of a major city and pressing to expand ground operations against rebel forces.

The shift in momentum after the Saudi-led coalition failed to make headway appears to be due to the arrival since mid-July of hundreds of Yemeni fighters who had been secretly trained in Saudi Arabia. The contingent could help turn the tide in the war, which pits Shiite Houthi rebels from the north against largely Sunni forces aligned with exiled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

Hiroshima survivors' devastating memories 70 years after the Atomic Bomb used ~ link ~ Take a minute to read this one in full at the link.  Remember that the two bombs dropped on Japan in the summer of 1945 were 'tiny' compared to nuclear strategic weapons today!!!  Stirling  

Washington, DC slowly 'sinking into the sea' ~ link ~ The weight of tons and tons of bullshit is what is really causing the sinking.  Stirling  
Washington DC is sinking into the ocean, according to a study released earlier today. Land in the District of Colombia is gradually slipping into the sea thanks to the melting of a giant ice sheet which occupied the region 20,000 years ago, scientists believe.

Researchers say this could lead to waters in the capital rising by six inches over the next century, and warn of increased flooding from the Potomac and Anacostia rivers.

Greece: Total Collapse - Reversion to Barter Economy for first time since Nazi Occupation ~ link ~ Greece is the Beta Test for the rest of the World!!!  The totally evil and demonic Illuminati Global Banking Families are 'on a roll' towards their long sought New World Order high-tech slave state ... oh, and don't forget that they intend to kill over 6 Billion of us "unnecessary eaters" on the way there!!! What are you doing to stop it by waking your fellow human beings up???  Stirling  Gr
Months ago, when Alexis Tsipras, Yanis Varoufakis, and their Syriza compatriots had just swept to power behind an ambitious anti-austerity platform and bold promises about a brighter future for the beleaguered Greek state, we warned that Greece was one or two vacuous threats away from being "digitally bombed back to barter status."
FBI evidence: Sandy Hook Shooting an Elaborate Hoax ~ linkThe Globalists are desperate to take guns away from Americans!!!  That should make you wonder just WHY they are so desperate to disarm the citizens of America!!!  Stirling 
Fukushima has now contaminated a third of the World's oceans ~ link ~ There is real scientific evidence that the "earthquake" that caused the tidal wave that caused the mega-disaster at Fukushima was NOT an earthquake ... The 'Q Waves' were wrong!!!  It is likely that the "earthquake" was actually a series of undersea nukes!  This is one of several on-going Population Reduction Programs by the Globalists!!!  Stirling   
Four hour trip to the Moon? - 'Impossible' rocket drive WORKS ~ link ~  

Interplanetary travel could be a step closer after scientists confirmed that an electromagnetic propulsion drive, which is fast enough to get to the Moon in four hours, actually works. The EM Drive was developed by the British inventor Roger Shawyer nearly 15 years ago but was ridiculed at the time as being scientifically impossible
It produces thrust by using solar power to generate multiple microwaves that move back and forth in an enclosed chamber. This means that until something fails or wears down, theoretically the engine could keep running forever without the need for rocket fuel.

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