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Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

Saudi Arabia threatens Ground Ops in Syria and Yemen as Iran recovers from sanctions ~ link
Saudi Arabia will launch a military offensive to gain momentum in Yemen and Syria before a nuclear deal leads to an economic recovery in Iran, which would enable Tehran to channel funds to its proxy forces in the region. Lifting sanctions over the next year could potentially leave Iran flush with more than $100 billion in unfrozen funds and new revenues – resources the Saudis say Tehran will use to expand its proxy wars.
“An Iran without sanctions will pump billions of dollars to its proxies, which are destabilizing Yemen, Syria, and Iraq,” said Jasser al Jasser, managing editor of the pro-government Al Jazeerah daily. “Saudi Arabia will not allow Iran to take advantage of this deal.”
Therefore, the Saudis are scrambling to make as many battlefield gains in neighboring states as possible, according to military officials and analysts who spoke to the Christian Science Monitor (CSM).

Israeli Defense Minister: Israel expects massive American COMPENSATION for Iran nuclear deal ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ Of all the nations on Earth, only the Israelis would have the balls to demand compensation from this!!! The real question is why does America and the West put up with such arrogant and sick behavior???  Stirling   

More importantly, Ya’alon become the first Israeli official to publicly talk about the actual end-game in all of this for Israel, a massive “compensation” package by the US government to Israel to placate them after the Iran deal.

It’s been widely reported in Israeli media since mid-May that this was going to happen, and the day of the deal’s announcement, President Obama is said to have tried to engage Netanyahu on the phone about coming to a specific price on the payoff, something Netanyahu spurned at the time.

Former top Obama adviser: Give Israel B-52 nuclear bombers "to deter Iran" ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ You know the Israelis, and their dual-national supporters, are just 'bat shit crazy' in their raw arrogance towards the rest of the human race.  This is no doubt due to the belief system that states that unless you are born of a Jewish mother you are NOT a human being but just a two-legged soulless animal, and that killing you is not murder, stealing from you is not stealing, and raping you is not rape ... as you are just cattle!!!  Stirling    

Russia plans to ship fuel from the Crimea to Syria ~ link ~ This shows that Putin has a sense of humor.  The dual national (Israeli-Ukrainian) citizens who run the Coup Junta in Kiev are apt to be really pissed off about this!  Stirling  

Russia plans to supply Syria with 200,000 tons of liquefied petroleum gas per year via the Crimean port of Kerch, two trading sources told Reuters.

Rand Paul will introduce a WAR RESOLUTION in the US Senate TO DECLARE WAR ON ISIS with 'boots on the ground' ~ link ~ Dear old Rand is really serious about getting elected President.  I can tell because he just broke the record of the GOP clowns-for-president bunch in sucking up to the Israeli jerks!!!  Rand Paul is dangerous and his supporters need to wake the hell up!!!  Stirling   

Huffington Post won't cover Donald Trump as politics ~ link ~ Either someone on the evil side has come up with a way to market Trump that is real cleaver, or they really are concerned about him.  He is mostly inside the box but just enough outside the box, of all the clowns running for the nomination for president, that he is attracting real interest from the public.  All the rest of the clowns are reading from the same script (see article above on Rand Paul) and even uneducated citizens are getting sick of it.  Stirling   

Imperial descendents want Romanovs' killer's name erased from map ~ link ~  

Members of the Romanov dynasty intend to address the Moscow City Hall with the request to rename a metro station that currently is named after the Bolshevik who played a key role in the 1918 execution of Tsar Nicolas II and his family.  
Representatives of the Russian Imperial House say that the renaming could be done on the anniversary of the killing, which happened in the early hours of July 17, 1918. The station in question is currently called Voikovskaya – After Pyotr Voikov who worked in the Bolshevik “Extraordinary Commission” security service and was in charge of first keeping the Romanovs under house arrest and later of their execution and body disposal. The Romanovs also want the city authorities to rename the whole Voikovsky district in Moscow for the same reasons.

The dynasty’s lawyer German Lukyanov told the Interfax news agency that the renaming should have happened a long time ago. “It is simply necessary to clear the Moscow city map of the name of someone who took part in repression and who organized the Tsar’s family killing.” He added that Voikov’s name was found under the order to issue 80 kilos of sulfuric acid used to dissolve the bodies of the last Russian Emperor, his wife and children and also some of their servants.

Queen "Nazi salute film" ~ link ~ The Queen, her late sister Princess Margaret and the late Queen Mother, King George VI, and King Edward VIII are not Nazis and never were.  This London tabloid, The Sun, is an example of why I often felt sorry for the British Royal Family when I was Scottish Editor at the famous British publishing house, Burke's Peerage.  I was Scottish Editor there during the time when Fergie and Princess Di were still married and the London newspaper rags published all kinds of cheep shots and trash about them.  I saw it from the inside as my main partner was on the 'A List' for all London reporters on  Royal Family stories.  This film is just a family home movie with family members goofing off and making fun of Hitler, NOT supporting him.  As far as Prince Phillip having German relatives, all the royals and ruling houses in Europe are interrelated.  The Kaiser of WWI was the grandson of Queen Victoria and cousin to King George V during the Great War!!!  My partner, at Burke's Peerage, Harold Brooks-Baker's first wife, a very nice lady, was a French Countess (and closely related to five French Dukes) and a cousin of hers was a cousin of Prince Phillip.  The cousin is a German prince. Prince Phillip was a prince of Denmark and Greece, both of whom fought the Nazis in WWII.  But this trashy rag of a tabloid tries to tie the Queen and her mother, husband, father and uncle to the Nazis which is BS.  Stirling  

Uruguay's Mujica: The Greek Debt Deal is Inhumane and Colonialist ~ link ~ also see these Greek Debt stories ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~
Germany’s terms for the Greek bailout package are “inhumane and imposing,” said former President Jose Mujica. Former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica described the deal between Greece and the European Union as “brutal,” adding that at its core Europe is, after all, “colonialist.” “What we have seen in Greece is a brutal thing. It is as if Europe had established a protectorate or something like that,” said Mujica in an interview with a local radio station Tuesday.

Over 200,000 Germans formally left the Catholic Church in 2014 ~ link ~ With up to 60% of the Catholic priests being gay and the vast number of children that have been raped in the past few decades and still the popes won't end the 800 year rule of celibacy in the Catholic Church NO WONDER people are leaving!!!  Stirling   

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