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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near



Active War In Europe Returns As Kiev Coup Junta Renounces Minsk Ceasefire ~ link ~ A rather bad turn of events for the entire planet considering the current global political/strategic/economic state! Stirling  

Minsk is dead. Kiev forces commit dozens of daily ceasefire violations. It breached virtually all agreed on terms – in most cases straightaway.  In the last 24 hours alone, it committed 58 violations. The People’s Republic of Donetsk’s (DPR) Defense Ministry said “shelling include(d) use of heavy weapons.” Kiev forces used artillery, tanks and mortars

Areas targeted included Donetsk, its airport (already turned to rubble) and coal mines, Gorlovka and Dokuchayevsk, as well as the following settlements: Kurganka, Veseloye, Shirokino, Lozovoye, Spartak, Novaya Maryevka, Zheleznaya Balka, Yelenovka, Signalnoye and Sakhanka.

American Officials Consider NUCLEAR STRIKES AGAINST RUSSIA ~ link ~ The true demonic nature of what the Globalists and Zionists are doing begins to bubble up to the surface.  We are clearly in the End Times...Prepare yourselves, first and foremost spiritually!!!  Stirling   

Most provocatively, a report published by the Associated Press yesterday reports that the Pentagon has been actively considering the use of nuclear missiles against military targets inside Russia, in response to what it alleges are violations of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty. Russia denies US claims that it has violated the INF by flight-testing ground-launched cruise missiles with a prohibited range.

Three options being considered by the Pentagon are the placement of anti-missile defenses in Europe aimed at shooting Russian missiles out of the sky; a “counterforce” option that would involve pre-emptive non-nuclear strikes on Russia military sites; and finally, “countervailing strike capabilities,” involving the pre-emptive deployment of nuclear missiles against targets inside Russia. The AP states: “The options go so far as one implied—but not stated explicitly—that would improve the ability of US nuclear weapons to destroy military targets on Russian territory.” In other words, the US is actively preparing nuclear war against Russia.

Obama Administration Is Targeting Russian Pipelines Yet Again ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at the link.  This is about Economic Warfare that is happening at a major level and happening now, kept off the MSM screens!!!  Stirling  

But there is a positive aspect: Moscow must have finally realized that the United States will not rest until they get rid of the current government of Vladimir Putin or suffer a crushing defeat. Americans under the pretext of the crisis in Ukraine and Crimea started to weaken Russia and now they want to tear it to pieces. In 1991-92 under Boris Yeltsin’s rule they did not do it, although they could have. They had confidence in the loyalty of that regime, now there is a struggle for the very survival of the Russian Federation as a sovereign state within its present borders. There’s no room left for illusions.

Syria: Iran Is Going In! ~ link ~ A really major step towards a General Middle East War which will quickly morph into the Third World War (Ukraine; South China Sea; etc.)!!!  Stirling    
Ankara and Riyadh are desperate to preserve the pace of the offensive their proxy forces have started. In this regard, Ankara on May 26 has adopted an unilateral decision to introduce a “no-fly zone” over the border areas and a number of northern regions of Syria, without even obtaining the consent of Washington. Surface-to-air Patriot missile systems have already been deployed along the Turkish-Syrian border. At the same time, despite the start of joint training exercises by the US and Turkey to stand up the armed moderate opposition, those NATO allies cannot agree on their goals in Syria. Syria now risks following the fate of Iraq, which has been torn into several areas where daily armed confrontations perpetuate endlessly. Apparently, the White House believes that Islamists will be content with the areas of Iraq and Syria that they have already captured, but should their crusade continue then their first victims will be Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

According to most analysts, the Assad regime cannot fight the Islamists for more than eight months on its own. Should the Alawites consolidate their forces in the areas of their traditional residence, especially in Latakia, due to a real threat to their survival, they would be able to defend this region. But the question of the day is, is Iran prepared to fight for Syria? For Tehran, it’s about time to start a direct military intervention, instead of using special forces locally, which can dramatically change the situation on the ground. It seems that the number supporters of this position is increasing rapidly in Tehran. Syria is the key figure in its regional game, the fall of which can cause irreparable damage to Iran’s regional standings, since its allies would become aware of the fact that Iran is in no position to defend them effectively.

The preparations for a military operation in Syria are already underway in Iran. Transport aircraft from Iran are making several flights a day to the airport in Dabaa, drone control centers are being built in Syria. All this testifies to the fact that in the very near future we can expect the first Iranian assault against Islamists in Syria. The choice of the Dabaa airport implies that Iranians will attack from the direction of Homs. Neither Turkey, nor Saudi Arabia is willing to take a shot at a direct military engagement with Iran. Saudis will be obliterated, given the fact that they have been unable to fight even the Houthis in Yemen effectively. But Turkey’s current leader Erdogan alone will not dare to start a war against Iran, out of fear that this will increase the influence of military elites in Ankara, who have been dreaming for a long time to see him go. But all of this would only matter if Tehran decides to start a large-scale military intervention amid the Syrian conflict. And it seems that it will

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