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Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


NATO to meet over ISIS and PKK on Turkey's request ~ link ~ link ~ Powerful elements want to turn this into a NATO vs Syria/Iran/Russia/China/etc. WAR!!!  Since Turkey is a MAJOR SUPPORTER OF ISIS the attack on Suruc is certainly a FALSE FLAG!!!   Stirling   

NATO ambassadors are to meet for talks called by Turkey over Ankara’s military operations against the ISIL Takfiri terrorists and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) group.   "Turkey requested the meeting in view of the seriousness of the situation after the heinous terrorist attacks in recent days, and also to inform Allies of the measures it is taking," said a NATO statement released on Sunday.Turkey launched a military campaign against what it purports to be ISIL targets in Syria and PKK positions in northern Iraq on Friday, following an attack in the southwestern Turkish town of Suruç, which claimed the lives of at least 32 people, on July 20.

According to the statement, the meeting is to be held in the Belgian capital Brussels on Tuesday. Ankara’s request is based on Article 4 of the NATO treaty, which permits members to call for such meetings on condition that their territorial integrity or security is under threat, the state-run BBC quoted NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg as saying.

The Turkish government is believed to be one of the main supporters of the terrorist groups fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since 2011, with reports showing that Ankara actively trains and arms the militants operating in Syria, and also facilitates safe passage of would-be foreign terrorists into crisis-hit areas.

Syrian Army and Kruds advance against ISIS in Hasakah ~ link ~ Also see ~ linkThe Syrian forces, backed by the people of Syria, continue to make advances but the mercenaries (ISIS), created/organized/funded/controlled by America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, etc. continue to be re-supplied with new manpower and weapons.  The US and Turkish No-Fly Zone is an example of a very dangerous Globalist/Zionist 'double downing' and taking this to a all-out regional war and World War IIIStirling 

Syrian government forces along with Kurdish fighters advance against ISIL in the strategic northeastern city of Hasakah, authorities say. Syrian state media reported on Sunday that the terrorist group is being cornered to two small areas in the city. The governor of the al-Hasakah Governorate told SANA news agency that "the army and national forces are in the final stage of being able to declare Hasakah city fully secure."

Kurdish forces assisted the Syrian army in securing control of the Western al-Nashwa area of the city.

Assad: Talk of a political solution to Syrian War is 'hollow, meaningless' ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Syria and Iran are primary targets of Israel and the Globalists as they will NOT submit to the Globalist/Zionist overlordshipStirling  
President Bashar Assad has accused Syrian rebels’ allies of direct intervention, saying that any talks of a political solution to the four-year crisis in the Arab country would be hollow without recognizing the need to “combat terrorism” 
“Any political presentation that does not essentially rely on combating terrorism and ending it is practically ineffective,” Assad said in a speech broadcast by Al Manar TV channel on Sunday. “Countries supporting terrorists have increased their support to them recently and in some cases, they directly intervened to back them.

Pro-Kurdish rallies in European capitals following Turkish airstrikes ~ link

Hundreds of pro-Kurdish protesters have taken to the streets in the capitals of Europe’s three largest economies, rallying against Turkish airstrikes targeting Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) fighters in northern Iraq and Syria. 
Protesters in Germany, France and the UK rallied on Saturday against the Turkish government, whose airstrikes on Kurdish Peshmerga militia positions in northern Iraq broke a truce that had lasted since 2013.  In Great Britain, a pro-Kurdish rally blocked BBC headquarters in London, during a march that started at Downing Street.  Protestors were angry with the Turkish government in a show of solidarity with the victims of the Suruc massacre.

Protests in Istanbul ~ link

A police officer has been killed in clashes with demonstrators in Istanbul protesting Turkey’s bombing of targets purportedly belonging to ISIL in Syria and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Iraq.  

The latest clashes erupted after the protesters threw Molotov cocktails and stones at police forces, who reacted with water cannons, tear gas and plastic bullets in an attempt to disperse the crowds.

Many of the protesters accuse Turkish authorities of collaborating with ISIL Takfiri terrorists.

Temple Mount violence: Israeli police attack Palestinians ~ link ~ linkThis is the most sensitive and dangerous bit of real estate on Earth ... the site of the ancient Holy Temple where Jesus Christ Himself worshiped!!!  Stirling  

Violence erupted on Sunday morning as Jewish worshippers were visiting the Temple Mount on the day of Tisha B'Av – a day of mourning for two Biblical temples destroyed in Jerusalem in the past.

How Russia and China could destroy America's super-expensive F-35 in combat ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ link ~ The F-35 program is an example of the corruption of the military-industrial complex in the early 21st Century.  It is an improvement, over existing aircraft, in only the F-35B model, designed to replace the VTOL Harrier.  The F-35A and F-35C models are NOT an improvement and do in fact cost far more that the better fighters that they are designed to replace.  Actual combat is where the 'shit hits the fan' and they are simply NOT 'up to stuff'.  Of course, the political whores in Congress will not step up to the mat and demand a quality reasonably priced 5th Generation fighter, that has both superior long-range and short-range fighter capabilities.  Our boys will pay with their lives for this stinking level of corruption!!!  Stirling  
General Dai Qingmin, PLA, states that a key goal of the PLA’s approach to INEW is to disrupt the normal operation of enemy battlefield information systems, while protecting one’s own, with the objective of seizing information superiority. Therefore, winning in the air against the PLAAF may be determined as much by which side wins these information warfare campaigns, as through success in tactical beyond-visual range air to air engagements. Imagine no data links between the F-35s and the AWACS; AESA radars on an E-7A Wedgetail spoofed; ASAT attacks that bring down strategic communications or computer-network attacks that strike logistics or which jam GPS signals, and the first shots fired are not missiles but satellites silenced by computer hackers or ground-based jamming. Furthermore there will be an incentive to strike quickly and decisively, with an information ‘battle of the first salvo’ effect emerging. Without the flexibility bestowed by these systems, the F-35 pilot must rely on on-board sensor systems such as its AESA Radar and Electro-Optical Targeting System (EOTS) to detect, track and engage targets which increase the detectability of the aircraft and potentially bring the F-35 into the envelope of an opponent’s within visual range systems.

Does the F-35s dependence on maintaining information superiority make it ineffective? If the F-35 is relegated to a long-range BVR-AAM role, and if future air power doctrine is formulated with this approach in mind, then the effectiveness of the platform—and of Western air power—is at risk if key C4ISR systems can be attacked. In this regards, any assumption that modern air forces don’t dogfight is a dangerous one to make. Such an assumption lacks credibility as no air force would cede control of the air simply because it cannot operate with all desired advantages. Air forces have to be prepared to dogfight—even with the F-35 as their fighter. Finally, future adversaries will not be as courteous as to fight the U.S. and its allies on their own terms and in a manner that reinforces their advantage. The enemy always gets a vote.

Some American politicians want World War III ~ link ~ Satan blinds people to the truth!!!  Stirling  

An American analyst believes that US politicians do not care about another global war as they insist to cancel the conclusion of nuclear talks between Iran and the world powers.

David Christie, a broadcast journalist based in New York, said US politicians, including Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, who criticize the nuclear agreement, are more concerned about Israel. “For GOP senators and congressmen, what Israel wants is their guiding principle and that trumps the safety and security of America for Americans every time,” Christie told Press TV on Sunday. “If anybody is confused about the current hostile and predictable rhetoric that is the trademark scripted hereto by all politicians in Washington, they are failing to understand the one singular and inviolable requirement for being in the Washington establishment, and that is thou shalt never criticize Israel or do anything that offends them no matter what,” he added.

Christie also said that such measures would not be interrupted even if they lead to American people’s “bankruptcy” or “World War III” for the human race.

In a conventional land war with Russia NATO does NOT stand a chance ~ link ~ This is an excellent article that should serve as an eye opener to many.  The trouble is most American Congressmen and Senators are so damn corrupt and bought/blackmailed that they either don't care or can't do anything!!!  Do take the time to read this one in full.  Stirling   

The sole real purpose of the US military is to regularly beat up on some small, more or less defenseless country, either in order to rob it of its resources, overthrow a government daring to defy the World Hegemon, or just to make an example of it. 

The US military was never designed to fight a major war against a sophisticated enemy. Only the US strategic nuclear forces are tasked to defend the USA against another nuclear power (Russia or China) or actually fight in a major war. As for the Russian military, it was designed to be purely defensive and it has no capability to threaten anybody in Europe, much less so the United States.

The only real danger left is an unprepared and unforeseen sudden escalation which will lead to a confrontation neither side wants nor is prepared for. The Israeli attack on Lebanon in 2006 or the Georgian attack on Russian peacekeepers in 2008 are two scary reminders that sometimes dumb politicians take fantastically dumb decisions.

I am confident that Putin and his team would never make such a dumb decision, but when I look at the current pool of US Presidential candidates I will tell you that I get very, very frightened.

Secret Drachma plots leave Greek PM Tsipas facing fresh crisis ~ link
According to FT, Former Greek Energy Minister and maverick among mavericks Panayotis Lafazanis convened a "secret" meeting at the Oscar Hotel in Athens on July 14 at which he attempted to convince Syriza hardliners (including, in FT’s words, "supporters of the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez [and some] old-fashioned communists") to storm the Greek mint, seize the country’s currency reserves, and, if necessary, arrest central bank governor Yannis Stournaras

Global Ponzi Scheme showing signs of coming unraveled ~ link ~ The stock market is based on the old Yiddish way of "getting money" instead of "making money".  All BS and 'smoke and mirrors' while fleecing the goy!  It is heading us into the greatest economic mess in human history!!!  Stirling  

“Commodities have crashed. Emerging-market bonds have cratered. Emerging-market stocks have had a grinding 4 1/2-year bear market. TIPS are down. High-yield bonds are down. So pretty much everything outside of mainstream stocks is flat to down over the last 30 months. - See more at:

Lord Sewel quits as Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords after drug claims ~ link

Lord Sewel is facing a police inquiry after quitting as House of Lords deputy speaker over a video allegedly showing him taking drugs with prostitutes. Lords Speaker Baroness D'Souza said he had also quit as chairman of the Lords privileges and conduct committee in the wake of the Sun on Sunday's story. The footage showed him snorting powder from a woman's breasts with a £5 note.


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